11 Waterproof Trekking Bag for Men Under 2500 (Review)

11 Waterproof Trekking Bag for Men Under 2500 – Best Outdoor Travel Accessories

Waterproof trekking bags are the best companion for trekkers. 

Besides space, the weatherproof factor is making the trekkers eyeing for the best trekking bags that are water-resistant as well as affordable.

The most painstaking task during a stay in the wild is to keep the gadgets and the core essentials safe from the fluctuating mood of nature. 

Whether you are a frequent traveler or a passionate trekker or hiker, one thing that always turns up like the best comrade is the bag or the large rucksack that you stuff with all the required trekking essentials during the trip. 

Rucksacks are designed to assimilate a larger quantity of goods and essentials during a long outdoor stay. 

In this blog, we have compared 5 best waterproof trekking bags for men that are excellent outdoor travel accessories and will help you select the right one that suits your needs.

In addition to this, you will also find a list of 6 more waterproof trekking bags that you can go for if you are looking for more options to compare and pick. 

Follow along to discover.


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5 Best Selling Waterproof Trekking Bags For Men Under 2500

Fur Jaden 55 LTR Rucksack Travel Backpack Bag

Fur Jaden 55 Litres
Waterproof Trekking Bag
Highly Recommended

  • Cushioned Back
  • Shoe Compartment
  • Pockets for Small Items
  • Multiple Straps
  • Waterproof Polyester
Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack

Wildcraft 45 Litres

  • Strong & Durable 
  • Ideal for Long journey
  • Comfortable Back System
  • Perfect for Harsh Weather 
  • Spacious Pockets
  • Water-resistant Nylon
81DI3A8ViXL. SL1500

F Gear Hunter 75 Litres
Waterproof Trekking Bag
Value for Money

  • Ladder Lock
  • Comes with Rain Cover
  • Padded Straps
  • Additional Pockets
  • Hip Belt
  • Shoe Compartment
Tripole Colonel 80 litres Rucksack Detachable Day Pack Army Green

Tripole Colonel 80 Litres
Waterproof Trekking Bag
Second Best

  • Strong and Durable 
  • 12 Litres Detachable Pack
  • Built For Maximum Load
  • Waterproof Rain Cover
  • Soft Back Cushion
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Bottom Opening 
  • Waterproof Polyester
TRAWOC 60 Ltrs Rucksack

TRAWOC 60 Litres
Waterproof Rucksack
Good Product

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Comfortable Back 
  • Polyester Material
  • Hip Belt with Pockets
  • Laptop Compartment
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Trekking Bags in Detail

Fur Jaden 55 Litres Waterproof Trekking Bag

Fur Jaden 55 LTR Rucksack Travel Backpack Bag

This giant and spectacular trekking rucksack is an ideal travel gear for both men and women.

This travel product from Fur Jaden is one of the best as it is an ideal companion during trekking, hiking, or camping and is suitable for all age groups.

Made from sturdy materials with striking features ensuring super durability.


  • Comes with a capacity of 55 liters, designed to assimilate huge loads.
  • Its sleek and ergonomic design with comfortable straps helps in uniform distribution of the weight with zero or lesser strain on the shoulder and waist.
  • This trekking gear weighs 700 grams, with a dimension of 35cms *25cms* 65cms, the rucksack comes with a cushioned back providing utmost comfort while carrying during trekking or hiking.
  • No need to carry additional bags, as this one can single-handedly store all your required stuff in its multiple pockets with two other mesh pockets on each side of the bags designed for water bottles.
  • Enjoy the utmost convenience as the bag comes with a separate compartment for your dirty and stained shoes.


  • Super durable, weather-resistant polymer material.
  • Color options available 
  • Multiple pockets and additional exterior clips for yoga mats and camera stand.
  • Separate shoe compartment


  • Rain cover unavailable

Wildcraft 45 Litres Rucksack

Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack

Get lost in the charm of the wild with this striking grey and orange rucksack from Wildcraft.

This hiking backpack is built to double up your adventure fun with easy access to all your required essentials.


  • With a capacity of 45 liters and a durable haul loop, this top-loading bag is every traveler’s ultimate pick.
  • This outdoor travel gear is designed ergonomically for a comfortable backpacking experience during a long journey.
  • Its improved back system provides comfort to the carrier without impacting the shoulders.
  • Manufactured specially for the Indian weather pattern which makes it a suitable buy that can competently withstand any harsh temperature in any extreme regions.
  • Effortlessly fits in all your required essentials and gadgets in its adequate number of spacious pockets during longer outdoor schedules.
  • The rucksack is also having extra storage and snug fits to ensure more convenience.
  • Made from water-resistant nylon to keep your package dry and safe in the outdoors.


  • Water-resistant
  • Spacious enough for heavier loads
  • Easy and quick access to your essentials with drawstring opening
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • No cushioned back support
  • Shoe compartment unavailable

F Gear Hunter 75 Litres Waterproof Trekking Bag – Best Travel Gear For Men & Women

81DI3A8ViXL. SL1500

Get this appealing rucksack for your next trekking trip that comes with the promise of quality.

Equipped with some of the latest features and functionalities, this bag makes an excellent travel companion.


  • Comes with a highly adjustable ladder lock that lets you adjust the straps according to your comfort and capability.
  • Its soft exterior has a soothing impact which makes it easy to carry gear.
  • The padded straps are highly durable for maximum comfort.
  • Best travel product equipped with three brilliant locks like butterfly lock, drawstring lock, and ladder lock for utmost comfort and safety during the trip.
  • Easily loads your essentials in its huge spacious compartment with additional 4 pockets, 1 hidden pocket, and 2 exterior mesh pockets on each side to store the water bottles.
  • Comes with an inbuilt rain cover that keeps your bag dry during heavy rain.
  • The best part about this trekking bag is it comes with a hip belt that relieves muscle strain.


  • Separate helmet compartment
  • Inbuilt rain cover
  • Adjustable straps
  • Sturdy handle and padded straps
  • Expandable
  • Drawstring lock for easy access to essentials


  • Not ideal for heavy luggage

Tripole Colonel 80 Litres Waterproof Trekking Bag

Tripole Colonel 80 litres Rucksack Detachable Day Pack Army Green

Get noticed in this impeccable army green rucksack bag built to carry excessive loads during extreme trekking and hiking.

One of the best travel accessories with a warranty period of 3 years, this bag offers top-level comfort and durability at an affordable price range.


  • Highly adjustable backpack with a detachable bag, an absolute fit for short day trips nearby.
  • The detachable bag is ideal to store snacks, small gadgets, and water bottles.
  • Experience extreme comfort during a longer duration of traveling as the back has a fiber frame supported by an aluminum rod to withstand a huge load.
  • The rucksack is equipped with a rain cover which also acts as a dust cover.
  • Comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty with breathable back mesh that ensures adequate airflow.
  • Made from durable polyester fabric for long-lasting performance.
  • Has multiple zippers and pockets for varied items.
  • Separate compartments at the bottom for shoes, dirty linens, and other regular items for easy access.


  • Sturdy and convenient
  • Detachable day pack
  • Cushioned back support with a flexible waist belt
  • Water-resistant polyester and rain cover for dual protection


  • No laptop compartment

TRAWOC 60 Litres Waterproof Rucksack

TRAWOC 60 Ltrs Rucksack

This multiutility trekking backpack is a great investment if you want to enjoy a stress-free trip either solo or with your gang.

This travel accessory is available in striking colors.

This rucksack is the most reliable travel companion for all.


  • With a spacious capacity of 60 liters, the bag has a laptop sleeve.
  • Comes with trendy features that make it a popular pick for any traveler with refined taste.
  • Equipped with several adjustable buckles, straps, and pockets for more convenient traveling.
  • This outdoor travel gear is made from premium grade weather-resistant material which makes it adaptable to any climate condition.
  • The entire body is designed with breathable mesh allowing adequate airflow between your back and the pack.
  • Get easy access to your essentials which you can store in the hip belt pockets.
  • The zipper is made from high-quality metal for smooth performance.


  • Multi-utility stylish backpack for all age groups
  • Separate laptop sleeve
  • Weather-resistant
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Ideal for sports, camping, and hiking
  • Breathable back panel
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Many fronts and side pockets


  • Rain cover not available for every color

Other Similar Waterproof Trekking Bags (Under 2500) You Can Go For

Impulse 55 Litres Waterproof Trekking Bag


  • Ideal gear for trekking, hiking, and camping.
  • Polyester material
  • Comes with 1-year warranty 
  • Best travel product that includes rain cover
  • No laptop compartment though
  • The hip belt distributes the overall weight of the bag without straining your body. 
  • Additional straps can hold other essentials like a yoga mat.

Hyper Adam 65 Litres Rucksack – Travel Gear For Men And Women

Hyper Adam 65 L Rucksack Hiking Backpack

  • Ideal for hiking, trekking, camping.
  • The main compartment is spacious enough to carry all the essentials like laptops, clothes, books, first-aid kits, etc.
  • Multiple small pockets to carry small items.
  • Comes with a separate shoe compartment. 
  • 8 adjustable straps
  • The polyester material used makes the bag waterproof. 
  • This trekking gear has an S-shaped structure of the straps to make the bag all the more comfortable as it fits perfectly on your shoulder.
  • This unisex hiking backpack is perfect for any kind of travel.

POLESTAR XPLORE 55 Litres Waterproof Trekking Bag


  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Spacious shoe compartment 
  • A separate holder for the yoga mat
  • Another outdoor travel gear that is ideal for both men and women
  • The PU Polyester fabric makes the bag waterproof
  • Stylish and vibrant color adds to the look.
  • Extra compartment to hold other traveling essentials like tents, camping gear, etc.

Mufubu 55 Litre Rucksack for Trekking


  • Separate mesh for water bottles
  • Sturdy and water-resistant as the material used is polyester.
  • Lightweight with a capacity of up to 60 litres.
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Spacious enough to carry all your campaign gear like tents, sleeping bags, etc. 
  • Comes with a rain cover. 

Aristocrat 45 Litres Black Rucksack

Aristocrat 45 Ltrs Black Rucksack RUCHIKEBLK

  • Super durable due to the polyester material used makes this rucksack ideal for daily use.
  • Laptop Compartment
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Hidden compartments to keep your valuables
  • Waist straps give additional comfort during long travels
  • Many small pockets inside the bag so that you can organize your items accordingly. 
  • The overall look is trendy and sleek. 

Mount Track Altitude Rucksack 50 Litres

Mount Track Altitude Rucksack 50 Litres

  • Laptop compartment
  • Padded cushion back makes traveling enjoyable.
  • Includes Rain Cover 
  • The material used is Nylon
  • The hip belt helps distribute the load.
  • One of the best travel products that come with a detachable bottom compartment where you can put in your shoes, soiled clothes.  This additional compartment might make the main compartment less spacious. 
  • 2 Years Warranty 
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