5 best whole house humidifiers (review)

5 Best Whole House Humidifier – Keep A Healthy Home Environment in 2021

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

You must have thought of getting a whole house humidifier if you live in an area where dry and cold weathers are persistent. 

Or maybe you suffer from scratchy throats, chapped lips, and runny nose. 

Humidifiers help by moderating the humidity and heat levels inside your house as per your preference or by checking the outside temperature. 

It keeps the air fresh, clean, and breathable giving you a feeling of healthy living at home.

However, it might get tricky to choose the ideal and best whole house humidifiers out of the many options which are available nowadays. 

To help you out, we have curated a list of the 5 best whole house humidifiers for you to choose from. 

But before we jump into that let’s first look at the benefits and drawbacks of whole house humidifiers.


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Benefits and Drawbacks of Whole House Humidifiers

Let’s dive in by knowing both sides of the coin with respect to a whole house humidifier.

According to the reviews and feedback shared by people online, we have found out that the below benefits and drawbacks are the most common.

Benefits of the Whole House Humidifiers

1. Seasonal Comfort

Using humidifiers in winter adds an extra layer of comfort to your home atmosphere.

They balance the moisture in the air and keeps your skin smooth and healthy. 

2. Bacteria Free Air

Most humidifiers come with an air filter that traps harmful bacteria, dust particles, and dirt to make your home air clean.

3. Better Health

By adding the right amount of moisture into the air, the whole house humidifiers give you relief from dry skin, cough, cold, chapped lips, dry throat, and nose irritation.

4. A More Relaxing Sleep

Humidifiers give you quality sleep by preventing your nasal cavity from getting dry and thereby reducing snoring.

Drawbacks of the Whole House Humidifiers

1. Additive Responsibility

Humidifiers require maintenance and cleaning which is an additive responsibility.

2. Noise (At Least in some Humidifiers)

Some humidifiers make noise when they are on and it might lead to disturbance.

3. Excess moisture

Excess moisture might lead to the formation of mold in your home.

So make sure that the temperature is set right.

4. White Dust

During humidification, minerals present in the water convert into dust particles and they settle down around objects near the humidifiers.

Although these are not harmful and are easy to clean (just like any dusty areas of your home), it does add to your pile of work.

If you use tap water you may face this problem.

Now that we know the benefits and drawbacks of whole-house humidifiers, let’s move on and check out the 5 best whole house humidifiers that will fine-tune your home atmosphere and add an extra layer of comfort.

5 Best Whole House Humidifiers For Healthy Living

1. Aprilaire 800 Whole Home Steam Humidifier

Manufactured by Aprilaire – the radical change bringer in indoor air quality solutions. 

Stay healthy at home with this whole house steam humidifier that is built with electrode technology and provides a blasting amount of heat to soothe away the chilled environment. 

It provides a coverage of 6200 square feet and comes with a choice between 6 levels of heat and moisture. 

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You can choose between 11.5 – 34.6 gallons of moisture depending upon the voltage and capacity. 

The installation process is extremely handy and the operating costs are moderate as well. 

As compared to other home humidifiers, Aprilaire 800 doesn’t require purified water as it utilizes the impurities in the water to transfer electricity. 

What better way to minimize complexity! 

This automatic humidifier consists of dual sensors that regulate the temperature inside your house after detecting the outside temperature. 

This approach makes Aprilaire 800 capable of optimizing the humidity inside the house 24/7 and maintaining the ideal balance between both temperatures. 

With a steel finish and easy-to-use interface, Aprilaire 800 is worth occupying a place in your home. 


– Distilled/purified water not required
– No water filtration required
– Easy installation
– Automatically measures outdoor and indoor temperature

– Hard to clean
– Canister needs replacement depending upon usage
– To get a warranty of 5 years your unit needs to be registered with the HVAC company.

2. Premium Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

One of the best home products for healthy living at home.

It presents an infusion of large capacity and smart humidification in the Premium Ultrasonic cool and warm humidifier. 

It also includes an essential oil diffuser which makes the air extremely light, breathable, and pleasant. 

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It can last up to 30 hours and cover up rooms across 500 square feet. 

You can choose between three levels of humidification, all of which suits all kinds of weather. 

  • Auto mode 
  • Constant humidity 
  • 5-speed levels

It is extremely easy to use and the touch button control makes it easier. 

Other perks of this humidifier include a detachable water tank that is easy to fit, remove, and clean inside-out. 

It gets refilled in a minute and works consistently for hours thereon. 

Also, get ready for the special, odor-eliminating lamp and aroma box which keeps the air fresh all day long.

Relish your sleep after a tiresome day with the ever adaptive and adjustable Ultrasonic cool and hot mist. 

With one year warranty and all features intact, you can get this humidifier for your home at a reasonable price.


– Remote control
– Comes with an essential oil diffuser
– Detachable water tank, easy to fill
– Easy to clean, low maintenance
– Very quiet
– 1-year warranty

– Instructions in the manual are not clear
– Customer service is not very active

3. Honeywell Home HE240A2001 HE240A

Level up the comfort and temperature of your house simultaneously by getting the Honeywell whole house modifier. 

This humidifier covers an area of 3000 square feet and is adjustable in all kinds of houses and weather. 

It diffuses heat and moisture evenly in every nook and corner of your house and keeps a healthy home environment. 

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One of the most liked features of this humidifier is that it captures and eliminates bacterial cells and viruses.

The Honeywell Home HC26P humidifier pad comes with an anti-microbial coating that prevents mold, fungus, and algae from thriving in the house so no fear of food spoilage even if it’s kept in the open.

It requires maintenance twice a year to keep its functionality top-notch and without any loopholes. 

This compatible and advanced humidifier is an ideal choice for your house if you prefer to cover a large space.


– The filter need changing twice a year
– Effective water distribution and usage
– Low maintenance
– 1-year warranty

– A bit noisy

4. TaoTronics Humidifier

Do you have a baby in your house who gets irked by the slightest amount of voice while sleeping? 

Are you tired of noise-inducing humidifiers and want a replacement? 

The TaoTronic humidifier has got you covered by its ultrasonic functioning with sound less than 38 dB. 

It has a tank capacity of 4L and can last up to 30 hours. 

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It is best suited for nurseries, rooms, and offices for the least disturbance and consistent humidity.

It has a built-in humidistat that will let you know the current RH instantly.

It can be adjusted as per choice as there are three mist levels provided. 

It provides a LED display to let you know all regulatory levels. 

However, when the night mode is switched on, the display is turned off to provide an optimum aura for a discreet sleep. 

It is recommended not to use essential oils with this humidifier as it will mess up the functioning. 


– Incredibly silent
– Water lasts for 20-30 hours
– Automatically turns off when water runs out
– The filter is easy to clean
– 1-year warranty

– Not ideal for essential oils
– Not ideal to use when humidity is too high

LEVOIT Humidifiers Home Appliance

The LEVOIT humidifiers provide both cool and warm mist to suit all weathers and accompany you throughout the year. 

It  does wonder in curing congestion, sinus, allergies, and cold. 

It incurs an auto mode that sets the humidity and heat level inside the house by automatically detecting the outside temperature. 

It maintains a comfortable humidity level throughout the day after a full refill. 

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The LEVOIT humidifiers also have an aroma box that can be filled with your preferred essential oil to keep the air fresh and clean. 

It covers large distances and suits spacious houses. 

With a tank capacity of 6L, it provides 60 hours of continuous functioning with moderate levels of mist (cold or warm).

It can be adjusted with a remote which makes it a preferred choice for many users. 

It falls under the category of ultra-quiet humidifiers that make negligible noise while functioning. 

Also, this humidifier is extremely easy to clean but remember to not let water enter the vent while cleaning. 

With tons of exciting features and customized working, it comes at a moderate price. 

It’s a sure win-win deal!


– Aroma box
– Remote control
– Easy to clean
– Ultra-quiet
– Runs for 60 hours at the low mist level

– Requires distilled water as tap water leaves white dust.
– This whole house humidifier is not ideal for wooden surfaces. You will need to place a towel on the wooden floor before putting the humidifier.

Some FAQs on Humidifiers

What should be the optimal humidity level for a bedroom while using a humidifier?

If you are sensing dry skin, an allergic reaction, or is waking up every morning with an irritating throat, then a warm mist humidifier can effectively check and prevent these minor health problems. 

For visible benefits, you can set the optimal humidity level between 45 – 50% for your bedroom. 

However, be sure of your home humidity level before consider buying one. A humidifier releases balanced moisture in the indoor air while a dehumidifier saves you from the allergens that thrive well in excess dampness.

Can I put a humidifier next to my bed?

Well, keeping a humidifier next to your bed is not recommended unless you are facing certain health issues. 

Placing a warm mist humidifier is very beneficial for those suffering from bleeding nose due to extreme seasonal dryness, sinus issue, nose congestion, and scaly skin.

With a humidifier near your bed, you are prone to certain risks, but the moisture emitted from this device can get you rid of those miserable mornings with congestion-free air passages and well-hydrated radiant skin. 

Can I run the humidifier and air purifier in the same bedroom?

Yes, you can have the benefits of both humidifier and air purifier in your bedroom by placing them a bit apart from each other. 

While a purifier efficiently improves the indoor air quality by filtering out allergens and heavy particles, the humidifier curbs down excess dryness in the room air by adding a balanced moisture level.

In fact, you can find 2 in 1 combo of air purifier and humidifier which is worth a deal as a single solution to several problems.

Should I close the door when using a humidifier?

Well, that depends on specific needs. 

Sometimes, excess room humidity can lead to ugly mold patches on the walls with an adverse impact on your health by triggering the growth of various allergens and particles.

For a balanced moisture level inside, sometimes it’s okay to keep the windows and doors open to let free airflow inside.

Also, a quality humidifier with built-in sensors automatically detects and adjusts the humidity level so that you don’t need to open the windows during harsh winters.

Should humidifier run all night?

If you are an inhabitant of a dry region and often experiences sleepless nights due to congested nose, and blocked air passage or is having bad mornings accompanied by the soaring throat and dry eyes, putting on a cool-mist humidifier all night long can effectively help in alleviating such problems by providing enough moisture.

Get uninterrupted sound sleep with an auto-adjusting humidifier near your bed that efficiently does its job in balancing the optimal humidity level of your room like a pro. 

What water to use in a humidifier?

A humidifier humidifies your room’s air which means the water inside the unit must be clean enough to release pure quality breathable air. 

To get the purest form of air to inhale, distilled water is recommended by the experts to be used in a humidifier.

Heavy particles like magnesium and calcium in unfiltered tap water, when put inside the humidifier have a fair chance to clog the filter and damage its function while making the indoor air quality poor and heavy to inhale. 

Can a humidifier cause dampness and mold?

Too much of everything is injurious and so is a humidifier. 

Moisture-laden air can have a lot of adversities on your home and health.

Get ready to experience mold patches on the walls and dampness everywhere, triggering the rise of allergens along with various health issues like asthma attacks, runny nose, whooping cough, watery eyes, and chronic respiratory diseases when a humidifier releases excess moisture indoor. 

Use a warm mist humidifier as the warm steam rules out the chances of mold build-ups.

Can I put salt in my humidifier?

Adding salt depends on the kind of humidifier you are using. 

Mixing salt in a cool-mist humidifier is of no use as they don’t work by heating. 

Go through the instructions manual to avoid any mishaps. 

Salt is just like other minerals in unfiltered water which boosts the boiling point inside to produce more steam, which works great with a steam humidifier, but the corrosive salt will eventually hamper the lifespan of the unit. 

Make sure to clean your humidifier thoroughly after every use.

What is the difference between a cold mist humidifier, warm mist humidifier, and steam humidifier?

A cool-mist humidifier is a safe option to avoid risks as they disperse cool mists in the indoor air with ultrasonic vibrations that atomizes the water into breathable microparticles. 

Whereas, a warm mist humidifier releases warm mist that generates from the boiling water heated inside, using electricity. 

A steam humidifier and a warm mist humidifier works almost in the same way, except, the steam one filters out the impurities that get deposited on its bed before releasing the hygienic mist out. 

While with the warm mist units, there is a probability of the impurities getting released in the air where it settles as heavy particles making the indoor air quality poor to inhale.

With a steam humidifier, you may need to add salt to increase the boiling point, but a warm mist humidifier doesn’t need any extra add on minerals, it works decently with clean distilled water. 

Cool mist humidifier is a safer choice especially for toddlers and pets, while warm mist humidifiers involve the risk of the hot water getting spilled, causing serious burns.

Warm mist humidifiers effectively combat excess dryness but can be avoided during the summer, while a cool mist is an ideal choice if you want to run humidifier 365 days.

What is the difference between humidifiers and vaporizers? Which is best for asthma: a vaporizer or a humidifier?

Both are made to lend a balanced moisture level in the indoor air, aiding in relief from dryness and its harsh impact on health. 

However, certain minute discrepancies make them a bit different.

Vaporizers work in the same way as that of a warm mist humidifier that releases sterilized mist from the boiling water heated by electricity. 

This warm mist is extremely beneficial for people suffering from asthma and sinus issues that mostly triggers during the winters. 

Whereas, the other humidifiers function differently in dispersing the moisture which doesn’t necessarily go through any heating and multiplies the risks of impurities getting released in the indoor air further deteriorating any such existing health conditions.

Bacteria and mold build-ups are less in vaporizer due to high heating while other humidifiers are prone to such bacterial and fungal damage. 

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