5 Best Sleeping Bag For Camping (Review) in 2021

5 Best Sleeping Bags For Camping in 2021 (Review)

Even if few things can be skipped for lighter backpacking, a good tent and the best sleeping bag for camping are of topmost priority. 

Because a good night sleep is all you need for a charged-up day, especially on an outdoor adventure. 

A quality sleeping bag is worth an investment for uninterrupted sound sleep. 

It is one of the best camping and trekking essentials for both men and women.

Irrespective of the weather condition, these excellent convertible bags work scientifically to lend greater comfort during the entire sleep. 

Buying the perfect sleeping bag involves a lot of factors to be considered so that you look fresh and happy in all your next camping shots. 

Don’t rush to get a sleeping sack based on online reviews. 

Here I have compiled a detailed guide of the best budget sleeping bag for camping to help you choose your ideal one from the list.


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5 Best Sleeping Bags For Camping – Best Outdoor Travel Accessories For Men & Women (Comparison Chart)

Trajectory Bonfire Polyester Sleeping Bag

Trajectory Bonfire
Polyester Sleeping Bag

  • Perfect For All Seasons
  • Not For Extreme Cold Weather
  • Comes With Carrying Bag
  • Easy to Clean & Carry
  • In-Built Inner Pocket
  • 6 Feet, 4 Inches in Length 
  • For Adults
  • 1 Year Warranty

Coleman Palmetto Best
Budget Sleeping Bag
Highly Recommended

  • Comes With Carrying Bag
  • Ideal For Freezing Cold Weather
  • A Three Season Bag
  • Machine Washable
  • ThermoLock Keeps You Warm
  • Can Be Used As A Blanket
  • 6 Feet
Tripole Shivalik 10°C Comfort Sleeping Bag

Tripole Shivalik Comfort
Sleeping Bag
Value for Money

  • Ideal For -10 to -5 Degree Temp.
  • Waterproof Nylon Fabric
  • In-Built Pockets 
  • Not Ideal For Summers
  • 6 Feet, 2 Inches in Length
  • 3 Years Warranty
Sleepmate 15 Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sleep Mate Best Lightweight
Sleeping Bag
Good Product

  • Ultralight
  • Water-Resistant and Durable
  • A Three Season Bag
  • 6 Feet, 2 Inches in Length
  • 2 Years Warranty
AmazonBasics Envelope Sleeping Bag

Amazon Basics Envelope
Sleeping Bag
Decent Product

  • Ideal For Freezing Temperature 
  • Easy to Clean and Drys Fast 
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Feet, 11 Inches in Length
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Highlights, Pros and Cons of Each Sleeping Bag in Detail

Trajectory Bonfire Polyester Sleeping Bag

Trajectory Bonfire Polyester Sleeping Bag

What else you need when you can have a cozy night along with separate spaces for your wallet and phone inside this ultra-comfy sleeping bag from the trajectory.


  • One of the best travel products and a perfect companion with polyester fill material for a cozy sleep after tiresome hiking and trekking.
  • The outer material is made from polyester fabric with a smooth zipper system for easy access.
  • Designed for adults to comfortably fit in as it has a wider shoulder dimension that goes narrow down making enough space for legs to move and stretch.
  • Comes with a travel-friendly carry bag with straps to help you move freely with the travel bag folded and stored inside.
  • Made to ensure great comfort and warmth for all seasons and weather conditions.
  • This travel accessory is crafted from premium quality skin-friendly material with precise stitches for enhanced durability.
  • Featuring built-in pockets to store your wallet and phone so that you can enjoy carefree dreaming.
  • This classy royal blue sack has a 12 month warranty period.


  • Super comfy fabric with rich aesthetics
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Separate pockets for wallet and phone


  • Unfit for extreme winter

Coleman Palmetto Best Budget Sleeping Bag – Best Travel Gear For Men & Women

Coleman Palmetto, Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

When it’s freezing outside, here is your best budget winter sleep bag from Coleman Palmetto specially designed that works just as a cozy blanket ensuring a shiver-free sound sleep.


  • A highly recommended and best camping and trekking essentials with a three-season comfy bag crafted from durable polyester cover and featuring a soft tricot liner with a three-pound of ColeTherm insulation stuffing making it ideal for chilly nights.
  • A spacious gear with a dimension of 33 by 75 inches (W*H) comfortably fits in a person with an average height of 6 feet.
  • Weighs at 3.5kg, this Palmetto sleeping bag features a patented zipper system that keeps the fabric safe from getting snag.
  • Designed in Coleman’s ComfortSmart technology, its fiber lock system ensures balanced insulation inside for lasting performance.
  • Effortless pack up with its patented roll control system for a faster and smooth-rolling.
  • No extra effort in tying as the quick cord storage system smoothly manages the task.
  • Feel extra night-long comfort with its ThermoLock system that locks the required warmth inside.


  • Five years manufacturer’s warranty with a certified temperature rating.
  • Expandable sleeping space
  • Its ThermoLock feature stops heat leakage, keeping you warm and cozy all night


  • Unfit for people over 6ft. 

Tripole Shivalik Comfort Sleeping Bag

Tripole Shivalik Comfort Sleeping Bag

If you are planning for an outdoor adventure to the snow-capped hills, this Tripole Shivalik sleeping bag for camping is the most recommended one from experienced campers and hikers.


  • One of the best sleeping bags for camping, with a water-resistant inner and outer shell and super soft polyester polyfill for added comfort.
  • Its Velcro mechanism enables smooth zipping and unzipping.
  • It is one of the best travel gear for men and women because of a comfy padded shield over the chest and head area that keeps you warm even in -10 degree centigrade.
  • This outdoor travel gear features two durable elastic cords on each side for tightening as per the user’s preference ensuring the required level of warmth inside.
  • Enjoy a carefree sleep by keeping the mobile, torch, and few essentials in the internal pockets. 
  • Adequately spacious for taller people over 6ft. to fit in and move freely.
  • Comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty.


  • The fully washable sleeping sack
  • Approx. weight of 2.10 kg
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Ideal for freezing temperature below -10 degree
  • Internal pockets to store essentials
  • Suitable gear for taller people
  • Easy to pack and unpack 
  • An excellent value for money


  • Unsuitable for the summers
  • Heftier backpack

Sleep Mate Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Sleep Mate Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag

This mummy-style sleeping bag is your ultimate sleep mate in the wild.

It is rated the best in the category of Nemo sleeping bags that you can carry anywhere in your backpack.


  • Another travel product for camping and trekking designed for men and women.
  • This travel gear with a three-season extra-large sleeping bag is made from premium quality polyester stuffed with super cozy micro hollow fiber.
  • Its Super-Loft micro insulation makes it the most ultralight versatile gear that comfortably fits into your backpack without occupying much space.
  • This 680 gms sleeping bag when folded, easily fits into the palm making it one of the most popular picks for backpackers.
  • With an incredible dimension of 83*31 inches, this sleeping bag easily accommodates an adult of 6.2” height. 
  • One of the most versatile bags in the market, it is spacious enough ensuring a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Durable high-quality polyester makes it a waterproof bag that keeps you warm, dry, and safe.
  • Featuring dual zippers with a tried and tested double slider, this sleeping bag comes with a promise of long-lasting durable performance.


  • Spacious for taller people
  • Water-resistant 
  • Super Loft insulation


  • Not ideal for freezing temperature

Amazon Basics Envelope Sleeping Bag

Amazon Basics Envelope Sleeping Bag

This rectangular shaped sleeping bag from Amazon Basics gives you the same comfort as your bed in the outdoors.

An envelope-style bag for utmost comfort all night long.


  • This outdoor travel gear features a high-quality polyester cover and liner for added comfort beyond -1 degrees.
  • This adult size sack is stuffed with 100% super soft polyester ensuring a cozy resting time on an outdoor chilly night.
  • Its envelope style makes it an ideal comfy sack for people with an average height of 5.11”. 
  • Comes with a limited warranty of 1 year and a customer-friendly support team to solve your inquiries.
  • The durable brushed polyester is super easy to clean and dries faster.
  • Best travel gear for men and women with open and close areas from two different sides in the same direction and a convenient 2-way zipper system.
  • This sleeping bag for camping bag is portable enough to roll, fold, and carry in a backpack or tied to a rucksack.
  • When opened, it appears as a queen-size bed that can also be used as a quilt.


  • Spacious rectangular bed
  • Gives blanket-like warmth and comfort
  • Easy to roll and carry in a backpack
  • Compact storage saves space


  • The outer cover is not durable enough

Frequently Asked Questions on Sleeping Bag

How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack?

The lighter the backpack the easier it will be for you to travel but not without the sleeping bag. 

Sleeping bags are one of the most loved camping essentials besides a tent. 

Wanna know the trick pro campers use to easily attach the sleeping bag to their backpack? 

Here we are decoding it for you. 

Follow the steps to attach a sleeping bag to your backpack:

  • Look out for any attached straps with your backpack and use them to bind up your sleeping bag in a portable size.
  • In case your backpack is lacking the straps, use the loops at the lower back to get your sleeping bag through and then tighten the buckle.
  • If you have nothing much to pack, simply slide this travel gear through the buckles and close it.
  • Check out the bottom tie points in your backpack. Use them wisely as they are designed for firmly holding any sizable gears like the sleeping bag.
  • You can also use separate straps to tie the bag firmly with your waist.

How to keep a sleeping bag clean?

The bad news is you cannot keep your sleeping bag sparkling clean, while out on an adventure. 

Mud stains, dirt, and nature’s wrath are the constant abuser but for a restful sleep at night, you can apply some ninja techniques to keep this travel gear clean.

  • Make sure not to lay your bag directly on any wet or extremely dusty surface.
  • Consider buying a sleeping bag liner which is also a very good insulator. These liners will help to keep your bags clean from dirt during camping.
  • Try to air-dry the bag on a tree branch or bush to let the fabric breathe and eliminate any damp odor.
  • If you notice any unavoidable stain especially in the head and foot areas, try spot cleaning with a brush dipped in a soapy solution.
  • Focus cleaning than an entire wash is the best way to upkeep your bag in the wild.
  • Check out for the zippers as dirt accumulation will hamper the function. Grab a clean cloth or soft bristle brush to gently wipe out any residue.
  • Spot cleaning of the sleeping bags often during long camping, expands the comfort and durability.
  • Properly dry out the bag before using it and get into it with clean clothes on.

How to wash a sleeping bag?

The cleaning of sleeping bag depends on the fabric and washing instructions by the manufacturer.

Below are a couple of steps on how you can wash your sleeping bag.

Hand Wash

Nothing is more satisfying than hand washing your tainted sleeping bag. 

Here’s a step by step process on how to hand wash your sleeping bag:

  • Get a big tub ready with lukewarm or normal temperature water. 
  • Add in a cleanser that is not too harsh and fully dips the bag into the solution.
  • Soak in for a while till the dirt starts separating from the fabric. 
  • Drain the muddy water, fill in again with fresh water, and gently start rubbing your sleeping bag to repeat rinsing till the lather is all out. 
  • Then gently squeeze without straining much on the seams. 
  • Now you can either blow dry or air dry the bag under partial shade.

Machine Wash

Machine cleaning is both time and energy-saving. 

Make sure you are using a front loader. In the case of a top loader, remove the agitator to prevent the bag from snagging.

Here’s a step by step process to machine wash your sleeping bag:

  • Turn your bag inside out, if it has a waterproof exterior. If not, you can leave it as it is.
  • Now put the bag inside the machine and use a cleanser as instructed by the brand. 
  • Now add water as required and set the washing machine in gentle cycles. 
  • After the washing, make sure to rinse thoroughly till any trace of soapy residue is fully out.
  • Now, you can transfer the bag to a dryer or let it dry naturally if you have enough time.

Dry Clean

This process is not at all recommended for cleaning your sleeping bags. 

Ask any experienced campers and most will strictly decline the idea of dry cleaning. 

The possible reasons are the solvents used, which are very harsh for the fabric.

Dry cleaning will rip off the natural moisture from the fabric and can also damage the waterproof coating of your expensive sleeping bag. 

The best way to ensure the quality and performance of your bag is to opt for either hand or machine wash. 

Or, you can also reach any professional laundry to give your dirty bag a gentle wash.

How to fold a sleeping bag?

If you have been struggling with the right way to fold a sleeping bag, here are some easy steps you can follow to tuck up this outdoor travel gear.

  • To fold up this camping gear in a portable size get few long straps and duct tape ready.
  • Spread the bag on a clean surface and use your hands to flatten every inch.
  • Irrespective of the shape of your sleeping bag, try to fold it in half if not properly even.
  • While folding in half and post the process, eliminate air bubbles from every layer with your hands.
  • Make sure that the length and breadth of the bag are perfectly aligned for even folding.
  • Now start rolling the bag from the bottom and use your knees, duct tape, or any heavy object to ensure a steady folding process.
  • When you reach a very compact size, firmly tighten around using the attached straps or separate straps and tuck it into your backpack.

How to store a sleeping bag?

Storing a sleeping bag is easy but in case you are confused, here are some DIY hacks:

  • Firstly decompress the bag by getting it out of a stuffed sack.
  • You can opt for a spot clean or a thorough wash and dry it out completely before initiating storing.
  • Make sure to get rid of any water droplets from every inch.
  • Try folding the bag as loosely as possible in order to avoid the clumping of the loft.
  • Now put it in a spacious storage bag made from breathable fabric so that the sleeping bag stays well ventilated.
  • Try hanging the sack from a hook in a storage room with a balanced humidity level. Keeping the bag in a humid basement or room will pave mold build-ups and foul odor.
  • If you are putting your bag on a shelf or a closet, choose a room that stays warm and dry.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping bag for camping are designed to assure you have a sound sleep after a tiring day during camping, hiking, or any other outdoor adventures. 

Just like your bed, this camping gear must be kept clean and organized so that you don’t have to compromise with your resting time. 

We suggest you buy the best sleeping bag for camping from the above curated list for a peaceful night.

Hope this article will help you choose the right one.

Happy camping!

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