American Foxhound: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

American Foxhound: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

The American Foxhound is a gentle-natured family dog with refined hunting skills being a scent hound. 

These medium-sized hounds are best known for their large compassionate eyes and close resemblance with the Beagle.

This all-American leggy hound bonds well with the kids and even cats and is also the most preferred choice among the hunters for its superb pack-hunting prowess. 

The American Foxhound is an independent-natured dog, that thrives on adequate outdoor activities and your precious company. 

So, if you are looking for a brave-hearted hunting companion and a loving family dog, the American Foxhound will be your perfect furry mate.

Let’s learn everything about this dog breed in detail.

How much does an American Foxhound cost?

Buying a popular and low-maintenance American Foxhound puppy will cost you between $500 – $1000 on average, depending on various factors like the breeders’ reputation, availability of the breed, market demand, and health factors.

Though this breed is comparatively budget-friendly, buying a purebred comes with a hefty price but is worth investing in, considering a worry-free life ahead for your precious and happy parenting journey for you. 

Though most breeders preserve this dog for its huge popularity, you must source yours from an authorized breeder recognized by the AKC, or Westminster Kennel Club to ensure 100% transparency while obtaining your fur baby.

How to select American Foxhound breeders?

Though this breed is quite popular, obtaining a purebred is surprisingly challenging. Yes, you read that right. 

So, instead of getting duped by the scammers, apply these hacks to become a proud parent of a fit and sound American Foxhound.

  • Always vouch for ethical American Foxhound breeders approved by the AKC, Westminster Kennel Club, or such authorized kennels near you.
  • Visit the breeding facility to closely monitor the ambiance, the health of your pup’s parents, and their feeding needs.
  • Talk to the breeder about the health and vaccination update and minutely check the documentation before welcoming home your hound baby.

When does an American Foxhound get full size?

When does an American Foxhound get full size?

Watching your American Foxhound puppy turn adult is surely going to test your patience for the first 8 months, till it gets full-size at 12 months

The early 8 months of slow-rated growth is natural for this breed to ensure endurance with steady development of muscles and bones.

If you want your scent hound to grow into a healthy adult within the expected duration, you must pay extra attention to its diet, exercise, and grooming needs during the growing phase for your pet’s complaint-free lifespan. 

Besides feeding a balanced meal of protein to your growing puppy, make sure to include some low-intensity outdoor activities to keep your dog in shape and good mood.

On turning adult, a male American Foxhound’s weight ranges between 45 – 70 pounds, while a female weighs between 40 – 65 pounds. 

Height-wise, a male can grow up to 22 – 25 inches, while a female stands tall at 21 – 24 inches.

How to care for your American Foxhound puppy?

Caring for American Foxhound when they are puppies

The adorable American Foxhound puppy will need your consistent company and care from their 2nd month. 

Being an intelligent scent hound, you might find it difficult to make the Foxhound puppy obey your command during the starting days of your parenting journey, which will be solved gradually with early socialization training. 

You can also introduce your 2-month-old puppy to solid high-quality dry dog food after consulting with a vet to feed the right quantity in recommended intervals. 

When your puppy turns 3-months old, you can slowly include some low-intensity activities. This is also the best time to deworm and vaccinate your pup. 

As they shed less and don’t drool at all, you can enjoy the best of your time parenting this cute floppy-eared pup.

Caring for American Foxhound when they grow up

As your Foxhound pup slowly grows into an adult, everything from its daily care to diet needs to be changed for timely growth and sexual maturity. 

Once your hound turn 9 months old, it’s time to introduce some high-intensity workouts in its regular outdoor routine and feed protein-rich measured meals twice a day to support the endurance of this hunting dog.

A full-grown American Foxhound needs at least 90 minutes of exercise daily, either in the yard or dog park, which is vital for its holistic wellbeing. 

These dogs have short to medium thick coats, which you must brush daily and bathe your dog as needed. 

Don’t forget to check the distinct floppy ears of this hound as they tend to hold moisture which may lead to infection if not cleaned regularly.

How to groom an American Foxhound?

American Foxhound grooming is comparatively low-maintenance and you can do it easily with regular pet grooming at home. 

These scent hounds have a short smooth coat that is easy to manage with daily care to keep their shedding under control. 

As they are field dogs, it’s normal for them to trap dirt and dander among the hair strands, which must be removed with regular brushing or bathing once a month.

Besides regular coat care, you must also pay extra attention to their floppy ears and check them regularly to remove build-ups which may lead to painful infections. 

An American Foxhound, like other dog breeds, must have their teeth regularly cleaned and nails clipped for maximum hygiene and to appear like a well-groomed family dog.

However, you can also take your dog to a professional groomer if you find it hard to convince your strong-willed hound to a satisfying grooming session.

How much exercise does an American Foxhound need?

How much exercise does an American Foxhound need?

The key to an American Foxhound’s thriving health is plenty of outdoor activities and exercises so this dog can channel its unbridled energy to gain endurance and strength. 

This agile scent hound needs at least 90 minutes of daily workout that must include walking, jogging, fetching, and sometimes hiking, as they love being in their natural ambiance.

When out with your curious scent hound, make sure to put a leash on them as they easily get drawn to the distinct smell and start chasing, out of instinct. 

Though they are adaptable to any environment, they do best when left free in the yard or lawn. 

As they are highly intelligent, it might be difficult for you at times to convince them to actively participate in a daily workout regime. 

These brave-heart fox hunters need a high level of workout regularly besides some brain-storming games to keep them hooked to routine activities.

Does American Foxhound shed a lot?

Does American Foxhound shed a lot?

Dogs’ shedding is a natural process, and yes, like other breeds, the American Foxhounds shed too throughout the year but in moderation. 

However, with regular pet grooming at home by brushing their short and smooth coat, you can manage and keep their shedding in control.

Daily brushing, detangling and healthy nutrition are the only ways to keep your dog’s shedding in control and also promote their coat health and luster. 

Precisely, these hounds are low-shedding, but if you notice severe hair fall more than average, consult a vet without delaying to diagnose and treat any underlying condition on time.

Is American Foxhound hypoallergenic?

If you are looking for a safe furry pal that won’t trigger your allergy flares, then sorry, the American Foxhound isn’t for you. 

Though these hounds have a single-layered coat of short small hairs, it sheds moderately throughout the year. 

Besides, these field dogs need a daily outdoor activity, which may matt their coat with trapped dirt and dander, which are the main triggers for your allergy.

In short, American Foxhounds are not hypoallergenic but you can, however, manage your triggers by grooming your hound daily to keep off the dirt and dander and enjoy happy parenting without any fear.

Understanding American Foxhound Temperament

Understanding American Foxhound Temperament

An American Foxhound’s temperament is generally gentle, and sociable, which makes them one of the most preferred family dogs.

Bred to hunt in a pack, these scent hounds can also display their independent mood at times if they feel bored.

As they were earlier raised in a pack, these dogs are very cordial and outgoing at heart and prefer an active life. 

So, once you welcome this sociable pup home, introduce it to early socialization and to your neighborhood to raise it as a well-behaved dog. 

If trained on time and groomed properly, these hunting dogs can be extremely sweet and friendly with your entire family and kids. 

The best part about parenting an American Foxhound is you can also take them out on extreme adventures, hunting, and hiking.

Though they are generally friendly and sweet-tempered, they can also get aggressive if mistreated, raised without proper socialization, or if mostly left alone at home.

Another unique trait of this energetic dog is its musical howling which often amuses or entertains the owners. 

So, if you are an apartment dweller, keep in mind their vocal temperament before adoption.

How intelligent are American Foxhounds?

It’s quite tricky to judge the intelligence of the American Foxhounds because of their easygoing and stubborn nature. 

Though they are sweet-natured and adaptable family dogs, they can show late progress to pick your commands because of their independent nature. They behave as per their mood. 

So there is no need to conclude that these scent hounds aren’t smart enough.

Early socialization is the key to shed its reserved nature if you want your American Foxhound to act smart and responsive. 

It’s natural for the scent hounds like American Foxhound to respond late during training as they rely more on their sniffing to pick cues than on seeing. 

So, be patient and adopt a different training approach before blaming it all on your scent hound.

If trained properly, with time, you won’t regret your choice of owning the most intelligent American Foxhound. 

As they are quite sociable and adaptable, which is a sign of a highly intelligent breed, this dog needs your time and patience to learn new commands and respond to your instruction. 

We hope, these tips will help you set a cordial term with your dog. 

How easy is it to train American Foxhound?

Training an independent scent hound like an American Foxhound can test both your time and patience but it’s worth investing. 

As a hunting dog, you can expect some ignorance from your hound during the initial days of training. 

But with time, patience and consistency, you can surely expect some noticeable improvement in their stubborn tendencies and watch them get comfortable with you.

The best time to start training your baby hound is from their 6th month when they are a bit curious and hesitant around strangers. 

To make your puppy sociable and friendly start early socialization with the neighborhood and regular strolling in the park. 

This will help your shy hound to shed away its hesitation and become cordial around strangers and other pets in public.

As these outgoing dogs thrive on adequate exercise, make sure to involve them in plenty of regular outdoor activities like running, fetching, and sometimes hiking, as they are really fond of these. 

Also include brainstorming activities to help your hound catch commands and instructions faster to become your most loved smart and brave heart furry partner.

What type of hunting is best for American Foxhounds?

The leggy American Foxhound was bred to chase and hunt down grey and red foxes and also deer. 

But with time, they are now being regarded as one of the most loved and loyal family pets and so you might not find them in their real form. 

But once a hunter always a hunter and so is the American Foxhound, as you will often spot them sniffing to detect their prey in the yard and parks like squirrels, rabbits, and birds.

Though American Foxhound hunting has evolved with time, you can still find the best hunter when raising one on the countryside farm. 

These large scent hounds are in their best form when raised adequately in open spaces and an active lifestyle that involves a lot of working and chasing. 

You can also take this large hound on hiking as your trusted guard dog and active hunting partner in the wild.

American Foxhound Lifespan

With daily high-octane activities and a vet-recommended diet, American Foxhound can happily and healthily accompany you for up to 11 – 13 years.

They are a highly energetic dog breed with exceptional retrieving and hunting instincts. 

So if you want this great hound to be a part of your family, you must invest maximum time bonding and taking them on regular walks to keep them safe from separation anxiety.

Common Health Issues Associated With American Foxhound

The highly energetic American Foxhounds generally live a healthy life if raised through an activity-packed daily routine and recommended nutrition. 

But still can experience joint dysplasia common in large dog breeds that worsen in overweight dogs. 

To ensure your American Foxhound doesn’t suffer this painful condition don’t overfeed it and stick to only vet recommended potions.

An ear infection is another issue that disturbs the peace of floppy-eared American Foxhounds. 

So, keep checking their ear canals and pat them dry properly after every bath to keep yeast and bacterial infections at bay.

Final Thoughts

American Foxhound is the Beagle lookalike giant version with a sweet temperament that is surprisingly charming and expressive and the agility of a skilled hunter. 

Bred to chase and hunt down foxes, this breed suddenly gained huge acceptance in the household for its versatility as a possessive family dog and ideal hunting companion.

These happy outgoing hunting dogs are easy-going and can be an ideal family dog besides being your trusted hunting companion. 

They are best suited for country life and it would be better to avoid getting this breed if you are a city dweller. 

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