5 Most Popular Garage Door Opener For Cars (Review & Installation Video)

5 Best Garage Door Opener For Cars (Review & Installation Video)

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

An automated garage door opener is built to make your life easier and safer than you could imagine.

A manually operated garage door is an incompatible unit for your smart home. 

If you also feel the same, then it’s time to look for other garage door openers which are rated the best by the users for convenience and efficiency.

Powered by leading-edge technology, these remote control door openers let you safely get into your home during the odd hours and unfavorable weather conditions. 

With the promise of technology, ensuring security for your property just got simpler. 


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5 Best Garage Door Opener Comparison Chart

Genie StealthDrive Connect Model

Genie StealthDrive
Garage Door Opener

  • Quiet & Durable
  • Compatible with Alexa/Google Home
  • Battery Backup 
  • No Added Hardware Required
  • Wifi Enabled
  • 2 Garage Door Opener Remote
  • 5 Years Warranty on Parts

Garage Door Opener
Value for Money

  • Runs on DC Motor
  • Extremely Quiet 
  • 12W LED In-built
  • No Wifi Feature
  • 1 Year Warranty
Chamberlain Group C870

Chamberlain Group C870 Highly Recommended

  • Battery Backup
  • Remote Range Up to 1500 ft.
  • 2 Three Button Remotes
  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • Durable Chain
  • Real-time Notification
  • WiFi Enabled
  • 3 People Door Access Share
  • Lifetime Warranty on Motor
Decko 24300

Decko 24300
Garage Door Opener
Good Product

  • Includes Wireless Keypad
  • Non-polarized Wiring 
  • Extention Available for 8 ft.
  • 3 Functional Wall Panels
  • Two 3 Button Remote
  • Designed For DIY Installation
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
The Workhorse BU100

The Workhorse BU100Second Best

  • Works with any door dimension
  • Integrated LED Light
  • 1 Button Remote Control
  • Compatible With All HomeLink Versions
  • Smooth and Quiet Function
  • 5 Years Warranty on Motor

Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Garage Door Opener in Detail

Genie StealthDrive Garage Door Opener

Genie SteathDrive Garage Door Opener

With striking add-ons, this smart garage door opener by Genie StealthDrive is one of the quietest and lets you have a dotting watch on your property from anywhere through your smartphone.

Designed with integrated battery backup, this garage door opener provides optimum operation support during power-cuts. 


  • Installed with a 1 ¼ HPC DC Motor paired with a steel-reinforced belt for a noise-free garage operation.
  • Easily monitor and operate the garage door with built-in Aladdin connect technology for Amazon Alexa and Google home.
  • This ultra-quiet intelligent door opener is an ideal pick for garages adjacent to bedrooms and nurseries.
  • Automated battery backup for uninterrupted garage door operation during power cuts.
  • A ready-to-install smart device with a strong and snappable 5 piece rail system.
  • A must-have car gear that comes with two pre-installed remote-controlled 3-button garage door openers, a wireless keypad with a pin for garage door operation, and a multi-functional wall console featuring a vacation lock and light control button. 


  • Wi-Fi enabled features 
  • Recommended for residential sectional garage doors only
  • Voice control operation for Amazon Alexa and Google home
  • Powerful battery backup


  • Aladdin connect has connectivity issues.

Genie StealthDrive Installation Video

Skylink Atoms Garage Door Opener

If technology and you just don’t settle, then SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C/2HPF is the best garage door opener to get your job done. 

Another quietest garage door opener.


  • The model comes with an integrated DC motor for noise-free garage operations.
  • Complete peace of mind against external access and tampering with its anti-break-in chain drive.
  • Built-in energy-saving LED light for efficient, long-lasting performance. 
  • Compatible with built-in in-car remote
  • Prevents accidental opening from other nearby Skyline remotes by generating unique encrypted code through rolling code technology for every remote activation. 
  • A perfect accessory for your garage and car, equipped with an LCD diagnostic display to guide you through the installation.
  • Snap-in Infrared safety sensor for smooth installation minus drilling
  • Compatible with Skylink backup battery only, for uninterrupted operation during a power failure.


  • Quietest garage door opener  
  • Long-lasting 12W LED light
  • LCD diagnostic display for easy DIY installation
  • In-car remote control
  • Rolling code technology for added security against accidental access or intrusion
  • Compact yet a powerful unit for effortless garage door operation
  • Excellent value for money


  • Battery backup to be purchased separately
  • Time-consuming installation
  • Limited Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Limited auto control features

Chamberlain Group C870

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Engineered with smart technology, this durable smartphone-controlled garage door opener has everything you want in a single unit for excellent peace of mind and value for money.


  • Designed with premium quality hardware and software for long-lasting optimal performance
  • myQ App enabled for smooth garage operation from your smartphone
  • Amazon Prime members are eligible for exciting offers and deals
  • Effortless lifting, powered by Max lift power system and anti-vibration technology
  • Durable chain drive with rugged steel construction for dependable performance
  • Equipped with built-in battery backup for smooth garage door access during power cuts.
  • Superior remote range up to 1500 ft. powered by exclusive Triband technology
  • Get unmatched security against advanced threats and hacking with Posi-lock anti-theft protection.


  • Easy installation, backed by online videos and knowledgeable tech support
  • Highest level of encryption against hacking
  • Triband technology for superior remote range
  • Operates garage door from anywhere through smartphone
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Effortless noise-free lifting
  • Share device access with up to 3 reliable connections
  • Safety sensors to avoid any damage
  • In-built battery back up


  • Limited free app features
  • If your door is 8 ft. or 10 ft., you will need an extension kit.

Chamberlain Group C870 Installation Video

Decko 24300 Garage Door Opener

Decko Garage Door Opener

This appealing powerhouse garage door opener for car is a must buy if you want to stand out of the crowd.

A perfect fit for a modern garage with high-end features.


  • Non-polarized wiring for a smooth and error-free installation 
  • Designed to manage sectional garage doors up to 7 ft. tall and 18ft. wide.
  • Expandable up to 8 ft. for larger doors.
  • Comes with a package of 3 functional wall panels, two remotes featuring 3 buttons with a complimentary wireless keyless entry pad for a smooth entry without pressing a single button.
  • Durable chain drives with emergency safety release and auto-reverse safety system for reliable performance.
  • This car gear is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Has a dual lightning system with decent illumination. Pay separately for the bulbs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the motor and 1 year on the parts.
  • Designed for DIY installation


  • Strong, noise and vibration-free opener
  • An ideal pick for the beginners
  • Non-polarized wiring for an error-free installation
  • Smart optical and safety sensors for accurate motion detection
  • Compatible with HomeLink
  • Active technical support team


  • Bulbs are sold separately

Decko 24300 Installation Video

The Workhorse BU100

The Workhouse Garage Door Opener

Comes with an assurance of super durable performance with advanced safety features.

The workhouse-BU100 is a perfect fit for garage doors of any dimensions.


  • Heavy-duty chain drive powered by ¾ horsepower DC motor ensures quiet and powerful performance
  • Has a large door control panel with simple push buttons and lightning features for smooth garage door operation
  • A must-have accessory for your garage as it effortlessly lifts cars irrespective of weight.
  • Heavy-duty chain drive made from strong reinforced steel for reliable consistent performance.
  • Its dual burst technology offers a superior range of remote control
  • Compatible with HomeLink for all generation
  • Comes with a detailed manual for self-installation
  • Paired with a super-efficient LED security lighting of 1500 lumen for a lifetime
  • Other included components are – photo eye safety system, trolley & pulley, single-button remote control, motor & rails, and door control.
  • Excellent peace of mind with 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts.


  • ClearCom technology-enabled remote control
  • Compatible with Alexa and other smart home integration system
  • No annual subscription
  • beamUP smart garage controller for real-time security alerts 


  • You need to pay separately for beamUP remote control

The Workhorse BU100 Installation Video

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