Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

19 Signs That Show Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Are you a happy parent to a wagging dog or a worried owner to the snarling one? 

If you belong to the second category, glue to this piece of information to know about the signs that show your dog doesn’t like you.

No other animal on earth can match the positivity and warmth of the dogs which makes them our best friends. 

But not all humans possess such sweet memories as many often complain of their canine getting aggressive for no reason. 

So, today we will share the cause and ways to deal with your dog so it stops taking digs at you.

Let’s get started!

19 Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Tries To Bite When You Touch Them Is A Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Tries To Bite When You Touch Them

It is quite surprising but your dog may try biting you if they feel threatened by your presence. 

Pet dogs generally respond positively when touched by their guardian but if yours is showing reverse behavior then either it’s due to some physical pain or is trying to keep a distance.

We know it’s hurting to see your pet scaring you away but before getting strict, we suggest you to be compassionate and devote some time to mend your strained relationship with your furry mate.

Does Not Wag Their Tail When They See You

If your canine is tucking its tail or doesn’t wag at all, this means it is afraid of you or is not comfortable with the ambiance. 

Not wagging their tail is one of the most potent signs your dog is scared of you when they are often shouted at or beaten. 

A dog, growing up in a healthy environment can’t help but wag its tail when they are happy to see you than the one who is often harshly treated.

Growls At You For No Reason Is A Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Growls At You For No Reason Is A Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Who isn’t scared of a growling canine?

But if your pet dog is growling at you and you are reluctant to go near it, then it’s a reason for concern. 

All canine snarls when they are threatened. 

So make sure you are providing a safe ambiance or are spending enough quality time to make your pooch feel comfortable. 

If your dog doesn’t know you well, it means it’s just a prop and is struggling to be a part of your family. 

Hides Under Bed/Couch/Bench As Soon As They See You

The reason behind your dog hiding under the bed or couch may always not be because of your behavior but your stress.

Recent studies have revealed that a guardian’s state of mind directly impacts their dogs that can sense it better. 

So even if not out of fear, your dog may try comforting you by getting under the chair or bed you are relaxing on. 

So if you own a dog, stay positive to give your dog a stress-free life.

Barks In A Croaky Way To Scare You

As a parent, watching your dog bark at you is not only upsetting but is a threat to your entire family. 

A possible reason for such behavior can be your dog is avoiding getting touched due to pain or anxiety. 

If your dog is suffering from anxiety you will also see them digging holes in your garden or yard.

In such a situation, you can consult a therapist or try comforting it at home by being more loving. 

This barking can also be your dog’s reaction to your scolding and authoritative behavior which you must shed to get obedient and not an aggressive canine showing you teeth. 

Doesn’t Come Near You No Matter How Hard You Try

If your dog doesn’t come near you it’s a sign they don’t like you anymore. 

Ask yourself this – are you spending enough time with your dog or leaving them in someone else’s custody? 

It’s obvious for a dog to bond with people with whom they share most of their time. 

So if you don’t want to be a stranger to your dog, give them attention and spend some quality time with your pet.

Your dog not coming near you anymore is their decent way of ignoring than getting defensive. 

Such behavior in your dog can be fixed but you will have to give it some time than pushing yourself harder into getting things back to normal. 

Doesn’t Obey Your Command Is Another Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Doesn't Obey Your Command Is Another Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Nothing is worse and embarrassing than your dog not obeying your command.

If your dog is doing this then it’s a sign it doesn’t respect you.

To make sure your growing pup doesn’t end up being a disobedient dog, start pet grooming at home than spoiling it with unnecessary attention.

Keep a precise approach to your dog or it will get confused about how to react to your command and behave. 

To make your dog understand that it is clearly getting your instructions, offer small treats during the training to rule out any misunderstandings. 

Doesn’t Eat Food Or Treat You Give Them

Missing the fun moment with your dearest dog? 

This becomes more complex when it stops accepting treats from your or gives up eating.

Before thinking that your dog is avoiding you and doesn’t like you anymore, reach out to a vet to know if they are physically well. 

If everything seems fine then chances are your dog is having trust issues with you. 

Most dogs are happily blown away with delicious treats but such a reverse mood might be an indication of the strained relationship between you two.

Scratch You With Their Paw Because They Feel Threatened

When your awesome mate starts aggressively pawing at you it’s a sign your dog is scared of you or with the ambiance. 

It’s their normal trait to bite or wound potential threats with their paws. 

If you also got some serious scratches as a reminder from your dog, it means they do not want you to be around them.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about your dog’s minor biting and scratching as these are just some playful ways to get your attention.

Your Dog Doesn’t Play With You Is A Sign It Doesn’t Like You

Doesn't Play With You

This isn’t a problem unless your dog is old, has some physical issues, or is a rescue dog, as the last variant needs some time to adapt.

But if your young dog prefers lying down to fetching, it’s a lazy dog and the credit goes to you. 

To keep your dog active, take them out for a daily walk and involve them in some activities. 

A dog that spends most of its time eating and sleeping becomes vulnerable to threatening diseases and they ultimately start ignoring you.

Flatten Their Ears When They See You Is A Sign Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

An upward pointy ear is a sign of a happy and active dog but is your dog is flattening theirs when they see you? 

It might be an indication of it being submissive towards you for your strict way of treating and correcting their habits.

However, lowering their ear is also a sign of feeling relaxed when you are around as dogs normally point up and move their ears when they are alert to a situation or someone’s presence.

Doesn’t Sit Near You Or Cuddle You When You Go To Bed 

Remember the happy cuddling moments with your dog? 

But now you have to struggle to make it sit near you is extremely upsetting.

This sudden change in your pet’s behavior may be a reflection of changes in your approach or lifestyle. 

If you think your dog doesn’t like you and hence is refusing to give you the warmest hug then the possible reason could be jealousy for your new pet, your new partner or it just needs a break from you. 

Your Dog Maintains Safe Distance From You Is Another Sign It Doesn’t Like You Anymore

If your dog has suddenly turned silent and is isolating then some underlying health condition or traumatic experience could be the reason.

Dogs thrive well in a pack or with people whom they are comfortable around. 

But if you are leaving your dog alone at home most of the time and become ignorant about the love and care it needs, your dog starts showing signs of disrespect, will start treating you the same way, and keep a safe distance from you.

Your Dog Does Not Make Direct Eye Contact Is A Sign It Doesn’t Like You

Your Dog Does Not Make Direct Eye Contact

Are you missing the attention from those watchful pair of caring eyes?

The possible reason could be your strict actions and words that are making your dog uncomfortable and they avoid looking at you. 

There is a difference between polite eye contact and prolonged staring which you need to understand before complaining about your dog’s issues.

In case you are dealing with the second problem, you can try regaining the trust by being gentler as it is the only language your dog may respond to positively.

Barks When You Touch Their Belongings

Another potent sign your dog doesn’t like you anymore is every time you dare to touch its belongings you receive threats in form of aggressive barking.

When you notice your dog being too protective about certain things, then you have probably lost the trust by giving away its puppies, dumping their damaged yet favorite toys without them knowing. 

Yes, such small things might seem meaningless to you but for your dog, you are no more the trusted mate you used to be. 

Your Dog Showing Teeth at You Is A Sign It Doesn’t Like You

Your Dog Showing Teeth at You Is A Sign It Doesn’t Like You

Dogs snarling and showing their teeth is a sign of threatening their contender to back off, but wait, is your dog doing the same to you?

As a guardian, such aggressive behavior is equally unexpected and disturbing. 

But, before blaming your dog, think deeply about your attitude if you are too rude with your command. 

Another reason your dog doesn’t like you anymore could be some underlying physical pain that your dog doesn’t want you to touch and shows you teeth to keep a safe distance. 

Muzzle Punches You to Indicate That You Stay Away

Muzzle punching is not always a threat unless you feel the force and get a feeling that your dog is asking you to back off. 

It happens with most owners who complain about why my dog muzzle punches me and how to tame it? 

The fact is you cannot suddenly stop your dog’s punching tendency.

The intensity alone will make you feel as if it wants to maintain a distance or is in a playful mood. 

We know it’s confusing but you must patiently study your dog’s body language to understand the underlying cause. 

If the muzzle punch is harder than it used to be then it’s definitely a sign your dog doesn’t like you.

Makes Their Body Stiff To Indicate Dislike When You Touch 

Makes Their Body Stiff To Indicate Dislike When You Touch

If your dog makes its body stiff when touched then it is a sign of extreme alertness in dogs

It’s better for you to back off as the next step could be an impactful bite.

A pet dog showing such an alert gesture indicates the possibility of a traumatized memory. 

Try to recall if you have been too strict or have beaten your dog badly. 

If this is not the case, then possibly some pain or injuries are causing it to stiff back when you try to touch.

Wounds You With Their Teeth When You Keep Pestering

If you are experiencing severe wounds from your darling dog, then it’s a sign your dog doesn’t like you. 

It is a reason for concern and you should handle it wisely.

Pet dogs playfully bite their owners without hurting. 

But unexpectedly such a bite becomes serious when you try petting it. 

Several factors can be blamed starting from the ambiance, your attitude, and most importantly your dog’s physical condition. 

So before you start making the situation graver for you and your dog, consult a vet for an ideal solution. 

What To Do If Any Of The Above Signs Indicate Your Dog Doesn’t Like You?

What To Do If Your Dog Doesn't Like You

Every pet parent wants to have a happy dog who is obedient, respectful, and always welcoming. 

Dogs love their owner and they lick, wag their tail, jump and circle around to show their happiness and playful side. 

But if you have recently seen any of the above signs that make you feel your dog doesn’t like you, don’t worry because we have some tips for you to get your dog’s love and affection back. 

Do you know the first condition of parenting a dog is studying its body language? 

Your dog is unable to communicate in human language and hence reflect its mood through certain signs which you need to understand or nothing can stop the growing distance between you two. 

So manage some time to spend with your dog, watch their behavior closely and you will soon understand what your dog likes and doesn’t like. 

Give proper training to your dog which will help build a strong bond between you two and they will start to respect you and obey your command.

If you have been leaving your dog in pet care because of your busy schedule, it might be the reason your dog starts showing signs it doesn’t like you because it’s building a bond with someone who spends more time with them than you do. 

It is important that you spend time pet grooming at home to help yourself in mending the strained equation with your pet.

Canines thrive well in a pack and with humans they feel more comfortable around.

So before you decide to bring a puppy home, you need to make sure that you can invest at least some time with them, take them out for daily strolling, play with them and provide them proper training so that you have a happy, healthy, and playful dog that loves you unconditionally. 

Apart from this, make sure that your home environment is stress-free because your work pressure or family troubles will not only affect you but also your dog. 

Just provide them with a warm environment to thrive and friendly behavior to connect and we are sure you won’t have to Google anymore about your complex dog issues.

Final Thoughts

Your responsibility doesn’t end with adopting a puppy or a dog but starts right from there. 

If you see signs like growling, biting, disobeying, etc in your dog it means they are either scared of you or doesn’t like you anymore.

From offering them a healthy environment to thrive to inculcating dog training tips and tricks, everything is needed to raise a good behaving dog that you can be proud of.

Your dog likes being around you more than anyone else, the lack of which makes it quiet, dull, and irresponsive. 

If you wish to be always welcomed with a wagging tail on the other side of the door, observe your dog’s body language which can help to solve half the problem and eliminate the signs you see in your dog when it doesn’t like you. 

We hope that this article helped you understand your dog’s behavior in a better way.

Any other signs you see in your dog that make you think it doesn’t like you? Let us know in the comment box. 

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