5 Best Gaming Chair Under $200 (Review) in 2021

5 Best Gaming Chair Under $200 (Review) in 2021

Doubles up fun with added comfort on a convenient gaming chair while taking on your rivals in an intense game sequence. 

Celebrate your victory moments without going harsh on your health. 

A good chair is as important as other essential gears so that your longer gaming hours don’t trigger budding back pain and muscle strain.

Maintaining a perfect sitting posture with correct head alignment often gets neglected during an exciting gaming moment. 

Don’t let this ignorance take a toll on your back and eyes. 

It’s time to get yourself a comfortable chair for prolonged hours of unlimited fun.

To assist you in finding the best gaming chair under $200 for all-day comfort, here are the exclusive, budget-friendly picks for you.


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5 Best Gaming Chair On A Budget (Comparison Chart)

Hbada Gaming Chair <br>Racing Style

Hbada Gaming Chair
Racing Style
Highly Recommended

  • Adjustable Height, Headrest
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support & Armrest
  • Backrest Recline from 90 – 155 Degree
  • 360 Degree Rotation 
  • Holds Max. Capacity of 300 lbs
  • 1 Year Warranty
Qulomvs Big and Tall <br>Gaming Chair for Adults

Qulomvs Big and Tall
Gaming Chair for Adults

  • Massage Lumbar Pillow
  • Adjustable Height & Armrest
  • Backrest Recline from 90 – 180 Degree
  • Waterproof
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Holds Max. Capacity of 400 lbs
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts
Gtracing Gaming Chair with <br>Bluetooth Speakers 

Gtracing Gaming Chair with
Bluetooth Speakers 
Value for Money

  • Music Gaming Chair
  • Two Bluetooth Speaker
  • Padded Back & Seat For Comfort
  • Adjustable Height & Armrest
  • Backrest Recline from 90 – 170 Degree
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Headrest Pillow is Removable
  • Cushion For Lumbar Support  
  • Holds Max. Capacity of 300 lbs
OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

OFM ESS Collection Gaming ChairDecent Product

  • Race Car Style Gives Comfort
  • Padded Headrest, Armrest & Backrest
  • Adjustable Height & Armrest
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Hold Max. Capacity of 275 lbs
  • Lifetime Warranty
AutoFull Racing Style Chair <br>for Gaming

AutoFull Racing Style Chair
for Gaming
Good Product

  • Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Pillow
  • Adjustable Height & Armrest
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Backrest Recline from 90 – 155 Degree
  • Comfortable & Cushioned Seat
  • Holds Max. Capacity of 400 lbs
  • 3 Years Warranty
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Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Gaming Chairs

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

Enjoy an improved gaming experience on this super comfy gaming racing chair by Hbada.

Dedicated only to the pro gamers.


  • Made from premium PU leather, this chair features a cozy sitting area of 21.6” (L)* 20.8” (W), with an incredible weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds.
  • Go easy on your neck and back by its well-formulated high backrest and lumbar support.
  • Featuring a removable headrest for maximum convenience.
  • Enjoy an excellent reclining posture with its super adjustable backrest that tilts from 90 degrees to 155 degrees with this game room furniture.
  • Position your tired arms on its 7 cm height of versatile armrests as needed.
  • This convertible chair is the perfect gear for people of any height.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year on missing and damaged parts with free of cost installation exchange.
  • Assemble the chair in a few minutes with its easy to install instruction guide delivered with the necessary equipment.


  • Enables 360-degree rotation
  • Padded foam seat cushion
  • Removable headrest
  • Available in basic and footrest version
  • Comfortable recline up to 155 degrees


  • Footrest only in the expensive version

Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair for Adults

Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair for Adults

A super durable and one of the best PC gaming chair for adult.

Take your gaming experience to a whole new level on this ergonomically designed chair as this product is perfect for your health while you are playing games at home.

It also works great as an office chair. 


  • Designed in racing style from a durable quality, water-resistant PU leather which is easy to clean.
  • Introduce this furniture into your game room for excellent all-day comfort on its highly flexible spongy cushioned seat that doesn’t get deformed easily.
  • The chair features a sleek straight appearance with a smooth lining for maximum visual satisfaction.
  • A durable structure that easily bears a maximum weight of up to 400 lbs. 
  • Its heavy-duty metal base features 5 strong wheels with incredible chassis support.
  • Excellent convenience with its 360-degree rocking rotation that goes smooth on the floor.
  • Maximum comfort supported by its massaging lumbar pillow that fits your body curve alleviating possible sprain and pain making your gaming experience healthy, safe, and enjoyable.
  • Its unique high strength rubber band seat design ensures great elasticity for comfortable gaming.
  • Has a 12 months warranty on parts replacement within 30 days of the free return policy.


  • Recline up to 180 degree
  • Adjustable 3D armrest
  • Lumbar support massage with USB
  • Color options available


  • Assembling is time-consuming

Gtracing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

Gtracing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

This is one of the best and healthy home products by Gtracing.

Experience a thrilling gaming session on this smartly crafted chair that’s easy on your budget and offers excellent all-day comfort during longer gaming hours or work.


  • Get the real high definition gaming experience on this music gaming chair built to double up the fun.
  • Featuring two Bluetooth speakers with an enhanced stereo quality and rich solid bass.
  • Solid entertainment like never before from gaming to full audio music and movies just like in the cinemas.
  • Enjoy excellent comfort and stability supported by its durable metal structure and cushioned seat and back.
  • Superior flexibility with highly adjustable armrest, seat height with comfortable lumbar support.
  • Effortless backward tilting up to 170 degrees with a rocking 360 degree swirling for superior convenience.
  • Buy this game room furniture with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow as it ensures maximum comfort.
  • Made from super grade PU leather with padded foam seats for day-long comfort.
  • Can withstand 300lbs of weight with great stability supported by a heavy-duty base and smooth-rolling casters.


  • Multi-functional chair
  • SGS certified gas lift cylinder
  • Bluetooth enabled features
  • Cold cure foam padded seat


  • Bluetooth adapter not included

OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

If you are looking for the cheapest gaming chair that offers luxury as well as comfort then this one is your ideal bet.

It is another best gaming chair under $200 that you can go for.

It gives excellent comfort and luxury during longer gaming hours or regular workdays giving you a sense of healthy living at home.

Crafted in classic monochrome with customizable features.


  • Excellent day-long comfort supported by contoured segmented padding.
  • Crafted from high-quality SofThread leather featuring contrasting mesh with black stitching for a cool aggressive style, this furniture will be an ideal fit for your game room.
  • Experience strain-free gaming with its adjustable features ensuring excellent all-day comfort and support.
  • The back has segmented padding with an integrated soft headrest and padded armrest.
  • An ergonomic racing style gaming chair with adjustable center-tilt control and flip-up armrests.
  • Heavy-duty base ensuring a minimum 275 lb of weight-bearing capacity.
  • Enjoy superior gaming and flexible desk job with its 360-degree swirling
  • Comes with an OFM limited lifetime warranty for long-lasting performance.
  • Has a tilt tension control which can be easily adjusted for the most comfortable reclining position.
  • An easy to assemble gear that requires no added equipment.


  • Racing chair with adjustable features
  • Segmented padding for all-day comfort
  • Excellent value for money


  • The backrest does not align with the seat and remains a bit tilted which might be irritating.

AutoFull Racing Style Chair for Gaming

AutoFull Racing Style Chair for Gaming

Another game room furniture that will add style and comfort to your gaming console and workstation.

This ergonomic gaming chair from AutoFull excels in delivering superior quality gaming and office chairs.


  • Made from premium quality carbon fabric with a sturdy metallic frame for reliable lasting performance.
  • Its 13 cm tear-resistant comfortable seat cushion is made from a high-density superior sponge.
  • Adjust armrest to 7 cm up and down resting position as preference
  • Uncompromising all-day comfort supported by soft and thick backrest with adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. 
  • Designed for pro gamers with a dimension of 20.9” (L) * 20.9” (W) and a comfortable padded sitting of 16.1” (L)* 20.9” (W).
  • Bring this product home as its smooth-rolling casters ensure a 360-degree rotation.
  • Standing on a heavy-duty nylon base that can effortlessly bear up to 400 lbs.
  • Lock your preferred reclining position at any angle between 90- 155 degree
  • Enjoy comfortable gaming on its height-adjustable seat and super comfy armrest.


  • SGS certified for assured protection
  • Excellent customer care support 
  • Free head and lumbar pillow


  • All the models of this gaming chair do not have a footrest.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gaming Chair

Can gaming chairs help body posture?

Gamers devote a significant amount of time to gaming that badly affects back health. 

They are ergonomically built with features like padded seats, lumbar support, and headrest just like a high-end office chair so that you can enjoy healthy living at home.

Besides some similar features, chairs for gaming purposes have more firmness that gives them a sturdy look.

The hard-hitting fact is no chair can help you fix your body posture but can support or rectify it to an extent.

These ergonomically designed chairs have adjustable features for maximum comfort during longer gaming sessions.

Is gaming chair better than a normal desk chair?

A gaming chair is at anytime a better choice than a normal desk chair unless the later one is ergonomically designed. 

This game room furniture is comparatively heavier and expensive than a normal ergonomic chair owing to some specific add ons like Bluetooth microphones in the headrest for intense gaming moments.

Gaming chairs are designed to offer lasting comfort level during extended hours of engagement. 

Loaded with customizable features like lumbar support cushions, height settings, and large sitting space makes these chairs the first and ultimate choice for serious workers and gamers.

What is the best use of a gaming chair?

Sitting postures have a profound impact on our health. 

A proper sitting alignment solves a lot of health issues, while the wrong one leads to several. 

If you have a decent budget, get one for excellent comfort during prolonged hours of working and gaming moments.

Due to its rising demand, the leading brands have even slashed down the market price, so that you can buy gaming chairs on a budget. 

These chairs not only have a relaxing impact but also eventually get rid of neck and back pain.

Is a gaming chair also good for studying purposes?

Longer hours of studying needs superior concentration and comfort level and these chairs are a perfect fit for research and study purpose.

Buying these has multi-purpose utilities.

These healthy home products are suitable for work, playtime, and study as everything is super easy and relaxing on these chairs for its highly flexible orientation.

Extended hours of studying in the same position have a similar impact like longer duration of gaming or working.

Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that gaming chairs are a one-time investment for their sturdy structure, design, and super adjustable specifications.

Does a gaming chair help to resolve back pain?

Definitely yes.

Prolonged issues with back pain and neck sprain have been proven to be completely cured by upgrading to a gaming chair.

 In fact, if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at home then go for any chair designed ergonomically as they are super effective in alleviating or resolving back pain.

These chairs have superior lumbar support, even many also feature a separate lumbar cushion promoting added comfort for extended screen engagement.

Perfect for your workstation and gaming console, these chairs are incredibly spacious and resemble a mini throne, which is engineered to make your days and health stress-free and flexible.

Do gaming chairs improve your performance for gaming?

Playing won’t make you win but can surely improve your cognitive abilities.

While engaging in intense gaming for an extended time, the health factor tends to get neglected which leads to serious health adversities in the long run.

Chairs for gaming are scientifically equipped with essential and adjustable features for lending support to our sitting alignment and in correcting our postures.

Hence serious gamers can focus only on gaming while the rest is being taken care of by this game room furniture which directly improves the performance. 

Is it compulsory to use a gaming chair while playing a game?

Gaming chairs for pc gaming is not at all compulsory unless mild back pain or sprain doesn’t bother you much.

You can play unlimited games on a normal chair which will eventually lead to serious health issues. 

Hence, on a safer note, I would recommend ergonomic chairs and adapt to a correct sitting alignment.

Ergonomically designed chairs for gaming are worth the price and also contribute significantly to resolve back pain.

These chairs not only support the postures but also secures the vision by maintaining an accurate screen to head distance reducing strain.

Why are gaming chairs based on racing seats?

Racing seats and chairs for gaming, both are made for added comfort to the users during long hours of sitting.

Both these variants hold exclusive adjustable features to make racing and gaming super fun and comfortable for the users.

Most gaming chairs have an eye-catching design that resembles that of a racing seat as it uplifts the adventurous level during intense gaming.

With numerous customizable features and adjustable head and seat alignment, these chairs are designed to facilitate smooth gaming and also prevents or reduces any chances of back pain.

Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Gaming chairs are the best and the most upgraded version of ergonomic chairs.

If you are looking for the best chair for longer working hours or gaming, then this is the one and only for you.

A bit expensive than the regular office desk chair they are super relaxing, loaded with extra flexible add on and thick padded cushion.

The lumbar support in this chair is worth the investment.

Made from premium grade material with a durable structure, these chair offers long-lasting superior performance with the maximum comfort level. 

How do I clean a gaming chair?

Before you grab the foaming pad, don’t skip the instruction manual that comes with the chair.

The different brand recommends different methods of cleaning depending on various factors like the fabric and the metal used in manufacturing.

These game room furniture have the maximum chances of getting stained from accidental spilling of drinks and food.

In such cases, gently wipe with a wet cloth for some repeated times until the stain fades away.

Put an extra layer of cushion cover and seat cover so that you can occasionally wash and dry them for repeated use.

Resting your head directly on the headrest is equally bad for the chair and your hair due to constant collision.

If not weekly, then at least monthly up keeping is recommended for maximizing its durability.

If you have pets, keeps them away from sitting, as their claws can damage the fabric of the seat.

Also, some top brands suggest keeping away the chair from direct sunlight as the harsh rays can fade away the original color of the chair.

Occasional vacuum cleaning is very good at removing stubborn dirt and fur for a sparkling gaming chair.

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