5 Best Room Heater Under 2000 (Review) - Stay Warm Cozy All Winter

5 Best Room Heater Under 2000 – Perfect Home Appliance For Winters

Last Updated: September 29, 2021

I never like winters.

But, thanks to people who invented room heaters because it helps to beat the cold weather.

I am sure there are many between us who hate winters because of its biting cold and jittering breeze. 

But winter is about so much more than just that. 

It’s about cozy get-togethers, muffled jackets, warm cups of tea or coffee, mist, and room heaters for winter to cope with the chilled environment. 

When it is so much you can love about it, why highlight the bad part.

To add to your love of winters, we have come up with some of the best room heaters in India under 2000. 

You will find the highlights, pros, and cons of all room heaters and we hope that you find the best room heater for your home.

Spoiler Alert: My favorite room heater is Usha (and I would recommend you to buy it). My family has been using this heater for almost 25 years now and it still works as new. Of course, there have been some mechanical issues, but hey, you can’t complain, the heater being this old, right?

Plus who wouldn’t want a room heater that lasts long?

But don’t stress if you are not a fan of Usha, there are other best brands as well that you can explore. Check out the list below.


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5 Best Room Heater Under 2000 Comparison

Solimo 2000 Watt Room Heater

Solimo 2000-Watt
Room Heater
Good Product

  • Small/Medium Room
  • Light & Portable
  • Plastic Body
  • Rust Free Metal Grill 
  • 1-year Warranty
Orpat OEH 1220 2000 Watt Fan Heater

Orpat OEH-1220
Fan Heater
Highly Recommended

  • Small/Medium Room
  • Overheat Protection
  • Plastic Body
  • Thermal Cutoff for Safety
  • Cool to Touch Exterior
  • 1-year Warranty
Havells Cista Room Heater

Havells Cista Room
Decent Product

  • For Small Room
  • Cool Body
  • Light & Portable
  • Thermostat Control Knob
  • Automatic Autocut
  • 1-year Warranty
Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts
Room Heater
Second Best

  • For Small/Medium Room
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Flexible Stand
  • 2-year Warranty
Usha 423 N 2000 Watt Heat Convector

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt
Room Heater

  • Small/Medium Room
  • Light & Portable
  • Metal Front Body
  • Thermal Autocut
  • 1-year Warranty

Let’s Look At The Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Room Heaters in Detail

Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Solimo Room Heater

Solimo is a resonated brand known for bringing world-class heaters with rich features at an affordable price. 

The Solimo 2000 watt room heater is built to last and is ideal for all small and medium-sized rooms. 

It is powered by a high-capacity motor and durable varnish which lasts longer and without faults. 


  • It includes a powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor which diffuses heat evenly in all directions and provides better heating even after consistent usage. 
  • The air throw range is appreciable at 10 feet with an ability to heat up small and medium-sized rooms perfectly well. 
  • It comes with an easy-to-use knob to select between cool, warm, or hot air.


  • This small home appliance is safe and secure at all times. The Solimo room heater is equipped with a mechanism to avoid overheating. A safety switch is provided which goes off when the temperature escalates to 126°C. 
  • It provides optimal performance and reliability, it functions according to the outside temperature. 
  • It is versatile in nature and also wall mountable. 
  • Its lightweight and portable structure makes it easy to carry and manage. 
  • It also includes a rust-free and plated grill front which is built to last for continuous years.


  • The wire attached to the heater is short and sometimes difficult to put on an extension board.
  • Requires a high power input. 
  • Uses high electricity and therefore may induce increased bills.

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Orpat Room Heater

The Orpat OEH-1220 Watt Fan heater is one of the best home products offered by Orpat. It is an ideal choice for winters and to cope up with the biting cold. 


  • It comes with two heat settings and an easy setting of temperature levels. 
  • It works well and heats evenly for a considerable time even at maximum temperature. 
  • The heater can be used for day and night hours consistently, however, it is advised to dip the heat to moderate levels at night. 
  • It is equipped with a cool-to-touch body and a 1-year warranty.


  • It is designed for spot heating and is ideal for moderate-sized rooms. 
  • It doesn’t induce sagging and is equipped with a durable heating element. 
  • The heater is of stitching type and also comes with overheat protection. 
  • It brings with it thermal cutoff and optional heating levels which makes it highly durable and reliable.
  • The user guide is packed with the heater to elaborate on the intricate details.


  • It is believed to alter oxygen levels. 
  • After continuous usage, the air of the room starts to feel dry.
  • The fan makes noise.

Havells Cista Room Heater

Havells Cista Room Heater

There is none who doesn’t recognize the Havells brand when talking about room heaters. 

This small home appliance continues to be customers’ favorite with its exciting features like power setting, adjustable heating, and night light indicator.


  • It comes with a cool-touch body that doesn’t heat from the outside. 
  • It has a cool fan function which is a likable perk of this Heater. 
  • It provides heating for consistent hours and has an adjustable power setting. 
  • The night light indicator makes it a sure win-win deal.


  • Brace yourselves for the winters by opting for Havells Cista room heater which adjusts temperature instantly. 
  • It is highly portable and compact. No hustle to keep and manage. 
  • Safe for houses with children as well as it comes with a protection guard and in-built cooling fan that maintains a healthy home atmosphere.
  • Fights fluctuation in temperature like a pro. 
  • Comes with an adjustable and stable stand.


  • Might irritate you with the noise level of the fan. 
  • Not suitable for asthmatic patients. 
  • It incurs a high power consumption. 
  • Coverage of a small-sized room.

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

Bajaj Room Heater

Bajaj has aced it again by presenting the Flashy 1000 watts radiant room heater. It’s time to fall in love with winters and not to complain about its chilled aura as this room heater has got you all covered up.


  • Presented with an adjustable thermostat to make sure the heat is neither too low nor too high. 
  • It comes with a cotton braided cord and nickel-chromium plated mesh grid which ensures even heating and functionality. 
  • It becomes yours with a 2-year warranty and 230 voltage along with molded PP filled material.


  • It incurs a safety system that provides peace of mind and assurance of no potential mishappenings. 
  • Compact, portable and easy-to-use design.
  • A flexible stand that stabilizes and supports the heater. 
  • It comes with a stainless steel reflector which diffuses heat evenly.


  • It doesn’t have wheels for easy transfer from one place to another. 
  • It produces noise that might disrupt your sleep. 
  • Not suitable for large areas.
  • Not ideal to keep around toddlers.

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Room Heater

Usha Room Heater

This corded electric room heater is one of its kind and offers coverage of 150 square feet.

The Usha 423 N 2000-watt heater is brought to you with dual fan speed and twin-turbo design along with other exciting features.

Have a look below!


  • Get ready for double heating with the double fan speed and improvised functionality. 
  • The twin-turbo design makes it ideal for consistent operation and even heating. 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and is ideal for spot heating. 
  • It is ISI-approved and highly trustworthy.


  • One of the best products for the home as it is extremely lightweight and minimized but with double the features of previous room heaters and assured of continuous years of usage. 
  • It regulates heat as well as moisture to make sure the room doesn’t get too dry. 
  • It maintains the temperature inside the room after detecting the outside temperature and provides you with a choice to choose between three heating positions – 665/1330/2000 watts. 
  • It also comes with overheat protection and a safety fuse.


  • As this is a small home appliance it is not effective for heating large rooms.
  • Power consumption is high for this room heater.

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