13 Must Watch Hindi TV Series in 2020

13 Must Watch Hindi TV Series in 2020

It’s needless to say the captivity of Indian Hindi TV series falls on different genres but wins hearts equally. 

They provide people of all ages an escape from their daily life and a trip to someone else’s. 

While some are light-hearted and fun, others leave an ever-lasting impact on us. 

To put you at ease, we have curated a list of the top binge-worthy and edgy Hindi web series series for you to relish. 

Popular & Best Hindi TV Series To Watch With Friends & Family At Home

1. Yeh Meri Family

This Drama TV series is a light weekend watch with your family.

Yeh Meri Family revolves around an adolescent who is trying hard to figure out his life and family parallelly.

The lead, Harshu is often toiled by the dilemma of a middle-class family.

His relationship with his father, mother, sibling, and school crush, Vidhya is tested often.

But in the end, he realizes, all that matters is his family and people who stay no matter what.

Binge away this popular Hindi TV show on TVF play and capture the smiles. 

Platform: TVF Play

2. Special OPS

This mind-picking and adrenaline-pumping Crime TV series is a mastermind’s art.

It has a ground-breaking storyline and direction for the story of Himmat Singh and his five agents living in different parts of the world. 

They infuse their respective strengths and skills to successfully draw out terrorist attacks and to find the man behind these heinous activities.

Based on a real story, this web series on Hotstar VIP is sure to keep your family engrossed for a week and maybe more. 

Platform: Disney + Hotstar

3. Hostages

Hostages is a wonderfully displayed and carefully narrated thriller TV series on Hotstar VIP.

It is the best show to watch as it has a taut racy edge to it and that’s what makes the series binge-worthy.

The series is now completed with two seasons and 22 episodes, you must get ready to hold your heart during this mystery watch.

Unveil Dr. Mira’s trouble when her family members are held hostage and to see if she gets her hand dirty while cleaning other’s mess. 

Platform: Disney + Hotstar

4. Cargo

A radical and revolutionary move in the Sci-fi genre in modern Indian cinema.

If you and your family are weak about technology-induced movies and Hindi TV shows, then here is your pick on Netflix.

This new Hindi TV series is one of the best work of Netflix and unfolds the story of Prahastha and the spaceship Pushpak 634-A who transmit dead people back to Earth.

Once Yuviska comes into the scene, the movie is all the more exciting.

Death is still a mystery but this movie provides a potential possibility of what can happen. 

This is one of the best TV series on Netflix you can go for if you want to watch it with your friends and family.

Platform: Netflix

5. Delhi Crime

Another popular TV series on Netflix for family home entertainment.

Gone is the time when families refrained from watching the news about heinous crimes like rape, molestation, and acid attacks.

Now is the time for Nexflix Hindi TV series like Delhi Crime to let people see the raw and hard-hitting reality of our country.

Based on the Nirbhaya gang-rape case and the consistent efforts of DCP Chaturvedi for justice, this Netflix movie is a young India reality check to fight back inhuman crimes.

Platform: Netflix

6. Abhay

With an IMDb rating 7.9, starring Kunal Khemu, Elnaaz Norouzi, Sandeepa Dhar, and Namita Das, Abhay is a dark crime thriller TV series that became one of the most popular shows on the internet with a lot of bloodshed and horrific murders.

Kunal Khemu has done complete justice to the role of STF officer Abhay who is torn between his professional life and family crisis.

He solves all the cases with the utmost ease and dedication.

The series has the power to keep you glued to the last and is definitely worth a one time watch.

Platform: ZEE5

Best Hindi TV Series & Shows To Watch Online For Entertainment

7. Asur

This thriller TV series on Voot is an infusion of gut-wrenching crime and diabolical reasoning of murders related to a wicked theory.

This cat-and-mouse Hindi TV series is one of its kind and revolves around religious fanaticism and provides sudden pangs to the dark sides of each human.

Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, and the Asur himself await your presence in this skin-crippling series. 

Platform: Voot

8. Paatal Lok

Best TV series to watch on Amazon Prime.

This popular Hindi TV show is a successful attempt and stunning achievement for mythological series.

Overpowering many shows on Netflix, Paatal Lok broke the bars with its plot revolving around Indian mortality and it’s weird caste politics.

Showcasing mind-blowing performances, Paatal Lok is a real loss if not seen.

Platform: Amazon Prime

9. Mirzapur

Amazon Prime’s comeback TV series and the youth’s all-time favorite, Mirzapur has created a havoc in the world of Hindi TV shows.

The story revolves around Akhandanand Tripathi, the mafia boss of Mirzapur who does a lot more than just exporting carpets, as he likes to display.

His son Mumma is a power-hungry parasite thriving on his father’s money. Unveil the wicked legacy of Mirzapur and the rebel brothers.

Platform: Amazon Prime 

10. Sacred Games

This TV series on Netflix is Indian cinema’s one of the best curated thriller, crime, and mystery bonanza.

Starring the legend, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and method actor, Saif Ali Khan, the series is star-studded till the end.

Describing the story of Ganesh Gaitonde and his Bombay, there are various dimensions explored as he is toiled by the trap he built himself. 

Platform: Netflix

11. Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is a mixture of all the taboos in Indian Society like homosexuality, dowry, and all those old traditions that people still follow like blinds.

Best TV series to watch on Amazon Prime as the drama in this TV show keeps you engaged through its brilliant acting, scenes, and storyline.

Tara and Karan are wedding planners who drill deep into the lives of the bride and groom and get to know about the difficulties faced by a middle-class family.

Within these complexities, they find their true selves.

Platform: Amazon Prime

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12. The Family Man

Another Amazon Prime Hindi TV series that induces laughs but leaves you with a thought to ponder.

The narrative is light-hearted but the purpose surely isn’t.

The Family Man tells the story of Srikant Tiwari who switches off and on between a middle-class man and a world-class spy.

It’s exhilarating to watch how he balances between his family and the functionality of the National Intelligence Agency.

Don’t give it a second thought as this mind-boggling TV series is encapsulating enough to hold it all and is one of the best to watch for family home entertainment.

Platform: Amazon Prime

Best Hindi Thriller Movie To Watch in 2020

13. London Confidential

London Confidential, the first Hindi movie shot and completed during the pandemic, has put the world on hold but couldn’t stop London Confidential from reaching the audience.

Although this is not a TV series, it does make to the list because the movie goes through a lot of twists and turns in finding a Chinese source, who has the knowledge of a deadly virus, capable of destabilizing the whole world.

London Confidential is definitely not bad for an OTT with all your loved ones and some popcorn with coke.

Platform: ZEE5

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