7 Smartwatch Health Benefits That Puts You In Charge Of Your Health

7 Smartwatch Health Benefits That Puts You In Charge Of Your Health

What are the smartwatch health benefits?

You might have asked this question to yourself many times.

Here’s what research says: 

The Lancet did research where patients struggling with metabolic syndrome were given a smartphone application with a target to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity per week. 

Patients activities were monitored regularly through the activity monitor data.

After a period of 6-months patients with smartphone application saw a reduction in their metabolic syndrome severity and cardiovascular disease.

It also improved patients’ mental health, social life, and work productivity.  

Many people accept the fact that smartwatches help improve their health conditions. 

It provides a constant source of motivation through push notifications, keeps your physical activities in check, and gives you full control over your health.

But that’s not all.

The world has accepted that minimization is the key to impression. 

There is no one who can neglect the indulgence in classy and updated accessories. 

Accessories talk about a person’s preferences and aura. 

With the advancement in the field of wearable technology, people are driven to smartwatches and the posh look it brings along. 

Several companies today manufacture and present technology-induced features in smartwatches. 

People have their own preferences when it comes to selecting smartwatches that suit their style. 

Let’s indulge in the types of smartwatches that will help you to choose your style as per your personality.

Further, we will also cover various smartwatch health benefits. 

We hope you too shall find a reason to get a smartwatch. 

What is a Smartwatch?


A smartwatch is a watch with a display screen sharp enough to read texts and show information.

However, the sharpness of the screen can’t be compared to that of a smartphone. 

But you do get every notification including emails, calls, and messages that can be displayed on your watch. 

This transfer of data happens via Bluetooth wireless technology.

So you have a replica of your own smartphone tied to your wrist.

Types of Smartwatch

There are 4 types of smartwatches.

1. Hybrid Smartwatch

Hybrid Smartwatches may look like your traditional, classic watches but it is powered by the latest version of smart technology. 

These sleek, intricate, and traditional watches are preferred by people whose hearts beat in the era long gone but minds run in the era which follows.

2. Fitness Tracker

Tailor-made for athletes and exercise enthusiasts, Fitness trackers are a radical change in the fitness industry. 

These watches keep a track of your workout sessions, the amount of calories burnt and consumed along with steps walked. 

It’s an ideal digital form of encouragement.

3. Simple Smartwatch

Simple smartwatches are a safe bet if you are a first time user of this smart technology. 

These watches vary in prices and brands according to the features they offer. 

4. Classic Smartwatch

Classic smartwatches are more authentic and sleek versions of the modern smartwatches.

The majority of classic smartwatches come with NFC and Google assistant, music and power, built-in GPS, and a workout coach. 

They are intentionally designed with vintage and classy look.

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7 Smartwatch Health Benefits That Improves Health Conditions

1. Measures your Heart Rate

smartwatch health benefits - measure heart rate

The latest report by the Heart Rhythm Society has shown the smartwatch health benefits.

According to the report, smartwatches incur 100 percent accuracy at detecting baseline heart rate. 

The heart rate during PSVT (episodes of the rapid heart rate) ranged from 108 bpm to 228 bpm. 

This feature of measuring and monitoring heart rate has proved to improve the health and consideration of heart patients towards their well-being. 

In the era we live in, a smartwatch is not just a watch but a life savior for several heart patients. 

It also allows you to track your heart rate during exercises allowing you to stay in a zone that is pushing your fitness streak. 

Some latest smartwatches like the Apple watch series 4 include the feature of ECG which helps to detect heart-related problems at initial stages. 

I think this gives you a reason to get a smartwatch for yourself.

2. Keeps Track of your Steps

smartwatch health benefits - track steps count

Your smartwatch will keep an accurate track of your steps and will notify you when your goal is near. 

You can set your daily goal for the specific number of steps you want to walk each day. 

This pushes our spirits and encourages us to carry on and complete the streak. 

Fitness enthusiasts have found this feature to be highly beneficial and one can easily find this in the majority of smartwatches.

3. Checks your Blood Pressure

smartwatch health benefits - checks blood pressure

This ground-breaking feature first emerged on the Omron heartguide smartwatch in January 2019. 

The feature was so in-vogue that it was also passed by the FDA in no time and ever since then people browse for this feature when they go to buy a smartwatch. 

According to reports, smartwatches have an appreciated accuracy in measuring blood pressure and they instantly beep or alarm the person when there is a drop or hike in the blood pressure. 

The advantage of using a smartwatch is you do not need regular visits to the doctor or incur the expenditure of buying a BP monitoring device. 

All you need is a smartwatch.

4. Measures Sleep

smartwatch measures sleep

A smartwatch can measure and monitor your sleep with the assistance of the accelerometer, gyro, and heart rate monitors.

Different smartwatches are designed with different algorithms to measure sleep time and quality. 

Lack of proper sleep is an issue that is faced by a majority of people of all age groups. 

But they tend to neglect it and the problem soon emerges into a bigger one. 

So instead of repenting it, it’s much better to get a smartwatch. 

You will be notified of your sleep pattern regularly. 

Enjoy your smartwatch health benefits by planing a sound sleep.

5. Measures Calories Burnt

smartwatch health benefits - measures calories burnt

Who doesn’t want to get fitter and healthier than they already are? 

I do and am sure you do as well, so why not do that in the best digital way possible. 

Smartwatches can measure the number of calories burnt by monitoring the physical activities you do daily. 

Like the number of steps or workout sessions, it incurs an accurate algorithm to regulate the calorie data of a body. 

You can set your daily goal as per your preference and keep getting notifications at regular intervals. 

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Wrap Up

As we have now come to terms with the various smartwatch health benefits, it’s also necessary to opt for the right kind of smartwatch. 

If your reason to get a smartwatch is linked to your health, you must opt for the one which incurs the following sensors as they help in the proper functioning of all health benefits of a smartwatch:  

  • Barometric altimeter, Compass, and Thermometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS
  • Wristband heart rate monitor

If you are a fitness freak and wish to have magazine cover bodies, it is recommended that you go for the smartwatch with a calorie meter, steps tracker, and other sports features. But 

If you are somebody who suffers from heart disease or irregular blood pressure levels, you must get a smartwatch with ECG features. 

In a broader sense, a smartwatch doesn’t only provide features like calling, texting, digital payments, navigation, and notification. 

It also contributes to the greater good of an individual’s health. 

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