15 Dry Camping Tips For Solo Travelers

15 Dry Camping Tips For Solo Travelers

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

If you are looking for some peace of mind from the crowd or from your daily chores, go dry camping solo. 

We know that you are skeptical to travel alone but don’t worry as we have got all your queries covered in this article so that nothing can stop you from feeling the thrill of solo camping for the first time. 

Camping clicks instantly when we need a break from the chaos but the prepping is something that makes beginners like you step back. 

Today we are going to discuss the tidbits of camping and how you can ace it all alone on a budget.

This detailed article covers some exceptional dry camping tips that will prepare you for your upcoming solo trip.

But before we get into the details of things to do while camping alone, let’s first understand a bit about boondocking and dry camping.

Let’s dive in!

Difference Between Boondocking And Dry Camping

To be precise there is not much difference between boondocking and dry camping if pro campers are to be believed. 

All you need is an RV with basic supplies in both these camping whichever you want to try. 

In dry camping, you may have the option to halt on a property to rest between traveling that might be equipped with a water supply, whereas boondocking means complete cut off from the civilization spending your camping days in the middle of nowhere.

But the thrill of exploring new spots by surviving on limited supplies is the only condition applicable for both types of camping.

Dry Camping Tips for Solo Travelers

We have divided this section into two parts. 

The first part covers dry camping tricks and hacks you should consider doing before going solo camping and the second part covers things to do while camping alone at the campsite. 

Let’s look at them in detail.

5 Tips Every Solo Campers Should Follow Before Traveling Alone

Check News Updates Of The Area You Are Planning To Go Camping

Check News Updates Of The Area You Are Planning To Go Camping

It’s crucial to gather details about the location that is on your camping checklist. 

To survive safe and sound while dry camping all alone, know about the rules and protocols so that you don’t have to encounter unfavorable conditions such as camping in rain or windy/harsh weather. 

So, before stepping out stay adequately informed to ensure a satisfying trip. 

Read The Reviews Of The Area To Know The Views Of Other Campers

Reviews are of great help to know the perks and perils of any camping ground. 

Grab your gadgets to do instant research on the area you are going to. 

Read the reviews posted by other campers about that area to know what was exciting about it and what were the challenges. 

For authentic reviews, you can check the personal blogging sites of some pro campers to make an informed decision.

It is important to gather as much information as you can when you are solo camping.

Practice Dry Camping In Your Backyard to Test Your Limits

Practice Dry Camping In Your Backyard to Test Your Limits

Before challenging yourself in the unknown, make the backyard your first camping ground as a net practice.

While camping alone you may experience a lot of setbacks, hence we would suggest that you must consider following these tips to know your limit on this “off the grid” camping. 

You will be surprised to know that some practice is needed before you dare to explore on the wheels.

Make Sure Your Friends/Family Know Your Camping Location

We know that you are a carefree go-getter but before heading to RVing, don’t forget to inform your trusted connections about the camping location and keep their contacts on speed dial.

Safety is always a priority more than anything else when you are camping alone. 

It doesn’t matter if you are camping solo for the first time or for the fifth time, keep your loved ones in the loop on your whereabouts.

Check With Authorities If You Have The Permission To Camp In Your Selected Area And Know The Rules

Of course, you don’t want your first solo camping to be messy. 

To avert embarrassment check out with the owners of the land if they permit camping and the applicable rules for the campers. 

Some of these things you will come to know while you read reviews online about the campsite. 

But if other campers have not mentioned anything about taking permission for camping, it means you need not worry about it. 

However, it is important to also check the date when the review was posted. 

It might happen that the land permission changed recently and there are some new rules in place. 

These protocols help in maintaining peace and harmony with nature through an eco-friendly way of camping.

So we would recommend that you do a thorough check at your end while going solo camping.

10 Dry Camping Tips Every Solo Campers Should Follow At The Campsite

Conserve As Much Water As You Can

You never know when the wanderlust will end, so stay prepared with adequate water storage and be a sustainable camper by limiting your water uses. 

If you are camping in a location with chances of precipitation, put a bucket outside to store rainwater that you can use for washing and cleaning.

Save Electricity

Save Electricity

Electricity is the second most important necessity needed to be utilized wisely when you are camping alone.

Replace the regular power-consuming ceiling light with LED bulbs. 

To ensure you never run out of power get a portable inverter generator to charge up your phones and stay connected to your near ones.

You can also carry camping lanterns with you to save electricity at night. 

This is one of the best outdoor travel gear that saves the day, so do not forget to pack it. 

Use Public Toilets As Much As Possible

This is the advantage of exploring the unknown on wheels than regular camping. 

If you are a beginner and feel uncomfortable responding to nature’s call anywhere, stop by a public toilet and relieve yourself from the stress. 

This way, you can save water and some space in the black tank.

Eat & Drink In Disposable Container/Plates

No matter which camping fits your preference, ditch the hassle of cooking and cleaning plates on the much-needed trip with some eco-friendly camping essentials. 

Instead, carry disposable containers and plates made of paper or leaves and save water for the rest of the trip than waste on cleaning.

Keep All The Trash In The Garbage Bag & Don’t Harm The Environment

When you are all set to hit the road and go dry camping all by yourself, be more responsible towards nature and strictly avoid littering the roads and camping grounds. 

While prepping for this adventure don’t forget to carry garbage bags or bins to store the trash during your entire trip.

Keep Yourself Engaged At Night

While the daytime keeps you busy exploring the roads and the unknown, the night can be boring if you are solo camping. 

Hence it’s important to carry certain things that hook you up like books, binocular for stargazing, and of course halt by a safe location for a peaceful goodnight sleep. 

Keep The Window Shield Covered At Night To Avoid Strangers Or Passer-by Stares

Keep The Window Shield Covered At Night To Avoid Strangers Or Passer-by Stares - Dry Camping Tips

Nothing could be scarier than a pair of curious eyes staring at you from the other side of the window of your RV.

If you don’t want to experience such awkwardness shield up your windows with a curtain or screen at night or whenever you want, to avoid unwanted interruption by strangers.

Keep Setups Easy So That You Can Pack & Leave Quickly In Case Of Unavoidable Circumstances

The lesser is your camping setup, the easier it for you to pack and move on to another location. 

When camping alone carry only the essential gear and equipment. 

If you are a woman don’t forget your tampons. 

Dry camping means sustainable living and exploring and staying minimal makes packing and unpacking simpler. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help From The Locals In The Area 

Networking with the locals can help you survive at ease and safe in alien places. 

After stationing your camping base, step out of the RV and reach out to the locals to gain a fair idea about the location and the nearby serving stations or emergency services if available.

Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones While Dry Camping Alone

Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones - Dry Camping Tips

One of the best things to do while camping alone is keeping in touch with your near ones as your safety is their priority. 

Reach out to them instantly once you enter the areas with the full network coverage. 

This is why we suggested staying power sufficient by limiting your use.

Final Thoughts

While going dry camping alone you need smart ways to stay self-sufficient. 

To help you out we have covered all the camping tricks and hacks you should follow.

Whether you are going dry camping solo for the first time or you are a regular solo camper, some of the important tips covered in this article will surely save your day.

Make sure to pack only the essential camping equipment, gears, or accessories and keep your packing to the minimum. 

Camping in an RV can be exciting as you have the freedom to roam around and visit places you have never been to and enjoy some me-time alone. 

But before you step into your RV for dry camping some important tips to keep into consideration are – read online reviews of the place you are going to, check with land authorities if you have the permission to camp, and most importantly keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts. 

We hope that these dry camping tips will make your solo camping memorable.

Let us know your solo camping story in the comment box. 

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