Christmas Light Projector Review

5 Best Christmas Light Projector For Home Decoration (Review)

Christmas is incomplete without surprise gifts, family get-together, cupcakes, traditional dishes, and a Christmas light projector that colors the whole house with amazing fancy lights.

We all are familiar with the warmth that fills our insides when we think of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. 

It’s a time of the year everything blooms up as new, fresh, and soothing. 

Among decorations, hearty meals, cozy vibes, friends, and families, no one would wish to be troubled by the mounting decorations of the primitive years. 

It’s time you should focus on enjoying and being happy and not be tangled by a mess of cords and strings of lights. 

Now, without further due, we have reviewed a list of the 5 best Christmas light projectors to suit all houses (both indoor and outdoor), halls, and rooms. 

Bring this home decor item home and all you will need to do is spread, plug, and play.

And you will have your firefly projector lights twinkling in the atmosphere like nothing you would have ever seen before. 

So, let’s dig in head first and find out which one suits you the best.


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Best Christmas Light Projector Comparison Chart

Poeland Christmas Projector Light

Poeland Christmas Light

  • RGB Laser Light
  • Security Lock
  • Timer Setting
  • Remote Control
Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light

Christmas Light Projector
Laser Light
Value for Money

  • Green & Red Laser Light
  • Covers Up To 600 sq. ft.
  • Timer Setting
  • Remote Control
  • 24 HRS. Online Support
Brightown Christmas Snowflake Projector

Brightown Christmas
Snowflake Projector
Decent Product

  • LED 3D Effect
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Covers Up To 191 sq. ft.
  • A Perfect Gift
Christmas LightsUNIFUN 16 Patterns LED Projector Lights

UNIFUN 16 Patterns LED
Christmas Light Projector
Highly Recommended

  • 16 Different LED Lightshow Patterns
  • Remote Control
  • Waterproof
  • Timer Settings
  • 180 Days Replacement
  • Lifetime Customer Service
Moving Firefly LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights

LedMall RGB Laser
Christmas Light Projector
Good Product

  • RGB Laser Color Lights
  • Remote Control
  • Security Lock 
  • Timer Settings
  • Waterproof
  • Covers Up To 4000 sq. ft. 
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Christmas Light Projectors in Detail

Poeland Christmas Light Projector

Poeland Christmas Light Projector

When Christmas screams of joy, high spirits, goodwill, and amazing meals, then who are we to spoil it with messy cords, long ladders, and chilling weather.

It’s time to bring this home product by Poeland, bid a farewell to complicated mounting decorations, and enjoy the instant happiness of wonderful firefly lights.

This home decor item is a perfect fit for your house because it’s wrapped with tons of exciting features.


  • It is a classic laser projector with red, green, and blue lights. 
  • It is included with a security kit with an indoor base stage and outdoor stake. 
  • It incurs multiple options of display like firefly effects, single, dual, and triple combinations of color choice. 
  • They are an ideal choice for all kinds of celebrations, it adds a little shine and vibe to set a mood for a promising time.


  • The foremost perk of the Poeland Christmas Projector Light is that it can be controlled by a remote. No hustle of changing displays or effects because all that you need to customize can be rested within the palm of your hand. 
  • It works continuously for 2 – 8 hours without lags. 
  • It also includes a radio frequency which helps you to diffuse light to a larger area and control it from anywhere in the house.


  • The red and blue lights in this firefly projector light are reviewed to be much weaker than the green lights.

Christmas Light Projector Laser Light

Christmas Light Projector Laser Light

While preparing your home decor items list make sure to include this light projector.

A merry time calls for happiness, good vibes, and jamming.

No one needs extra hustle and bustle to set decorations inside the house and maybe strain a muscle or two in the worst-case scenarios.

I surely won’t want that and if I may guess, you wouldn’t want that either.

So why not opt for this Christmas night light projector with laser lights which can be sprawled over thousands of square feet and plugged in to set the right ambiance for a festival.


  • The shape of the laser lights automatically changes and creates a magical sparkling effect. 
  • The red and green laser lights can cover up to 600 sq. ft. surface and leave twinkling stars littering around to create a dream world. 
  • It has wireless remote control and timer function.


  • Light up your home with these multi-functional projector lights which consist of four different effects and displays. 
  • The RF control remote control allows you to turn on/off, switch between patterns, and set a  timer anywhere in and around the house. 
  • It is also a waterproof Christmas light projector and highly durable.


  • It doesn’t stick to the last customized effect. Every time you switch it on, you have to set the display and timer.

Brightown Christmas Snowflake Projector

Brightown Christmas Light Projector

Minimize efforts and trouble by decorating your whole house with Brightown 3D LED Christmas light projector which is waterproof as well as dustproof.

This festive season, alleviate your joy by inducing a romantic atmosphere for all cozy celebrations.


  • It incurs five modes – on/off, static, slow/medium/fast. 
  • It includes snowflake patterns and snowballs. 
  • It is also IP65 waterproof for outdoor use. 
  • It has a 180-degree rotating projector lamp with tons of customizations available. 
  • This projector light has three installation methods: ground stake, mount base, and wall mount base.


  • It induces a dreamy aura with a sense of 3D effect feeling. It succeeds to create a realistic snowy scene and brings to you the beauty of snowfall within the comfort of your house. 
  • It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and aluminum alloy material. 
  • It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor showing.


  • The colors of the lights are reviewed to be less bright than displayed in the product descriptions. 
  • The AC adapter is not waterproof, so you will need to protect it from rain/water.

UNIFUN 16 Patterns LED Christmas Light Projector

UNIFUN Christmas Light Projector

The UNIFUN 16 patterns LED projector lights are ideal for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and party decorations.

These are some of the best Christmas light projectors with multiple choices of laser lights.


  • These are LED landscape projector lights ideal for all joyful atmospheres. 
  • This home decor item includes an LED light projector, US power cord, stand plate, ground stake, screws, user manual, and slide patterns. 
  • The projection distance is 33-inch and the best-suggested distance is 16 inches. 


  • With the easy-to-use remote control, you can choose between various lights, modes, and effects. You can also customize it according to requirements. 
  • It is made of ABS plastic material with the best light casing and power adapter. 
  • It has an automatic time setting and the option to choose between 1 hour, 4 hours, and 6 hours.


  • The display discs are not entirely useful and are provided with outnumbered options.

LedMall RGB Laser Christmas Light Projector

LedMall Christmas Light Projector

The Moving Firefly LedMall RGB outdoor garden laser Christmas lights are your cue to trust technology and updated features for the little joys of your life.

With cutting-edge laser and holographic technologies, it is one of the best Christmas light projectors for your house.


  • It has an elegant new design and is curated with classic firefly RGB colors to decorate large halls and events. 
  • It includes a remote control, with moving, firefly effects, speed control options, and also flash or static lights of your choice. 
  • It has an indoor base stage and outdoor stake extension, it has a timer setting of 2 – 8 hours. 
  • This home decor item is waterproof IP 65 and made with a deluxe metal housing case.


  • It is ready for plug and play with instant lighting show and dreamy firefly laser effects. 
  • It has a huge covering of 3000-4000 sq ft depending on the projection distances. 
  • This firefly projector light has a long cable to be plugged in from a long distance away with no trouble of tucking. 
  • It has a security lock and is durable.


  • The laser lights are reviewed to go bright and then dim frequently. 
  • The green lights flicker more often and stop working after consistent usage.
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