About Us

I started Sane Idea in August 2020 with a simple goal – to help you make informed decisions when you are shopping online. 

Sane Idea is a product review and buying guide website. 

After spending countless hours researching online I handpick products that are best in the market and will suit your needs. I then analyze and compare the products, read reviews thoroughly shared by other users to make a decision if I should recommend the products to you. 

I review products into various categories like Home Improvement, Pets Products & Accessories, Outdoor Travel Gears, and Equipment for Men & Women. 

The How-To guides in these categories will help solve problems you struggle with, in your day-to-day life. 

To help you save time researching for products from the plethora of options available out there, I try my best to give you the best advice and information so that you can make the right choice before you swipe your credit card. 

I do not accept payments from companies or brands to promote positive reviews about their products on my website. My reviews and recommendations are independent and unbiased.

Start exploring the website and if you would like to reach me visit the Contact Us section. 

Chhavi Kumari

Chhavi Kumari_SaneIdea

Hi, I am Chhavi Kumari, a digital marketer, blogger & parent of two mischievous rabbits (Cookie & Snow). I have a passion for writing, a love for entertainment and a zeal to learn something new every day. If I were ever to be stranded on an island, I would probably have a pet bunny.

I love pets. I used to have two Dobermanns (Mig & Mirage, really aggressive towards strangers).

Since I live in an apartment now with my husband, we decided to adopt rabbits because they are apartment-friendly.

They feel happy exploring my plants, hopping and jumping on the couch, chewing wood, and my footwear.

Curious Rabbit

Cookie is always curious just like in this photo and Snow follows after Cookie is successful in his mischieve.

Chhavi & Jigar

I do however visit my friend sometimes. She has two Pitbulls (Jigar & Mishka). That’s me giving a treat to Jigar.

I used to love dissecting products as a child (clocks, binoculars, mobile, laptop, even wire, and batteries to name a few).

The last product I dissected was my father’s camera (I stopped pursuing this hobby soon after all the amazing photos of our trip and my aunt’s marriage got damaged.) Sorry, Dad 🙁 .

I still find products and their working mechanism fascinating, but I don’t dissect them anymore. Instead, I try to understand how they work (YouTube has helped a lot) 😉 .

My day starts with researching products, understanding their features, reading customer reviews, and finally sharing my findings with you through articles published here.

In my free time, you will find me reading a book, watching TV series, or disturbing Cookie/Snow 😛 .

I love to write about Home Improvement, Pets & Travel and I am constantly searching for the new products in these categories that will make my life easy and hassle-free. I know you want the same thing.

Choosing products from a plethora of options is a challenge. I spent hours researching products that will suit my needs. I am documenting my findings on this website so that you can make an informed decision too.

I reach out to experts (sometimes) to get their advice on a particular topic.

I am confident that the articles here will help you make the right decision.

Thanks for stopping by!