15 Useful Ways To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

15 Useful Ways To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

Worried about how to get rid of your old furniture? 

Managing and stashing your old furniture while shifting or moving is quite troublesome. 

We know you agree to this. 

The options that come to mind are to either resell the old furniture for some extra bucks or refurbish it to match the trending design that complements the décor of your new home.

Whether you have old waiting room furniture, kids room furniture, bedroom or living room furniture, or your teenager’s game room furniture you can easily dispose it of and relieve yourself from the stress of what to do with this old junk. 

In this article, we are going to share some offbeat ideas on how to get rid of your old furniture.

So sit back and read in detail about smarter ways of ditching your old furniture.

Let’s dive in!

15 Ways To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Refurbish Old Furniture

Refurbish Old Furniture

Not every old piece of furniture is a piece of junk.

You can refurbish old furniture restoring its look to give it a makeover. 

Often, when moving or downsizing we dump the old and damaged furnishing items to make way for the new ones.

Try sustainable living by restoring the look and functionalities of the old furniture than selling or donating. 

Do you know that your fetish for new furniture every time you shift to a new space is not only pocket denting but also adds pile to the landfills? 

So next time you spot old junk consider refurbishing it before throwing away.

Ask Your Neighbors, Family, Friends Or Colleagues If They Would Take It For Free

Are you generous enough to give away your old furniture for free? 

We are often emotionally attached to some valuable furniture used by our elders and may not consider giving them away to complete strangers.

So what’s the solution? 

Here you can either remodel the used furniture or simply ask your close friends, family members, trusted neighbors, or office colleagues to take over their custody. 

To execute the possession process peacefully, put out your old furniture in one place and let them pick the ones they like, free of cost.

This way, you can save both on the transportation charges and your new apartment from getting jammed with the junks. 

Give It To Charity or Non-Profit Organizations Like Old Aged Homes To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Selfless service is another way of bidding goodbye to the old furniture. 

But, before you make up your mind for donation, prepare a checklist of the most needed items by the NGOs.

You can donate your old baby cradle to a child’s care home, old study desk, or wardrobe to the orphanage to get rid of unwanted items. 

Such a responsible way of donation will bring you greater peace of mind than a resell lump sum. 

To do this, you can personally reach out to such needy people or can contact schools and non-profit organizations to know if they need your old furniture.

Put A Word Out On Social Media

Put A Word Out On Social Media

Nothing works wonders than a simple hashtag on social media to sell out your worn-out furniture and décor items.

If you have old pieces of furniture stashed in the home or basement, simply take pictures and post them on Facebook and Instagram to gain instant buyer’s attention and queries.

Technology can be of great help for you to sell old furniture without involving a third person. 

For effortless selling off your old furniture at the comfort of your home, use social platforms to post relevant images and videos and lure the customers for a decent reselling value.

Donate It At Animal Shelter

Many like you are often stumbled upon how to dispose of furniture when moving? 

To your aid, we suggest you selflessly donating such unwanted items to the animal shelters.

Instead of piling them up in the basements or landfills, you can give away your used furniture to make comfort habitats for the street and impaired animals in the shelters. 

The damaged furniture wood is a viable option for making litter boxes for the puppies and beds for the animals. 

This way, you can positively contribute towards animal welfare and making this planet a safer and better survival ground for them.

Remodel Your Old Furniture

Remodel Your Old Furniture

Instead of trying to get rid of old furniture, apply some creativity in converting a complete junk of furniture into a piece of domestic utility. 

Remodeling or recycling is a brilliant way of giving old furniture a new look to complement your modern interior. 

Vintage furniture can add a lot of charm to your home if you know how to repurpose them. 

Before dumping your old sofa set, why not disassemble it, mend and paint creatively to be reused as an outdoor couch in the backyard. 

Many such interesting DIY hacks are floating online to help you repurpose the old furniture than putting them on sale.

Donate It To Your School, Church, Or Community Theaters

If you don’t know how to get away with the old chair or wooden lounge bench during home shifting or downsizing, contact the non-profit organizations to know if you could help.

To keep up with the trending home furnishing ideas, we often discard the old furniture without thinking it could add some value to the church property and the schools that need such unwanted furniture. 

You can give away your waiting room furniture to the community theaters or such groups who will gladly accept your help. 

But make sure to donate items that are in good shape to make an impact.

Ask Waste Management To Collect It To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

You can always contact waste management to dispose of your old furniture.

This is the best and smartest thing to do if you lack the time to follow the above-mentioned ideas in managing the damaged old furniture. 

If your home and basement are packed with junk furniture, dial any of the waste management services who will help you to get rid of old furniture without any hassle.

Dumping the damaged furniture irresponsibly is not a good thing to do when you have the option to reach out to these waste management services that will collect them from your doorstep. 

This way, you can positively contribute to the environment with a lesser carbon footprint.

Arrange For A Curbside Pickup To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Arrange For A Curbside Pickup To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

The thought of getting rid of old furniture is so daunting that you might consider contacting the curbside pickup services to relieve yourself from the stress.

But before you start dumping the extras by the roadside to be picked up by the professionals, gather information about such local service providers and schedule a date and time to clear off the junk old furniture without any stress.

These hassle-free disposal pick-ups help you to conveniently get away with the piled-up furniture that you desperately want to get rid of in your home and that also in an eco-friendly way.

Talk To Scrap Dealer

Piling up the landfills with unwanted furniture is not a viable option if you care for the environment. 

So what is the smartest move to dump them and also getting a good resell value? 

It’s time to deal with the scrappers or the waste disposal agencies and bid a fair farewell to the junks.

However, there is a catch when dealing with the scrappers as they are fond of not just any metal but non-ferrous metallic furniture and frame of chairs, bed, and other home furnishing objects in decent shape. 

So prepare a list of such sell-able furniture before processing the deal.

Hold Garage Sale Event To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Hold Garage Sale Event To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Can’t find a feasible way to get away with the kids’ room furniture close to your heart?

Fix a convenient date and time to arrange for a garage sale that will not only introduce you to the eligible buyers but will also fetch you a good reselling price on your old furniture.

But for successful trading, you will need to advertise the lucrative deals in the local newspaper, or distribute pamphlets or maybe create a post about it on social media to know your friends and family know about your event. 

Get your garage sale trending in your neighborhood and everywhere. 

In this event, you can list all the unwanted furniture for sale in exchange for hard-earned cash after all the negotiation.

Trade It At Your Local Furniture Store For Cash Or New Furniture/Item

Want to get rid of old furniture that has been taking extra space in your home?

This is the smartest way to barter old furniture for trendy home furnishing items at your nearest furniture store.

If you have few days left for shifting or is stuck with a stock of unwanted furniture while downsizing think no more and contact any local furniture store to enquire about their trading policies.

You will be surprised to know that many local furniture shops offer amazing exchange deals for old furniture that you will struggle to find anywhere else. 

So visit the best stores that are ready to barter stylish new furniture for your new or recently renovated space.

Use It For Your Backyard Parties 

Use It For Your Backyard Parties

If you are a creative soul then you already know how to make the best use of bulk furniture. 

If you are clueless about how to get rid of old furniture, we are here to your rescue.

If you are deprived of a fair resell value or aren’t emotionally ready to let go of some special old furniture, you can refurbish them and reuse them with a different utility like an outdoor sofa for the backyard from your old waiting room or kids’ room furniture. 

Such makeover not only amps up the décor game but also helps in cutting off the trash load on the planet.

Showcase It As A Vintage Item

The never-ending demand and ever-expanding market of vintage items will always fantasize the art collector and vintage furniture lovers. 

So why not promote your old furniture as vintage if it holds a history and gets the best resell price along with that status quo?

We are often stuck with the idea of selling or disposing of the old furniture that was once used by our beloved family members.

To save yourself from the never-ending confusion and dubious buyers you can tag those unused yet valued possession as vintage and get unexpected prices worth the memories.

Put It In Dump To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

After all our recommendations, if you are still struggling with the thought of how to dispose of old furniture when moving, then a landfill is the only option left to get the job done.

You need to be more responsible and avoid leaving the junks just anywhere or roadside. 

For better convenience, you can seek professional assistance to load and unload the furniture responsibly off the pick-up truck to the landfills.

Always be well informed about the disposal policies and protocols before heading off to the dumping grounds than cluelessly wandering around every landfill which is not only energy draining but pocket denting too.

Can Furniture Be Recycled?

In the era of sustainable living, there is no need and use of frequently replacing the furniture with newer models. 

With some effort and creativity, you can easily refurbish old furniture and reuse them differently.  

In this way, you can save money and memories attached to some special furniture that makes you emotional. 

If you don’t know how to do it yourself, go online and get infinite search results on furniture recycling ideas that you can try and stun your guest.

To give you an idea of which type of furniture can be recycled we have compiled a list. 

7 Types Of Furniture That Can Be Recycled


Wooden furniture in decent shape can be remade into some daily utility items like mounted shelves and bookcases. You can reuse the crib from the kid’s room as a drying rack.


Plastic recycling has come a long way and you can easily turn your damaged plastic chair into a poolside or backyard chair by strengthening and lending it a new look.


Non-ferrous metallic frames of the chairs and cot and other old metal furniture can be refurbished as a mounted key holder, a coat hanger, and other cool home furnishing items.


Everyone knows how the used beverage glass bottles are being used to light up the party decorum. So your cracked glass tabletop can be recycled into a packaged bottle. But for this, you might need to contact companies or dealers who recycle glass.


In this cruelty-free marketing world, the torn leather of your couch or sofa is a better bait to remake stylish bags, purses, and shoes to lure buyers.


Have a look at your game room furniture to sell away the damaged steel support below the gaming chair which will be recycled to be reused again in various manufacturing units.


The fabric of your furniture can be used for housekeeping purposes or as wallpaper, pillowcases, and so on. You can also create a quilt out of the fabric and donate them to the needy.

Final Thoughts

Throwing or selling away old furniture is not always a great idea to get rid of them. 

We know that some furniture holds this family heirloom status making it hard for you to dump them right away. 

But you don’t need to when you can reuse them personally or donate for a noble cause.

We hope that our offbeat tips on how to get rid of old furniture will be of great help to deal with such confusion. 

So next time you plan to shift or downsize let us know how our interesting tips have helped you in moving out responsibly.

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