5 Best Faucet Water Filter For A Healthy Kitchen

15 Best Faucet Water Filter For A Healthy Home Kitchen

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

With the increasing levels of contamination, faucet water filters have become an indispensable household part to prevent water-borne ailments. 

Get rid of hard water side effects by installing the best faucet water filter in your kitchen for complete peace of mind.

Don’t let your glass of water become the reason for serious health issues. 

From a troubled stomach to frizzy hair and lifeless skin, the water supplied to your home is possibly the culprit. 

Even top-notch water treatment doesn’t seal its purity as the water passing through the pipes might be carrying along with it certain impurities. 

Secure your health insurance with a good faucet water filter.

To help you buy the best water filter we have shortlisted 5 that are purchased the most.

Read faucet water filter reviews and choose the one that suits your requirement. 



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5 Best Faucet Water Filter Comparison Chart

Waterdrop WD FC 01 1

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter
For Sink
Value for Money

  • 320 Gallons of Filtered Water
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Reduces Lead & Chlorine In Water
  • Filter Replacement Every 3 Months
  • Easily Switch Between Tap and Filtered Water
  • No Leakage
  • NSF Certified & Tested
  • Fits Any Standard Faucet
  • Not for Pull Out Or Hand Held Faucet
  • Easy to Install
PUR PFM400H Water Filteration System

PUR PFM400H Water Filteration SystemGood Product

  • 100 Gallons of Filtered Water
  • Filter Replacement Every 3 Months
  • Reduces 70+ Harmful Elements
  • Work on Battery (Lithium Ion)
  • NSF & WQA Certified
  • Easily Switch Between Tap and Filtered Water
  • Not for Pull Out Or Hand Held Faucet
  • Easy to Install
Brita 7540545 On Tap Faucet Filter

Brita 7540545 On Tap Faucet FilterDecent Product

  • 100 Gallons of Filtered Water
  • Filter Replacement Every 3 – 4 Months
  • Reduces Chlorine & Lead 
  • 3 Choices For Water
  • LED Filter Replacement Indicator
  • Not for Pull Out Or Hand Held Faucet
  • Plastic Material
  • Easy to Install
Engdenton - Best Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton – Best Faucet Water FilterHighly Recommended

  • 320 Gallons of Filtered Water
  • Filter Replacement Every 6 Months
  • Reduces Chlorine in Water
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Durable & Leakproof
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Long-Lasting ACF
Culligan FM 15A Faucet Mount Advanced Water Filter

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount
Advanced Filter

  • 200 Gallons of Filtered Water
  • Filter Replacement Every 2 Months
  • IAPMO Certified & Tested
  • NSF Internationally Certified
  • Reduces Chlorine & Lead in Water
  • Easily Switch Between Tap and Filtered Water
  • Fits Standard Faucets
  • Easy to Install
  • 2 Years Limited Warranty

Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Each Water Filter in Detail  

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter For Sink

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter For Sink

When it comes to top-tier water purification solutions, Waterdrop leads the game.

This certified and tested faucet system is what you need to ensure guaranteed health for yourself and your loved ones. 

Make sure to include this among your other kitchen accessories.


  • Long-lasting investment with an incredible capacity of purifying 320 gallons of water packed with 3 robust replacement filters.
  • Remove harmful hard minerals like lead and chlorine with its top-notch filtration technology offering cleaner water to your family.
  • Built with advanced AFC material ensuring faster filtration to fill up to 4 bottles in a minute.
  • Equipped with multi-stage filtration comprises stainless steel mesh that efficiently filters out heavy particles and other contaminants without degrading the beneficial minerals.
  • A cost-effective investment for multipurpose worry-free uses like cleaning veggies, brewing coffee, feeding infants, and cooking.
  • Installed with 0.5 PM steady flow rate for faster result and zero waiting.


  • Leak proof technology
  • NSF tested and certified
  • Brilliant user-friendly performance
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • 320 gallons of pure water
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Fits any standard faucet


  • Bulky size
  • Chlorine filtration is not effective

PUR PFM400H Water Filteration System

PUR PFM400H Faucet Water Filter

Aren’t confident about your current faucet system?

Solve your confusion with the most trusted water filtration system by PUR.

Available in elegant color variants, this water faucet filter is designed to offer only the safest and cleanest water for a healthy lifestyle at home.


  • Reduce your monthly expenses on bottled mineral water by bringing home this budget-friendly effective solution for safer and odor-free water.
  • An easy to install device with a MineralClear filter that effectively expels harmful contaminants while preserving the natural beneficial minerals.
  • More effective than any delusional claims by the leading brands in filtering out lead, mercury, and pesticides. 
  • PUR faucet filter system is an NSF and WQA certified, designed with activated carbon and ion exchange that effectively filters out hard minerals and contaminants.
  • This kitchen accessory is compatible with most water faucets.
  • It provides the safest water with great taste. 
  • The device is a good investment for cleaner water for up to 3 months with great environmental benefits in reducing the use of plastic water bottles.


  • Filters out 70+ contaminants
  • WQA & NSF certified
  • Fits any standard faucet
  • No tools required to install this water filtration system


  • Works on battery
  • The indicator light starts to malfunction after filter replacement

Brita 7540545 On Tap Faucet Filter

Brita 7540545 On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Feed your body with cleaner and great tasting water from a skillfully designed water filter system by Brita.

Include this water filtration system in your kitchen to add a reliable protection shield to your drinking water.


  • Featuring a sleek white finish, this Brita filtered water faucet comes with advanced filtration with an LED filter replacement indicator.
  • Equipment-free, quick, and easy to install the device.
  • An environment-friendly investment to reduce plastic waste of around 1800 mineral water bottles per year.
  • Its average compactness consumes less installation space and offers 3 convenient spray choices like filtered water, unfiltered water, and unfiltered spray.
  • Designed with an impressive filter with a one-click indicator that sends alerts when replacement is needed.
  • Get 100 gallons of filtered water with 4 months of effective assured performance.
  • Its built-in advanced filtration system effectively checks 99% of harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, asbestos, and benzene.
  • For better results pair with Brita White on tap faucet ensuring a risk-free water supply and uses.


  • The package has a dispenser and a filter.
  • LED replacement indicator
  • No tools required for installation
  • 3 choices for water


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • You might witness a water leakage problem after a couple of months of use.
  • Since the body is made of plastic, durability is an issue.

Engdenton – Best Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton - Best Faucet Water Filter

A high-quality faucet water filter to meet your everyday water requirement.

A durable filter with a top-tier filtration system at a great price and superior lasting performance.

This is one of the best faucet water filter systems if you are looking for long-lasting usage.


  • Superior flexibility with a 360-degree swivel that lets you enjoy a cleaner water fountain at every angle.
  • A higher filtration rate of 3L/min is quite impressive than its other promising counterparts in the market.
  • The ACF filter is made from high-grade Japanese carbon fiber offering an incredible filtration accuracy of 0.5um.
  • Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel ensuring a super durable performance with zero leakage and cracks.
  • Designed with a leading-edge filtration system that efficiently removes heavy harmful particles and prevents bacterial growth offering pure and cleanest water.
  • A must have kitchen item as it comes with a lifespan of a maximum of 6 months with an incredible capacity of purifying 320 gallons.
  • Its simple mechanism simplifies its installation without any extra tools.
  • Compatible with a standard faucet for better performance.


  • Leakage and crack proof material
  • Faster filtration
  • Excellent technical assistance
  • Bears extreme water pressure
  • Swivel 360 for a flexible functioning


  • Not ideal for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) filtration

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Advanced Filter

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Advanced Water Filter

One of the most convenient water faucet filter that you can directly fit your existing faucets.

Ensure guaranteed healthier, cleaner, and safer water for multipurpose including consumption without worrying about its quality.


  • This compact mount filter is a perfect fit for your smaller kitchen cabinet offering you visibly cleaner water by filtering out threatening minerals and contaminants.
  • An IAPMO certified and tested faucet designed with the latest carbon block filtration technology to reduce traces of cysts, chlorine, lead, and other hard minerals.
  • Get 200 gallons of pure safe water for up to 2 months depending on its application and the water quality of your area with this kitchen accessory.
  • This advanced filter is designed to offer odorless great tasting water by keeping intact the healthy minerals.
  • Its diverter valve stem is the simplest effective mechanism in purifying any impurities of particulate class 1.
  • The tastier water works great in preserving the flavor of your coffee and health drinks.
  • A cost-effective investment for whole house water filtration elevating the standard of healthy living.


  • Independently tested 
  • Tool-free easy installation
  • Comes with 2 years limited warranty


  • No frill faucet filter
  • Not ideal for drop-down faucets

10 Other Faucet Water Filter You Can Go For

Bosnell Stainless Steel Faucet Water Filter

Bosnell Stainless Steel Faucet Water Filter

  • Enjoy two water outlets after a complete hassle-free installation without any tools.
  • Its advanced 7 layer ACF filtration technology effectively removes many harmful contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic, and bacterial growth offering you tasty odor free water.
  • A complete crack and leak-proof faucet water filter crafted from premium food grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Incredible lifespan offering 320 gallons of healthy and clean water even after 3-6 months of extensive use.
  • This kitchen accessory helps in reducing both carbon footprint and monetary waste.
  • Made for standard faucets only and not for pull out, handheld, spray, and sensor-enabled faucets.

HOSUN SUS304 Water Filter for Sink

HOSUN SUS304 Water Filter for Sink

  • Designed with precision from food-grade stainless steel making it completely leak-proof, crack-proof, anti-corrosion, and zero deformation.
  • Equipped with a universal adapter making it easy to install and attach to sink faucet without any extra tools.
  • Facilitates easy switch between filtered and tap water with its two outlets.
  • An ASTM certified purifier effectively filters out the heaviest particles and other impurities only to offer great tasting clean water.
  • Offers 10 cups of instant healthy water per minute curbing plastic bottles.
  • Enjoy 320 gallons of purified water even after 3 months of active utility.
  • Active customer support with a satisfactory solution.

WINGSOL Stainless Faucet Filter

WINGSOL Stainless Faucet Filter

  • DAn SGS certified water faucet filter made from super grade 304 stainless steel.
  • A must have kitchen item to get great-tasting clean water as it removes 99.6% lead and chlorine, 50% arsenic, and water sediments.
  • Weighs 1.55 pounds with a 3mm thick shell which makes it highly durable and crack-proof.
  • Equipped with Japan PAC filter cartridge for effective impurities removal.
  • Instant 3-liters cleaner water/minute with 360-degree convenient swivel.
  • Easy DIY installation in few minutes without any professional assistance.
  • This budget-friendly filter is suitable for standard faucets only.
  • The filter needs to be replaced after 6 months or depending on the status.



  • An economical investment ensuring zero possibilities of water-borne ailments.
  • Equipped with FMC 100, 100 series filter that effectively blocks harmful contaminants like lead, cysts and chlorine, and other deadly bacterial growth.
  • Comes with a 100-gallon water filtration capacity.
  • Houses with micro ban anti-microbial protection to enhance the lifespan and improve the level of performance. 
  • The system features one premier faucet mount, one high capacity faucet filter, two adapters, and two washers, and a plumbing tape.
  • Get cleaner, healthier, and odorless water with an effective contribution towards nature by greatly reducing plastic bottle usage.
  • Attaches effortlessly with the kitchen faucets.

SJ WAVE Water Filter

SJ WAVE Water Filter

  • This is water filter faucet has multi-layered activated carbon filtration for strictly eliminating the contaminants like asbestos, chlorine ensuring only a balanced level of healthy minerals. 
  • Post filtration layer ensures completely safe and clean water by removing suspended solids and other particles if any.
  • Equipped with a 320 gallon of durable filter that perfectly survives up to 6 months depending on the water quality.
  • Get drinkable water directly from the faucet without investing in bottled water that saves money and the environment.
  • Ergonomically designed that fits most faucets except irregular, handheld, or pull out faucets.
  • Easy to install and switch between filtered and tap water.

PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

  • Effectively reduces over 70+ contaminants and deadly pesticides to offer cleaner and healthier water.
  • Certified as the best water filter in preserving the beneficial minerals by its MineralClear filtration system.
  • Complete zero tool installation that requires no professional help and this kitchen appliance is compatible with most faucets except the pull-out or handheld.
  • Houses activated carbon and ion exchange for impressive filtration against impurities.
  • An eco-friendly investment greatly reducing plastic bottle usage.
  • Offers 100 gallons of purified water for up to 3 months after which the filter needs to be replaced.
  • An NSF and WQA certified filter powered by innovation securing health.

Brita 35214 Filtered Water Faucet

Brita 35214 Filtered Water Faucet

  • Compatible with standard faucet with hassle-free installation involving zero tools.
  • Available in elegant white and chrome color with indicator reminding replacement.
  • Contributes positively towards the environment by installing this filter to discard 1800 plastic bottles per year.
  • Features space-efficient design providing the users with a convenient choice of filtered and unfiltered water.
  • To continue with refreshingly tasty and clean water, it is recommended to replace the filter after every 4 months.
  • Efficiently prohibits 99% of deadly contaminants and pollutants like lead, chlorine, and asbestos only to offer crisp and healthier water.
  • Incompatible with pull out or spray style faucets.

Waterdrop WD-FC-06 NSF Certified

Waterdrop WD-FC-06 NSF Certified

  • Designed with NSF/ANSI 372 certified lead-free material that effectively blocks harmful contaminants.
  • Equipped with advanced activated carbon filtration to remove any sort of impurities and preserving only the beneficial minerals makes it a must have kitchen item.
  • Offers a fast and stable water flow of 0.5gpm up to 3 months or 320 gallons of water.
  • Constructed with food-grade 304 stainless steel body featuring 360-degree swivel functioning.
  • Easy to install, this water filter for faucet is BPA and lead-free.
  • Includes a high-quality carbon block made from Srilanka coconut shell ensuring only excellent tasting water.
  • Offers a 1-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect facilitating worry-free shopping.

Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filtration System

Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filtration System

  • Enjoy 200 gallons of healthy water up to 3 months direct from the faucet. 
  • An ANSI/NSF certified filter that effectively eliminates chlorine (class II) improving the taste and quality of the water.
  • Offers complete peace of mind in removing 99% of lead, cysts, VOCs, and other industrial pollutants from the water.
  • An eco-friendly choice that uses a high-quality coconut shell to effectively absorb organic compounds and pollutants offering cleaner and healthier water.
  • Get 100% safer and cleaner water perfects to be utilized for any household purposes.
  • Refreshing water that makes great cuppa coffee, juices, and drinks without any nasty odor.

HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter

HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter

  • Durable body made from food grade 304 stainless steel ensuring safe purification system.
  • Houses an advanced activated 5 layer carbon filtration that strictly removes over 70 contaminants and other bacterial growth.
  • Rated the best among other faucet water filter reviews for its ergonomic design featuring 360-degree swivel angle.
  • Facilitates a hassle-free and quick installation, compatible only with a standard faucet.
  • Designed with two easily switchable outlets offering 10 cups of clean water/minute.
  • The cartridge needs to be replaced after every 3 months for satisfactory results.
  • Comes with 90 days money-back guarantee return policy with a 1-year refund warranty.

Types of Faucet Water Filter System

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a popular filtration method for domestic uses. 

In this process, the water supplied through the connected pipes is passed through a partially permeable membrane that consists of slightly larger pores than the water molecules.

This reverse filtration is quite effective in removing certain impurities. 

During the filtering process, the hard water molecules are passed across the membrane thrust by a pressure resulting in contaminants deposit on one side of the membrane and healthy water on the other.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters work great in removing harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. 

The contaminated water when passed through activated carbon blocks starts absorbing large molecules into its porous body and other negatively charged chemicals. 

This is also a prime reason why carbon filters need to be frequently replaced.

However, a carbon filter is not that effective in blocking salts, heavy metals, arsenic, and bacteria. 

This inexpensive filtration system greatly improves the taste of the water by absorbing the smell and chemical contamination.

Cation Exchange

This method is used in most water treatment facilities for softening hard water from harmful heavy contaminants through ion exchange. 

In this process, the contaminated stream is passed through a specialized resin to separate undesirable ions from the water.

Ion Exchange (IX) resins are just like a porous membrane where the exchange of ions takes place, which slowly gets filled with ion contaminants.

This filtration is super effective in treating the water saturated with industrial waste and other heavy pollutants.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Faucet Water Filter

Filter Lifespan & Replacement Cost

Most of the filters last for 3 months before it needs replacement. Some of the water faucet filters come with an indicator that indicates when the filter needs replacement. 

The cost of replacing the cartridge however could be higher than the purchasing price. 

It is best to consult with an agent to understand the repairing cost and look out if it fits your need for the long run. 

Also check the construction material if it is non-toxic, durable, and rustproof. 

Contaminants they Remove

Although faucet filters are designed to remove hard particles, the filtration method may vary for different systems. 

Depending on your location, it is recommended to check if the faucet is capable of blocking dangerous contaminants like mercury and lead for best quality water keeping only the beneficial minerals.

Overall Cost & Affordability

While selecting this kitchen accessory always choose the one that smartly fits your budget and needs. 

Obviously the more you look for special features with stylish aesthetics, the price will be higher. 

But purchasing from a good brand based on its primary utility and warranty period will never be a disappointing experience.

Certified By Recognizing Body

Purchasing from a brand certified and approved by a recognized body like National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) & WQA not only assures you of its efficiency and capability in removing the hardest impurities but also seal its durability. 

If not certified, don’t even consider thinking about it. 

Easy to Install

Most faucet water filters come with the DIY installation process mentioned in the instruction manual available both online and offline. 

If you are good with tools, then there is no need for extra hands but for a hassle-free proper installation get in touch with a professional installation team.

Easy to Switch between Filtered & Unfiltered Water

This smart feature is available in the expensive filtered water faucet that facilitates switching between filtered and unfiltered water just with a simple one-touch button or through wireless technology. 

These special features in some faucet filters kitchen accessories let the water be used for multiple household purposes. 

Fitting & Design

Obviously, the design is something that automatically draws maximum attention even before considering the functions. 

The proper fitting before implementation is the key to pure healthy water without any leakage that may hinder its functionalities. 

Irrespective of the filter appearance, always select the one that aligns with your taste.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Faucet Water Filter For Healthy Living At Home


Readily Available

Water filters for faucets are readily available online hence the hassle of replacing the filters after a few months of usage is no more a concern. 

With simple DIY installation, you are all set to secure your family health with purified water in every drop. 


Surprisingly the best faucet filters by popular brands are marketed at a very reasonable price range. 

Besides filtering the water from impurities, these cool looking kitchen accessories also enhance your indoor decorum. 

A one-time investment that only requires occasional cleaning and maintenance for an improved level of lasting performance.

Water Tastes Better

Installing a water filter for sink can bring an incredible difference to the water supply in your home. 

Hard water is not only contaminated with impurities and odor but also tastes nasty. 

This is where a faucet filter works wonders in improving the taste and water quality by filtering out the hard minerals.

Removes Harmful Contaminants

Water filters soften hard water containing harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, iron, fluoride, and mercury with its multi-stage filtration process. 

These contaminants if consumed over time can lead to threatening water-borne ailments in adults and children. 

The water passed through the water filter faucet is pure and healthy for consumption and perfect for other household chores.

Saves Money & Environment

You need not spend on bottled water. By installing the faucet water filter you are securing your home’s water filtration system. 

This way you can save your loved ones and the environment. 

These filters require low-cost maintenance without the hassle of replacing normal filters and is also a cost-effective way to reduce plastic waste.

Beneficial for Health

The best quality water filter for faucets effectively filters the water supplied to the home with its multiple filtration system giving you a healthy lifestyle.

The harmful contaminants and hard mineral particles are being removed from the water leaving only the beneficial minerals that are good for human health. 

The purified water looks and tastes great without any odor.

Reduces Plumbing Issues

From its starting day, you will notice how easy and convenient it is to install without any professional help. 

They are quite portable, lightweight, and work great with periodic cleaning which means you do not need to dial the plumber. 

For the rest, following the user manual is of great help.


Filter Needs Changing Every 3 Month

With its extensive filtration process, the filter cartridge is prone to residue accumulation of various contaminants which needs to be replaced after every 3 months for proper functioning. 

However, this low-cost replacement task won’t affect your wallet but if not replaced when needed can be alarming for your health.

One Faucet Filter = One Tap

The water filter for sink is different from a shower faucet which means you need to buy a different faucet for every tap in your home. 

Kitchen sink faucets are larger with multi-directional spouts for cleaning dishes while bathroom faucets are smaller based on their applications like washing hands and face. 

Can Take Up Some Space in your Kitchen

The kitchen faucet is comparatively larger than the other faucets with a higher arc. 

The kitchen faucet tends to occupy maximum space as it is used for major purposes like washing dishes, cleaning vegetables, and for drinking water that needs a swiveling tap. 

The right size kitchen faucet makes everyday life easier and convenient.

Doesn’t Remove all Contaminants

Not every commercial brand meets its sole purpose of offering healthy drinking water. 

To be sure before investing it is recommended that you check if faucet filters are approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). 

Trusted faucet brands that are approved by NSF are capable of removing emerging contaminants.

It may not Fit all the Faucet

Although all branded faucet water filters fit any standard faucet in your kitchen sink, it’s best to check before purchasing one. 

If you buy a faucet filter that does not fit properly you may face leakage problems. 

In order to install the water filter correctly and to repair a leaking faucet filter, you might need the professional help of an experienced plumber. 

The fees of the plumbers may vary depending on their availability, location, and the time involved in fixing the faults or during the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Faucet Water Filter

How to install a faucet water filter?

Installing a faucet water filter involves a few simple DIY steps and you are good to go.

  • Unbox all the contents and keep the instruction manual ready for a hassle-free installation.
  • Disconnect the water supply so that you do not accidentally spray yourself and get soaked in the water. 
  • To disconnect the water supply turn off the valve located below the sink. You will easily see the valve when you bend down.
  • Make sure to double-check if you have successfully turned off the valve, you can do this by opening the tap. 
  • If water does not come out it means the valve has been successfully turned off. If you still see the water flowing through the tap as normal, it means the valve is not closed properly. Bend down to make sure that you turn it off properly.
  • Now remove the faucet aerator. You can easily remove it by hand or use a wrench to remove it if it’s too tight. 
  • Clean the faucet threads properly with a hand towel or a piece of cloth to remove any dirt or containment particles that settle within the threads.
  • Now assemble all the filter accessories including the adapter (if any) that comes along with the faucet water filter kit. 
  • Keep aside the filter as it is not required at this moment. 
  • Carefully align the faucet and water filter unit thread and move it in a clockwise direction to fit them together. 
  • Now fit the filter into the water filter area and attach other components that come with the kit.
  • Now open the valve below the sink and check the flow of water and any signs of leakage.
  • If there are signs of leakage, it means the unit is not fixed properly to the faucet. Open the unit and tighten it again. 
  • That’s it you have successfully installed the faucet water filter. Enjoy clean and tasty water.  
  • One last thing, remember to run the water for a while to flush out any residue before final usage.

How to clean the faucet water filter?

Even the best faucet water filter is prone to residue build-up. 

Cleaning will not only ensure pure healthy filtered water but will also extend its lifespan. 

In certain cases change the filters if needed to prevent any waterborne health hazards.

  • Turn off the water supply connection and put a dripping tray below to collect the droplets.
  • Now unthread the hose with a wrench and jet flow water inside, back and forth for a few seconds to remove any debris.
  • Then proceed towards cleaning the filter screen that collects most of the contaminants which will need a brush to remove the accumulated particles.
  • For a satisfactory cleaning, it is also recommended to soak the filter screen and other components into a vinegar solution for at least 30 minutes and then use a brush to easily swipe the particles.
  • Once all the components and the filter screen is clear, it’s time to reassemble the way it was done during installation.
  • Turn on the water supply as a running test through the system to check out for any leakage and to flush out any cleaning agents if used while cleaning.

How does the faucet water filter work?

The only purpose of installing a water faucet filter is to soften the tap water from hard particles and contaminants making it safe for consumption and other multipurpose uses. 

The system simply filtrates but doesn’t purify.

Various filtration processes are  involved including a physical and chemical technique to remove the heavy particles and dirt. 

Whatever is the filtration process, the main work is being done by an internal filter cartridge present in every faucet filter.

The cartridge is wrapped with a screen designed to seize particles of any size including debris, rust, and sand. 

Right after this filtration process, the water is then passed through an activated carbon block that absorbs several contaminants all over its porous body. 

This excellent absorption is the reason why filters need to be replaced over time. 

The activated carbon block is quite efficient in removing chlorine, lead, fluoride, and other contaminants but often misses out on filtering harsh chemicals like mercury. 

In the final filtration process, harmful chemicals and heavy contaminants are removed which makes the water tastier and free from any odor.

Any water faucet filter system is designed to remove hard particles over 5 – 10 microns, which if consumed regularly can lead to serious health hazards.

Are faucet water filters worth buying?

A debatable question for people thinking if it’s worth the investment. 

After going through some faucet water filter reviews online, there is no denying that this specific filtration system is a necessity to secure your health insurance. 

 This means that faucet water filters are a must have kitchen items to enjoy healthy living at home.

Quite efficient than a normal filter in blocking hard contaminants and dangerous carcinogenic chemicals like lead and chlorine, faucet filters have been approved by various research bodies as a lifesaver. 

With rising contamination, drinking faucet filtered water provides greater peace of mind. 

How long does the faucet water filter last?

The longevity of a water faucet filter depends on different factors ranging from its filtration system, the water type whether heavily contaminated or hard water, the accumulation of sediments in the filters, and its overall maintenance.

No matter whatever is the brand, to ensure a consistent supply of healthy water in your home it is always recommended to replace the filter cartridge after every three months with an occasional cleaning. 

Hence it will give you complete peace of mind if you are buying a faucet filter with an excellent warranty period.

Is it ok to drink filtered tap water?

Yes, drinking from a filtered tap is safe, water being free from harmful particles. 

But certain conditions are applicable as to whether the extensive filtration is also removing the beneficial minerals leading to their deficiency in our body. 

As mentioned earlier make sure the faucet water filter you are buying is certified by NSF.

The next important factor is the maintenance of the whole house filtration system (if you have one) especially the filter cartridges that get highly concentrated with the impurities over time. 

The lack of proper maintenance and periodic cleaning can turn the water unsuitable for drinking and other household purposes.

Final Thoughts

Drink clean water by installing the best faucet water filter in your kitchen sink. 

These water filters are one of the most bough kitchen accessories because it not only removes the contaminants but also improves the quality of water while giving a sense of healthy living at home for you and your loved ones.

We hope that this detailed buying guide will help you choose the best water filter. 

Make sure to change the filter every 3 to 4 months to keep enjoying safe, clean, and tasty water all year long.

Let us know which one are you buying for your home, in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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