5 Best Electric Dog Fence To Keep Your From Wandering Off

5 Best Electric Dog Fence To Keep Your Dog From Wandering Off

Keep your furry friend from wandering off on its own with an electric dog fence.  

If happiness can ever be displayed in a physical form or being, the most probable answer would be a dog. 

And this ain’t just my answer, it’s the answer of every dog owner whose lives have been brightened up by these furry creatures. 

For someone so close and adorable, you are bound to be anxious about its safety and health at all times. 

They might be speechless, but they feel lost all the same as humans when they are separated from their caretakers. 

And to avoid any such situation, we present a foolproof solution in the form of an electric dog fence as they are one of the best dog accessories.

There are a variety of in-ground and wireless fence systems that help your dog stay safe and within safe premises at all times. 

Read the reviews on this pet product to find the best ones there are!


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5 Best Electric Dog Fence Comparison Chart – Easy Pet Grooming At Home

PetSafe Wireless Electric Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Electric Dog FenceDecent Product

  • Area Covered – 1/2 Acre
  • For Dogs Over 8 lb and Above
  • Indoor Transmitter  
  • Does Not Require Wires To Bury
  • Waterproof Dog Collar
  • 2 Months Battery Life
  • Sound Only Training With Training Book
  • Portable For Camping & Vacation
  • You Can Add Unlimited Dog Collars
SportsDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

SportsDOG Brand In-Ground Fence SystemsHighly Recommended

  • Area Covered –  1 ⅓ Acre
  • Extends Up To 100 Acres
  • For Dogs Up To 10 lb and Above
  • Rechargeable Dog Collar
  • Approx. 2 Months Battery Life
  • Vibration & Tone To Keep Your Dog Within Fence
  • 7 Static Simulation 
  • Waterproof & Submersible Dog Collar Up To 25 ft.
  • In-built Lightning Protector
  • 2 Years Warranty
Extreme Underground Wired Fence

Extreme Underground Wired FenceRecommended

  • Area Covered –  1/3 Acres
  • Extends Up To 6 Acres
  • Waterproof Collar Up To 10 ft.
  • Approx 4 Months Battery Life
  • Wires Can Be Submerged In Water 
  • 7 Correction Levels
  • Digital Transmitter
  • Customer Support
  • You Can Add Unlimited Dog Collar
  • 1 Year Warranty
COVONO Electric Dog Fence

COVONO Electric Dog FenceValue for Money

  • Area Covered – 3/4 Acre
  • Shock & Tone Correction
  • Ideal for 10 lb to 12 lb dogs
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof Collar
  • Battery Life 7 to 15 Days
  • Compatible With Unlimited Dogs
  • Lifetime Warranty
Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer

Patriot PE2 Electric Fence EnergizerGood Product

  • Area Coverage – 8 Acres
  • Aluminum Wire
  • LED Indicator
  • Not Waterproof

Highlights, Pros, and Cons of Each Dog Fence In Detail

PetSafe Wireless Electric Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Electric Dog Fence

This wireless dog fence comes with a secure ½ acre circular boundary without the trouble of burying and the overboard expenditure related to a physical fence.

It has great coverage and a customizable range with five adjustable levels depending on your furry friend’s mood.


  • From the main area of the placement, the circular range can be extended to ½ acres. The portable indoor transmitter promptly checks upon your dog’s location every moment. 
  • One of the top pet products by PetSafe comes with a provision of wireless fencing which makes it easier to install and maintain.
  • It takes a couple of hours to set up and negligible maintenance if you place it beyond the scope of weather adversities. 
  • It has a waterproof collar that fits neck sizes of 6-28 inches. 
  • The collar is compatible with all PetSafe wireless fence transmitters.


  • It makes sure your pet is within the premises and safe, it allows you to extend the coverage by three easy steps. Place your transmitter on the level you want coverage, Fix an outlet for power and make sure there are no metal objects around. 
  • PetSafe transmitter and fence provide circular coverage, additional base units, and camper coverage. 
  • With customizable levels and coverage modes, you can alter the fence as and when required.


  • The collar is not durable and loses connection with the base unit
  • Can be used for initial training only as the collar starts zapping. This might create fear and hyperactivity in your dog.

SportsDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

SportsDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

The SportsDOG Brand In-Ground fence systems have broken all bars of expectations and outshone all contemporary brands.

It features the li-ion battery which lasts up to one or two months.

It may sound unbelievable but SportsDog fence systems are as real as they can get with static stimulation, wide-area coverage, and dryer technology in the collar. 


  • This wired dog fence is easy to install and covers 1 ⅓ acre of land for one dog. However, this range can be extended up to 100 acres with additional wire and flags. 
  • It incurs a rechargeable collar with lithium-ion batteries which also happens to be waterproof and submersible to 25 ft. 
  • This wired dog fence is one of the best accessories as it can take care of multiple dogs at once with enough collars.
  • It has an in-built lightning protector and transmitter features for the added safety of your furry friend.


  • It has a containment system with on-demand remote training to teach your dog(s) some vital lessons on the go. 
  • This in-ground fence system also includes tones, vibrations, and other seven levels of static stimulation to warn your dog. 
  • The waterproof collars make this system so much more durable and better.


  • It takes time to install and the additional costs of wiring seem overboard. 
  • The battery on the collar is reviewed to be a bit large for a normal dog, it may lead to inconvenient obstruction. 
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Extreme Underground Wired Fence

Extreme Underground Wired Electric Dog Fence

The Extreme dog fence is the ultimate and hands-down the best D.I.Y static correction pet containment system for owners.

It has an expandable coverage range and no limits on the number of dogs.

The wired fence allows you to set a boundary exactly where you require and to set your dog free while being safe and secure.


  • It covers up to 6 acres and the updated electronics are designed for compatibility with multiple collar options. 
  • The eXtreme dog collar is highly waterproof and submersible up to 10 ft. 
  • The standard fence kit includes a 20 gauge high tensile boundary wire with a heavy protective jacket, digital transmitter, collar receiver, battery, training flags, and splice kits. 


  • This product by Extreme is one of the best for your pet as the temperature check feature keeps the fence field stable and comfortable for your dog.
  • The wire check automatically fixes and turns up as an alternate way in case of wire problems and also adjusts the amount of signal power. 
  • The battery check keeps an eye on your dog and eliminates false low battery indicators.


  • The shock isn’t intense enough to warn your dog and make him aware of the safe area.
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COVONO Electric Dog Fence

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

Training your pet becomes a lot easier with COVONO electric dog fence, which covers 3/4 acre and is available with a 650 feet boundary.

With expandable and adjustable wire which can be molded in any possible shape, the COVONO fence protects the dog from escaping to unwanted places.


  • This above-ground electric dog fence helps to train the dogs in an effective and safe manner.
  • With 3/4 acre coverage and wires that can expand to 650 feet boundary, this dog accessory makes your dog feel free to roam and play in its area.
  • It includes a feature of customizing the intensity of the shock to make sure the dog is warned and not scared. 
  • With extra collar receivers, the fence is compatible with an unlimited number of dogs.


  • Easy installation and use. 
  • The collar receiver is waterproof and adjustable. 
  • Suitable for dogs weighing between the range – 10 lbs to 120 lbs
  • It includes a strong and durable fence wire which is rust-free and needs negligible maintenance.


  • The intensity of shock can not be adjusted.
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Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

The Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer is power-packed with features and durability to keep your dog safe and healthy at all times.

It accompanies you in the long haul and is worth every penny spent on it. 


  • It includes a Patriot Electric Fence Charger plus, 250ft spool of Patriot made in the USA 17 Gauge aluminum wire and quick tip guide. 
  • It will keep dogs from digging out of their pen.
  • One of the best pet products with a strong aluminum structure that is rust-free.
  • The ground system should be at least 33′ away from electric ground systems.


  • It incurs a prompt and responsive alarm stimulation which comes in handy in case the dog tries to escape the fence by breaking the wire.
  • Features like ‘Speed Detection’ help the owner to monitor the dog’s speed when it is approaching the boundary.


  • The electric dog fence is not waterproof so you will have to take extra measures to insulate it from wet soil or during rainy seasons. 
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