5 Best Beard Straightener For Men - A Perfect Gift For All Occasions

5 Best Beard Straightener For Men – A Perfect Gift For All Occasions

Besides razors, shaving cream and trimmer, the best beard straightener for men is the latest up keeping accessory in the market.

Bearded look is in and acing it in style adds the difference to your personality. 

Grooming facial hair is as important as the mane to slay the perfect gentleman look. 

Men who naturally grow curly beards are irked by tangled hairs which also looks unhygienic. 

A quality straightener tames each strands like a pro, casting a freeze-free silky texture that stays intact for a longer time. 

Reinvent the style icon in you every day with a swag.

With countless beard straightener reviews online, we have categorized the best 5 to ease your confusion.


5 Best Beard Straightener Comparison Chart


Beard Straightener With Free
Beard Balm & Beard Growth Oil
Highly Recommended

  • Reaches Desired Temp. in 2 Minutes
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Fast & Stable Heating
  • Beard Guide Ebook
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Durable Beard Comb Bristles
  • Auto-Off After 30 Minutes
  • Suitable For All Hair Types

Arkam Deluxe
Straightener for Men

  • Single Stroke Technology Saves Time
  • Heats In 30 Seconds
  • Tames Even Stubborn & Deep Hair
  • Comes With Pocket Comb
  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord
  • Ideal For Any Hair Type

Cayzor Comb for Men – Best
Electric Beard Straightener
Decent Product

  • Heats in 60 Seconds
  • LCD Screen Shows Temperature
  • 5 Adjustable Temperatures
  • Ideal For 2 Inch Or Longer Beard
  • 30 Minutes Auto-Off Feature

Aberlite Max – Best Beard
Straightening Heat Brush
Value for Money

  • 5 Heat Settings
  • Evenly Distributes Temperature
  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord
  • Ideal for Any Hair Type
  • For 2 Inches or Longer Beards
  • Auto-Off After 30 Minutes

For Beard 
Good Product

  • Hydrates The Hair
  • Smoothly Rus Over The Beard
  • Bristles Reach Short/Medium Hair
  • Easy to Handle & Durable
  • Ideal For Short Beards Of Half Inches
  • Perfect For Both Hair & Beard

Highlights, Pros and Cons of Each Beard Straightener In Detail

Beard Straightener With Free Beard Balm & Beard Growth Oil

Beard Straightener With Free Beard Balm & Beard Growth Oil

Get this iconic beard hair straightener kit to solve all your beard issues from scratch.

The best value kit contains a beard growth oil, beard balm, and beard growing e-book guide. 


  • Tame tangled beard hairs with PTC hair technology that evenly distributes stable heat for faster straightening.
  • This 3 in 1 beard straightener aptly manages any hair types with its 3 heat settings.
  • Stay safe during the straightening with its smart protection and auto-detection features that automatically turn off in case of any malfunction.
  • One of the best beard straighteners with extra-long bristles made from high-quality glass fiber for smooth straightening.
  • A travel-friendly kit certified by CE FCC ROHS for professional use.
  • The durable bristles ensure perfect straightening of each strand without any damage.
  • Up keeping beard hair is easy with the free beard oil formulated for faster hair growth without any brittleness.
  • This portable beard straightener has a 70 inches power cord with 360-degree rotation for easy straightening at home.


  • All in one beard straightener kit
  • Travel-friendly kit
  • Intelligent security alert


  • No instruction manual

Arkam Deluxe Straightener for Men

Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener for Men

This beard hair grooming tool is designed to make your hair silky smooth with complete peace of mind.

Experience a faster and safer beard straightening for a visible consistent result.


  • This 2 in 1 hair and beard straightener ensures faster straightening with its advanced ceramic heater element.
  • This versatile straightener comes with a stealth pocket comb to tame the unruly mane.
  • Conveniently supports 110- 240 volts, perfect to be used in any country.
  • Save maximum grooming time with its single stroke technology (SST) that offers uniform heating for each hair strands at one go.
  • The reliable ION heating technology combines a sturdy ceramic plate and ION generating brush bristles which are vigorously tested for the desired results
  • Its patented 360-degree swivel cord enables enormous flexibility in the process. 
  • Equipped with adjustable settings that let you tame your beard and hair in just a few strokes.
  • Stay safe and protected with its unique anti-scald design.


  • Designed with simplicity for hassle-free grooming.
  • 2 in 1 heating technology for faster result
  • Perfect gift item


  • Not ideal for short beard

Cayzor Comb for Men – Best Electric Beard Straightener

Cayzor Comb for Men - Best Electric Beard Straightener

This electric beard straightener comb for men is an ideal fit to get that dashing presentable look for a party, date, or even when you are traveling.

Get this convenient and safer grooming tool to tame your unruly beard.


  • This premium styling tool delivers consistent uniform heating to each strand with its advanced PTC heating technology without any damage.
  • A straightener with ceramic coating and 5 adjustable temperature settings for that desirable silky smooth look.
  • A perfect pick for any beard type with medium hair length that also features an LCD screen displaying the temperature
  • Reduce grooming time as the PTC heating elements ensure faster heating within 60 seconds.
  • Gain complete peace of mind with its intelligent safety features that automatically stops functioning for 30 minutes if it senses any risks.
  • The anti-scald bristles go smooth on each hair without any damage.
  • This portable tool has a sunken power button to prevent accidental handling.
  • A 2 in 1 beard comb and straightener with dense bristles for fuller healthier hair.


  • Rapid heating
  • Travel friendly
  • Stylish gift item
  • Comes with silicone coat


  • Doesn’t work well on long beards

Aberlite Max – Best Beard Straightening Heat Brush

Aberlite Max - Best Beard Straightening Heat Brush

Flaunt a perfectly groomed beard with this versatile beard straightening comb that makes hair strands look naturally straight and silky.

The Alberlite beard straightener is what you exactly need for a well maintained hygienic look.


  • A unisex head cum beard styling tool that perfectly straighten hairs with its 5 adjustable heat settings 
  • Smoothens rough curly hair in a flash with its stable and even PTC heating technology without any burn or damage.
  • Its 40 ceramic heating elements enable rapid heating for a softer, shinier, and lasting straightened beard.
  • Comes with a user manual that recommends temperature below 400 degrees to avoid any mishaps.
  • The brush bristles deliver ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating ensuring easy glide through each strand for a freeze-free result.
  • Give your curly beard a breezy silky touch and get rid of annoying pimples and blackheads.
  • Its 360 degree rotating cord lessens strain on your wrist offering maximum flexibility.
  • Stay protected from any damage with its 30 mins auto safety shut off features.


  • 40 ceramic plates for faster heating
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Distributes temperature evenly
  • Perfect for any hair type


  • Not ideal for beard shorter than 2 inches

KUSCHELBÄR Heated Brush For Beard

KUSCHELBÄR Heated Beard Straightener

Kuschelbär beard straightener is an exclusive addition to your beard grooming accessories owing to its revolutionary advanced features and a compact stylish look.


  • An energy-efficient beard and head hair styling tool consuming 45w with adjustable temperature settings according to your needs.
  • Maintain a well-hydrated polished mane with its negative ion technology that blocks excess heat from damaging the strands.
  • A unique comb with heat-barring features that smoothly glides across the scalp lending a shiny silkier texture.
  • Tested with the highest quality assurance to tame the most unmanageable rough beard and heard hair in just a few strokes.
  • A stylish compact travel-friendly tool for straightening hair anytime anywhere.
  • An easy to use straightener with longer cords for both professional and personal use.
  • The brush bristles are surrounded with heating plates ensuring stable heating for flawless straightening.
  • Friendly customer service team for technical guidance and solving problems.


  • Energy-efficient straightening tool
  • Compact portable tool 
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Easily manages rough tangled hair
  • 2 in 1 beard and hair straightener


  • Short extension cord
  • A bit expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beard Straightener

Heat Settings

Keep your manly mane safe from overheated straightener with the one with adjustable temperature settings. 

Such a feature not only ensures desirable results but also greater peace of mind. 

The beard straightener for men with the right heat setting is the recipe behind a well-groomed bearded look.

Portable & Lightweight

Rocking a bearded look anytime anywhere is now simpler with a portable beard straightener. 

Being an essential styling tool it has become a staple in every men’s grooming kit no matter where he travels. 

A lightweight beard straightener is bliss for an unruly beard and instantly gives you the desired look without rushing to a salon.

Auto-Off Feature

To prevent damage from excess heating, auto-off is an essential feature in a beard straightener. 

Just the right temperature setting works perfectly in taming the coarse beard leaving it flowy. 

The auto shut option also ensures maximum safety by automatically turning off the device if left unused for a while.

Saves Time & Money

Investing in a good quality beard straightener can save a lot of money and time. 

Gaining a salon-style smooth beard is now possible at home that one can easily use without any extra hands. 

A lasting investment with minimal maintenance that offers instant grooming anywhere and anytime without any professional help.

Suitable For Any Hair Type

Besides gaining a silky smooth beard, a beard straightener is also quite effective in hair straightening. 

From taming coarse frizzy to curly beard, beard straightener helps in enhancing a man’s personality by lending a flowy touch. 

Whatever is the beard hair type, a good quality straightener always makes the job easier.

Adjustable Temperature

The right temperature plays a pivotal role to gain the desirable straight beard. 

A straightener with adjustable temperature settings alerts the user if it exceeds the standard level or shuts off automatically to avoid any mishaps due to overheating. 

With an adjustable temperature, users can get the perfect beard with perfect heat settings.

Beard Length

To get the best of a beard straightener, a mid-length beard is recommended. 

The straightener doesn’t work well on an extremely long rough beard. 

For good beard health, it is highly recommended that you trim your beard weekly to get rid of split ends and then opt for heat treatment for a perfectly straightened silky beard.

Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Straightener

A beard straightener is an essential grooming tool making men’s life easier, organized, and stylish. 

However, you must consider certain parameters before investing in any brand of beard taming tool.


  • It easily straightens an unruly beard at home in few minutes whenever and whatever style wanted.
  • It makes your beard silky smooth without any harsh chemicals that can damage the hair follicles and skin.
  • Gain a salon-style polished look the way you want without investing extra hours and money in an expensive salon.
  • This styling tool keeps the beard in good shape by turning it silky straight that helps in perfect trimming.
  • Gives a 2 in 1 convenient option as a beard and a hair straightener.
  • It untangles frizzy hair and reduces the chances of dealing with annoying knots.
  • Easily manage split ends that make the facial hair brittle.
  • Proper styling with the straightener can help to achieve a sharp look with a prominent jawline.


  • Using heat for straightening facial hair can damage the strands over time causing hair loss.
  • You need to always gauge the temperature level while using a straightener to prevent overheating.
  • Excess use of the straightener may rip off moisture from your facial hair making your beard extremely dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage.

Growing a long lustrous beard is a style statement that men are gushing over. 

Keeping up with the trend while many aren’t minding spending much, some men are up for the straightforward convenient option to treat their beard the right way. 

If you are among those few men and want to get a polished looked without going to a salon then a straightener will come in handy. 

It will soon become an essential styling tool in your grooming kit.

Frequently Asked Questions on Beard Straightener

How to use a beard straightener?

Here are a few steps for you on how to use it, if you are buying it for the first time:

  • Before straightening, make sure to soften the frizzy hair using some moisture or beard oil after a wash. 
  • Use a towel to pat dry the strands and start combing it using a blow-drier. 
  • Once completely dry, part the facial hair.
  • Switch on the straightener to run it from root to tip for a silky smooth beard in just a few minutes. 

How to use a brush straightener for beard?

Here are a few steps on how you can use a beard straightener brush:

  • Make sure to pat dry the beard after a good wash with a mild cleanser. 
  • Start moving the moderately heated brush evenly from root to tip, without holding it longer in the same area. 
  • Repeat the process gently through the entire beard until it starts appearing glossy and satisfyingly straight. 
  • You can use herbal beard products and or nutritional intake to make the job easier.

How to use a comb straightener for beard?

To tame a frizzy unruly beard, normal combing won’t make any difference. 

Instead, invest in a beard straightening comb and use it at least once a day. 

Here are a few steps on how you can use a beard straightener comb:

  • Wash your face and beard with a good face wash or cleanser and pat dry your beard.
  • Apply beard oil or moisturizer to make your beard soft.
  • Heat the comb to a standard temperature and run along the beard length like a straightener. 
  • Repeat it one or two times until your beard hair is straight and smooth.

Unlike plastic combs, these specially designed combs don’t create static and keep facial hair frizz-free and smooth.

How to use an electric beard straightener?

The straightforward route to tame frizzy facial hairs is using an electric beard straightener but it comes with the risk of overheating and damaging the beard over time.

Before using an electric straightener make sure to always wash your beard and dry it completely. 

To minimize the heat damage, it’s better to spray a heat protectant all over the beard and let it dry naturally.

How does a straightener for beard work?

It works the same way as a hair straightener i.e. using electricity generated heat. 

Maintaining long unruly hair becomes simpler with a straightener, thoughtfully designed to straighten curly facial hair in just a few minutes.

Here’s how it works:

  • This starts by plugging in the device and heating it to a moderate temperature as excess heat can damage the manly mane. 
  • Designed with some kind of heating element like ceramic, this styling tool is all set for application after reaching the desired set of temperatures. 
  • The latest straightening tool has convenient heat setting options to manage the temperature. 
  • The straightener when run along the strands, breaks down the keratin bond, absorbing the moisture and prevent the curls to straighten the hair. 

This is how it works in taming the long frizzy facial hair and makes it easy to style and reshape.

When should I use it?

For the best result, do not use a straightener on daily basis. 

If experiencing excess tangles, frizzes, and split ends use the straightener after heating it to a standard temperature. 

Also do not skip the application of herbal beard oil and moisturizer to gain a healthy-appearing flowing beard. 

It comes in handy and is a convenient way to style and reshaping the unruly beard before an outing. 

To fetch a noticeable result, a smart application will lead to an amazing result.

Does it really work?

Straightener is always bliss for the men who are fond of their precious long beard. 

Maintaining a beard is now a day easier at home with professional straighteners that are easy to use. 

These styling tools work well in turning your curly beard silky smooth by straightening them with heat application. 

However, it doesn’t lend a permanent straightening impact on your beard. 

The effect will last for a day or two depending on your daily schedule. 

You might find your beard hair return back to its original nature after one or two washes.

Is it safe to use?

If you are up for a convenient styling tool to tame your mane then a straightener is the solution. 

However, using a straightener on regular basis without any precaution can be an alarming cause for your beard.

As this grooming device uses heat to flatten the curly beard, make sure not to overheat in order to prevent permanent damage to your facial hair over time by reaping off the natural oils and moisture. 

Excess usage will make the beard dry with a rough texture.

How to clean beard straightener?

As a personal grooming tool, a straightener must be kept clean to prevent any infection. 

For best cleaning, it is always recommended to follow the cleaning guide available with the device.

These straightening tools are prone to oil build-ups as they are mostly run along the oil and moisture clad strands. 

In the worst case, even dirt can settle up.

Vinegar is the safest and the most trusted way to clean a beard straightener comb bristles. 

Another handy agent to clean a beard straightener is rubbing alcohol which not only cleanses but also dries faster. 

Cleaning after every application will extend performance and longevity.

At what temperature should I keep my beard straightener?

The ideal temperature of the straightener depends upon how long your beard is.

Temperature Settings For Short Beard

A short beard needs proper grooming to look cool. 

Using a flat iron on a short beard can be risky as the heat may burn the facial skin if not properly handled. 

Regular brushing with a beard brush not only maximizes the growth but also helps the facial hair to grow in the right direction. 

Facial hair that grows up to 2 inches below the chin falls in the category of short beard which requires heat settings starting from 95 degrees and onwards depending on the usage.

Temperature Settings For Medium Beard

Beard straightener works well on mid-length beard compared to the other two categories (short and long). 

Before heat application, make sure that you wash your beard thoroughly and it dry naturally to fetch the best straightening result.

One of the pro tips to ace a bearded look is to maintain a proportionate head hair length that compliments the overall look. 

Medium length beard can grow a maximum of up to 4 inches which needs to be tamed with an ideal heat setting of 150C/300F which is variable based on the hair type.

Temperature Settings For Long Beard

Up keeping a long beard can be painstaking but a beard straightener makes the job easier. 

A long beard can be unruly when exposed to windy weather or harsh climate and is more prone to get tangled and develop knots. 

Application of herbal oil or moisturizer and regular brushing keeps the mane well settled. 

The ideal length to grow a long beard can be 6 inches below the chin up to the chest level. 

Taming such a lengthy mane requires the standard temperature of 190C/390F for desirable results.

What beard products do I need for proper grooming?

For proper grooming here’s the complete beard grooming kit for you.

Beard Balm

Beard maintenance is important to keep your beard silky smooth. 

Applying herbal beard balm can be an excellent solution to solve multiple beard issues. 

From managing dandruff to lending a shinier texture beard balm does it all. 

It also keeps the beard safe from the side effects of straightening by maintaining a balanced moisture level.

Beard Oil

The only way to manage an unruly rough beard is to start applying a good quality beard oil that works just like a conditioner in locking the moisture and keeping it soft. 

Beard oil works best as a moisturizer and also smells great due to its herbal composition. 

Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

For men with a love for beard, beard shampoo and conditioner is a staple in their beard grooming kit. 

Whatever is the beard type or length, they catch dirt faster and are prone to knots and tangles. Facial hair needs special care with a good cleansing agent.

Beard Comb

Regular combing is an important part of proper beard growth in the right direction. 

Using a wooden comb or a straightening brush is a great way to brush from root to tip for some repeated times. 

Brushing also aids in faster hair growth by boosting blood circulation.

Beard Straightener

Using a beard straightener gives a sharper look to your face by lending a silky straight touch. 

An unruly curly beard can be turned smooth silky with the right heat application by using a good beard straightener. 

This styling tool is changing the men’s fashion game.

Beard Trimmer

Trimming is a crucial part of beard shaping and cutting off the split ends. 

Proper trimming not only helps in maintaining the perfect length but also helps in faster growth. 

One can either use a scissor or an electric trimmer to get the job done twice a month. 

Beard Wash

Skipping the wash is a strict NO, as a darker, cleaner, and well-maintained beard defines a man’s identity. 

Wash your beard with a good beard wash to keep it clean and free from dirt and flakes or else the other grooming parts will be of no use.

Beard Moisturizer

Beard tends to get rough when exposed to dry and windy air. 

Frequent straightening also rips off the essential oils which need a good herbal moisturizer to keep it soft and well tamed. 

Following a moisturization regime will keep the beard and facial skin well hydrated.

Beard Relaxer 

Mere straightening doesn’t end the job there. 

Beard tends to turn frizzy and curlier with frequent heat application and weather conditions which need a beard relaxer to relax the strands and keep it flowy straight. 

Beard relaxing cream helps in taming a beard and keeping it smooth.

What beard length looks more attractive?

Short Beard

Short Beard Length

Keeping a short beard is a safe catch that one can confidently rock from office to parties.

There exist different categories of short beard styles like a circle, royale, goatee, and petite goatee.

In the case of a short beard, the length could exceed the maximum of 2 inches below the chin which makes it easy to maintain with weekly trimming and by using a good beard straightener for men.

Normally, growing the standard length takes around 10 days depending on health and lifestyle. 

If trends are to be believed, then long faces are rocking the short beard style. 

Men with thicker facial hair growth can visit a salon to get the right beard length and style that suits their face and later follow some simple rules to ace the look.

Medium Beard

Medium Beard Length

Growing a mid-length beard up to 4 inches adds a classy touch to the men with a rectangular face.

This beard gives the face a fuller look which needs regular brushing with a wooden comb in the right direction.

During its growing phase, men often complain of their beard getting unruly and frizzy due to lack of moisture which can be tamed by applying a beard relaxer. 

Mid-length beard looks cool if properly groomed from time to time by trimming to remove split ends. 

While corporate men may doubt growing a mid beard but a decent coverage from the cheekbone area till the recommended length lends a sculpted touch to the face. 

Wash twice a week with herbal shampoo and conditioner to make your beard shine with health.

Long Beard

Long Beard Length

Quite a risky choice that comes with a lot of maintenance.

Few men choose to have a hanging facial mane of up to 9 inches below the chest that needs extra care.

Often men with an oblong face seem to rock the long beard that takes around 8 months to grow below the chest level. 

For men with a natural straight beard, managing a lengthy one is comparatively easier than the curly or wavy type. 

Breakage is a common problem that hinders the desirable growth rate which is why trimming is necessary to get rid of split ends. 

Thankfully, the beard maintenance is manageable using a good beard oil that must be massaged along the length. 

With routine grooming, a long beard can look great with a flowy smooth texture.


We hope by now you know which beard type will suit your face.

No matter whatever beard length you are going to opt for, proper grooming is the key to rock the classy bearded look. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, your beard is the straightforward way to make the first impression on the world.

Get a complete beard grooming kit from a well-known brand to ensure proper maintenance for your treasured beard. 

For visible thicker growth make sure to include a balanced meal with a regular workout to boost the hormone level and blood circulation. 

Facial strands are just like head hair that needs to be taken care of to keep it free from dirt, flakes, and infection by using a good herbal shampoo. 

Proper grooming is what makes the difference to your look irrespective of the beard length.

How can I straighten my beard without using a beard straightener?

If you do not feel like buying a beard straightener, here are a couple of things you can do to get a straight beard.

Comb your Beard

Comb your beard

Combing your beard with a wooden comb is the best choice to avoid static formation. 

Irrespective of the beard length, combing back down helps the strands to grow in the desired direction and makes them look perfectly set. 

The stylist suggests that you should continue brushing your beard for some repeated time after applying beard oil for a uniform spread in each strand. 

Wash your Beard

This is far by the most important beard grooming part ensuring cleanliness.

However regular washing with a chemical shampoo can make them frizzy and unruly. 

Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to clean them with regular water and wash them twice a week with a herbal shampoo followed by conditioning. 

Doing this will make your beard grow healthy.

Use Scissors to Remove Tangled Hair

Remove Tangled Beard Hair With Scissors

The facial mane needs to be trimmed just like the head hair to get rid of the split ends that can cause the strands to break. 

Get a trimmer or you can also use a scissor to cut down any uneven growth to give your beard a good shape and to remove the annoying knots and tangles.

Use Beard Balm

That embarrassing itchy feeling in the beard or those visible flakes can be curable by applying straightening balm.

Turn your coarse beard soft and shiny by conditioning them with herbal enriched beard balm that not only provides moisture to each strand but also leaves an enchanting smell on your mane and gives you a confident smile.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil has the same purpose just like a balm with very little difference. 

You can either make the oil at home with naturally derived pure oil like olive or coconut or can opt for the commercial ones. 

Oiling twice a week using your fingers and comb will offer visible results ensuring thicker, shinier, and faster growth.

Use Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

Using a good shampoo and a conditioner is essential in maintaining the proper pH balance in your mane so that harsh chemicals don’t rip off the moisture and make it dry and lifeless. 

Make sure to wash your beard twice a week with herbal shampoo and invest in the best beard care products for effective results. 

Use Beard Wash

Beard wash is simple to use anywhere you want. 

Wet your beard first and then take some amount on your wet palm. 

Now rub for a foamy lather which needs to be applied all over your mane and then wash after some time. 

Use a herbal wash to preserve the natural oils for a healthy-looking beard.

Use Beard Moisturizer

Moisturization is an important part of the beard care routine that should not be ignored. 

As the beard grows longer the strands tend to get rough and tangled due to weather and harsh chemical treatment. 

To restore your beard health apply moisturizer as it helps in taming the unruly hair by making it smooth, frizz-free, and manageable.

Use Beard Relaxer

For men with curly facial hair, a beard relaxer might help in managing them. 

If you are planning to straighten up your manly mane, a beard relaxer will help in the process and also ensure that your hair stays straight and smooth. 

However, using a relaxing cream over time can damage your beard by making them brittle.


Beard grooming is important to get a confident look. 

Running to a salon every time you need to shape your beard is not a feasible solution. 

What if you have an interview or a date and you do not get time to straighten your unruly beard? 

Buying the best beard straightener will not only save the day but also help you save lots of money as you will visit salons less often. 

Upgrade your beard grooming kit by adding all the essentials like beard brush, beard comb, beard balm, beard oil, beard shampoo and conditioner, beard scissors, beard relaxer, and beard straightener, and keep your beard silky and shiny all the time. 

Cheers to your groomed look!

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