5 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Under $200 (Review)

5 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Under $200 (Product Review)

Only investing in the best vacuum for pet hair can help in keeping and restoring your home’s hygiene.

Because spending quality time with your furry mate might be stress relieving but cleaning up the shedding fur is messier. 

The situation worsens if any family member or guest is sensitive or allergic to their hair. 

Traditional methods and viral hacks are tedious and time-consuming. 

These powerful pet hair vacuums are the best products because they are faster and better at easily sucking up the furs from every corner of your room and furniture. 

Read the reviews on these pet products and get rid of the hassles of cleaning your dog’s hair by selecting one from the curated list below.


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5 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Under $200 (Comparison Chart)

Hoover Pet Max UH74110 - Best Vacuum Hardwood Floors

Hoover Pet Max UH74110 – Best Vacuum Hardwood FloorsValue for Money

  • Perfect for Any Floor Type
  • Ideal for Cleaning Floors & Ceiling 
  • Wand Extends Up To 12 Feet
  • Excellent Suction
  • Multi-floor Cleaning
  • Does Not Have Swivel Head
Kenmore Intuition BU4022 - Best Vacuum For Furniture

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 – Best Vacuum For FurnitureHighly Recommended

  • Easy to Lift With One Hand
  • Ideal For Cleaning Floors & Ceiling 
  • Collect Dirt In Self-Sealing Bags
  • Hands-Free & No Touch Technology
  • Detachable Wand
  • Has Swivel Steering
  • LED Headlights
  • 5 Years Warranty
BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser - Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser – Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Good Product

  • Ideal For Soft Surface & Furniture
  • 7 Liters Dirt Cup Capacity
  • Runs on Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Crevice Reaches Hard Areas
  • Washable Filters
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
Shark NV752 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV752 Vacuum CleanerRecommended

  • Easy to Lift With One Hand
  • LED Headlights
  • Ideal For Cleaning Hard Floors & Carpets
  • 8 Inch Crevice Tool
  • HEPA Filters
  • Cleans Above The Floor Areas
  • Multi-floor Cleaning
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty
VacLife Stick Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

VacLife Stick Pet Hair Vacuum CleanerDecent Product

  • Ideal For Hard Floors and Carpet
  • LED Light For Proper Cleaning
  • HEPA Filters
  • 0.8 Liters Dust Cup
  • Battery Charges in 3 to 4 Hours
  • 30 Minutes Run Time
  • Extension Hose Reaches Hard Areas
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Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Each Pet Hair Vacuum in Detail

Hoover Pet Max UH74110 – Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

Hoover Pet Max UH74110 - Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

Simplify cleaning up the mess of your pet’s hair with this strong vacuum cleaner from Hoover.

Equipped with the latest technology, this appliance efficiently does its job in filtering out dander and allergens from indoor air.


  • Flexible mechanisms with an added pet tool make cleaning super easy and faster.
  • One of the best pet products for the home as it removes dirt and furs from every corner, from floor to ceiling with its quick-release wand that can extend up to 12 feet.
  • Its easy roll ON/OFF switch delivers superior performance for multi-floor cleaning.
  • Loaded with powerful suction for long-lasting efficient performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Removes 97% allergens and dust with its Allergen Block Filtration system and blocks them from re-entering inside.
  • The package contains the vacuum, pet turbo tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.
  • Easy cleaning on any surface and floor types without any effort.
  • Removable canister, easy to clean with long cords, saves maximum time and energy.


  • Long extended cords up to 12 feet
  • Allergen Block Filtration
  • Ideal for any floor types
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great value for money


  • The vacuum is heavy which makes it difficult to maneuver
  • The vacuum does not have a swivel head

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 – Best Pet Hair Vacuum For Furniture

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 - Best Pet Hair Vacuum For Furniture

This lightweight equipment is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

It has all the brilliant features that you are looking for.

Stay safe and keep your home, furniture, and car clean and tidy with this versatile vacuum.


  • Effortlessly clean up the mess with this lightweight pet hair vacuum that weighs under 14 pounds.
  • Helps in maintaining optimal hygiene with hands-free operation by collecting the dirt in the self-sealing bags.
  • A simple one-touch button that lifts the vacuum for smooth cleaning in the hard reaching corners of your home.
  • Excellent cleaning by its PowerFlow Bag chamber that keeps sucking in the dirt even when the bags are full.
  • Detachable wands for easy floor to ceiling cleaning.
  • Removes pet hair with its Pet HandMate for effective cleaning on the furniture and carpet.
  • Features a bag fill indicator that notifies when the bags need to be replaced.
  • Its swivel steering makes it easy to be used everywhere around your home.
  • Top best pet product that makes your indoor air light and breathable by blocking 99.97% of allergens and prevents them from re-entering.


  • Lightweight
  • One-touch button 
  • LED headlight
  • Self-sealing bag
  • Detachable wand
  • 5 years warranty


  • The cord is not retractable

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser – Best Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser - Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you are stressed cleaning your pet’s frequent hair shedding, then the Bissell pet hair eraser is your perfect choice.

Remove dirt and stubborn embedded hair from every nooks and corner with this easy to use convenient tool.


  • Comes with a 7 liters dirt cup capacity, powered by a 14 V lithium-ion battery.
  • A charitable investment to save pets, as Bissell donates 5 dollars for the cause upon activation.
  • Its powerful motorized brush is quite effective in removing old embedded dirt from the carpets and tight spaces.
  • Equipped with a large dirt bin that is easy to remove and clean once filled.
  • Experience the joy of ultimate cleaning with its triple-level filtration system and extended performance by a robust battery.
  • A versatile tool that can be used for both floor and surface cleaning while removing a pet’s fur.
  • Its crevice tool makes cleaning easy even in the hard reaching areas of your home and car.
  • The package contains specialized pet hair cleaning tools like motorized brush, crevice, and upholstery tool.


  • Long-lasting powerful battery
  • Easy to clean and up keeping
  • Triple level filtration
  • Washable filters
  • 1-year warranty


  • The battery is not replaceable

Shark NV752 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV752 Vacuum for Pet Hair

This shark vacuum for pet hair is all you need to keep your home allergen and dust-free.

Its powerful suction sucks up stubborn dirt from every corner of your home ensuring an optimally healthy environment inside.


  • Ensure healthy indoor air by removing 99.9% of dust and allergens with its anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology.
  • Its HEPA filter traps dirt inside and blocks it from polluting the air inside.
  • Detachable lift-away pods that effectively deep cleanses even in tight spaces.
  • The brush roll spinning sucks out allergens making it hard to find any traces after cleaning.
  • Equipped with an LED headlight for instantly spotting out the hidden mess.
  • Easy switch from hard floor to carpet cleaning mode with its fingertip control panel.
  • Another best pet product comes with a durable 5 years performance warranty.
  • Dual-mode cleaning with its stiff bristle brush that tackles embedded dirt from everywhere.
  • The package contains a multi-pet kit, power brush, and long crevice tools.


  • Extra pet tools
  • 5 years warranty
  • Anti-allergen technology
  • Upholstery tool
  • Excellent value for money
  • Effective power brush
  • Easy fingertip control


  • Bit heavy
  • Doesn’t swivel
  • Hair blocks the brush spin

VacLife Stick Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

VacLife Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

A super convenient vacuum cleaner for the furry mess that you must consider buying to safeguard your health and hygiene.

Equipped with detachable tools for multipurpose cleaning.


  • Switch easily from carpet cleaning mode to a floor cleaner with its power cleaner head.
  • Its soft dusting brush gently removes the pet’s fur and dust from the carpet and curtain without any damage.
  • This corded stick vacuum is super easy to use as a quick cleaner without wasting much on wallet and battery.
  • Its super-durable incredible suction sucks in dirt from every hard reaching area by its 16 ft. power cord.
  • Its 4 stages of filtration are capable of removing 99.9% of sensitive particles from the air.
  • Equipped with 0.8 liters of the removable and washable dust cup.
  • Easy refund or full appliance replacement on customer dissatisfaction under normal use.
  • Easy cleaning in the inaccessible areas with its super flexible long cords.


  • Powerful multi-stage filtration
  • Excellent customer assistance
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible cords
  • Easy maintenance
  • Versatile tool


  • Average suction
  • Not for large spaces
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