7 Natural Smells Dogs Hate The Most: Use It To Your Advantage

7 Natural Smells Dogs Hate The Most: Use It To Your Advantage

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Did you know that there are 7 natural smells dogs hate the most?

Your pet canine is not only a born sniffer but is vulnerable to certain smell that makes them uncomfortable and you can use it to your advantage. 

To understand the smells that dogs hate, you need to watch your dog’s response to certain things, situations, and other people.

Such observation can benefit you in keeping your dogs and the belongings safe. 

It’s natural for a dog to sniff anything first and act likewise. 

Hence, certain smells that you love or find normal can irritate your dog. 

To avoid such mess you must be well aware of your dog’s behavioral pattern.

There are 7 natural smells that you can use against your dog to keep them from performing irritating activities that you don’t like. 

For example, you can keep your dog off the furniture, stop them from digging holes in your garden or yard, chewing your carpet or shoes, peeing or pooping in the wrong places, or any other activity that is doing harm to your home ambiance and increasing your workload. 

We know that pet grooming at home is not easy but we assure you that by using these smells that dogs hate, you will be able to train your dog well. 

Let’s get started.

7 Smells Dogs Hate The Most 

If you are wondering what smells do dogs hate, the answer lies in the below paragraphs you are about to read. 

Although all dogs hate these smells mentioned in the article, we would still recommend you to test it on your dog to see which one irritates your pet the most.

Dogs Hate Citrus Fruit Smell

Dogs Hate Citrus Fruit Smell

Who doesn’t like the refreshing smell of citrus hovering around? 

The answer is so obvious unless you find your canine behaving weird whenever it senses citric fragrance. 

This is normal dog behavior as they highly avoid strong smell that irritates their olfactory nerves. 

But, what if you could use your dog’s weakness to keep your favorite belongings safe? 

You can apply essential oils extracted from citrus fruits like lemon and oranges on objects you want your dog to stay away from and the smell will stop your dog from chewing and biting.

Besides its irritable factor, these fruits can also affect your dog’s health due to their high acidic content which can cause food poisoning if accidentally ingested followed by other symptoms like drooling and trembling. 

So make sure your dog does not consume it accidentally. 

Vinegar Smell

Dogs Hate The Smell Of Vinegar

Here is another one of your dependable home remedies and solution to your problem. 

If you are wondering what smells can stop your dog from peeing or pooping around, try vinegar for an amazing result. 

Their intolerance towards vinegar is due to the pungent smell that also keeps them off from chewing objects.

This common kitchen ingredient when applied on furniture or car parked outside acts as a natural dog repellant and can protect your furniture and car from your pooch’s wrath. 

Although the random application of vinegar inside the home may refrain your canine from peeing or pooping around but will leave the entire space stinking. 

So make a diluted solution of water and vinegar to use as a safe dog repellent spray and as a disinfectant.

Dogs Hate Smell Of Alcohol

Alcohol Smell

If you are a dog owner, avoid getting home drunk as not only your family but even your dog will ignore cuddling you due to the strong odor. 

As dogs are naturally more responsive and sensitive to smell with burning sensations, they avoid sniffing alcoholic substances.

As alcohol has no such toxic or mild effect on your pooch it can be used wisely to keep them away from places you do not like them to be.

For example, if you have been trying to figure out smells dogs hate to keep off your furniture, carpets or bedroom try rubbing alcohol or spray it on your furniture or room.

You can even spray rubbing alcohol on objects that bear the most abuses done by your pet. 

However, you being the owner must stay cautioned in keeping alcohol out of the reach of your dog, as accidental consumption may cause certain health discomforts.

Spices Smell Dogs Hate

Spices Smell

The same spices that flavor up your dishes can mar the mood of your canine. 

Most dogs including yours hate the smell of spices like paprika, chilies, and bell pepper and hence maintain a safe distance to avoid any reaction.

You can use this weakness to check on your dog from digging holes in the backyard, garden, and under the fence by sprinkling or spraying some spices in the area where your dog digs the most and you will be surprised to see that the smell drives your dog away and they will not come back to that very spot again.

Other spices that you must keep away from your pooch are onion powder, nutmeg, and garlic owing to their chemical properties. 

We know using the smell of spices to ward off dogs can dent your budget; hence we suggest using commercial pet repellents with a strong spicy scent to get the job done.

Before you buy dog repellents online read this article on spices that are safe for your dog

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Even humans are advised to use essential oil with caution due to high concentration so proceed with care when you plan to use essential oil smells against your dog.

As their sniffing power is beyond awesome than any other creature, hence it’s obvious for them to hate strong essential oil smells that irritate their senses.

However, this curse for them could be a blessing for you as essential oils smell like citrus, mint, eucalyptus, and cinnamon are natural dog repellent. 

If you have a dog that barks uncontrollably and irritates you, your guests, and neighbors then you can use these smells of essential oil as dogs hate it the most and easily train and groom them at home so that they stop barking whenever they smell essential oil. 

Remember to always dilute the oil before spraying to keep dogs off the furniture and comfort spaces that you aren’t always in the mood to share with them. 

It’s important to note that excess exposure to essential oils is alarming for your dog.

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Plants Smell Dog Hates

Plant Smells Dogs Hate

Do you often notice your dog beating around the bushes or plants that grace your garden?

You may wonder what makes your pooch sniff around certain plants and urinate on them. 

It’s because they cannot stand the natural smell of that particular plant, flower, or herbs and expresses their distaste by chewing, ripping off, and peeing on them.

Topping the list is marigold that the dogs hate to the core including our favorite lavender and mint. 

So basically the plants we love to grow and bloom is a strict no for them. 

To save your favorite saplings from your dog’s aggression, you can grow bell pepper plants, and beautiful thorny bushes around your saplings to keep dogs away.

If your dog is fond of digging holes in your garden, yard, or under the fence, you can plant thorny bushes and pepper plants and your dog will stay away.

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Herbs Smell Dogs Hate

Herbs Smells Dogs Hate

Do you know that the Aloe Vera you swear by for your skincare or the mint that soothes you with its refreshing smell is unbearable for your dogs? 

You can or must grow these herbs as their smell keeps dogs off from digging the beautiful backyard or garden. 

The smell of herbs will also ward away street dogs from entering. 

The smell of certain herbs like rue, asparagus, Barbados lily not only helps in keeping dogs away but can also have a toxic effect on them. 

So if you are already a dog owner or planning an adoption, you must watch out for the safe dog deterring herbs to keep your premise pet safe and protected.

Here’s the list of plants name that is toxic and non-toxic for dogs. Go through them before you plant any herbs to keep your dog away.

Final Thoughts

Now when you know what wonder can your kitchen ingredients or certain plants do to tame your dog, you can try implementing to see the result. 

Commercial dog repellent may help to restrict your dog from destroying your belongings but always with a health side effect. 

Besides experimenting with natural dog repellent in the above-mentioned ways, you must also invest in pet grooming at home to help them behave. 

To use certain fragrances in keeping dogs off chewing and biting try to understand their responses if mild or serious. 

In case of alarming symptoms, rush to a vet for immediate treatment.

We hope this guide gave you an insight on natural smells dogs hate the most and how you can use it to keep them off your furniture, bedroom, carpets and stop them from peeing, pooping in wrong places, digging holes in your garden, yard, or under the fence and chewing, biting or tearing your favorite pair of shoes. 

Is there any other smell that your dog hates? Let us know in the comment box.

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