Best Indoor Grill Griddle Combo

9 Best Indoor Grill Griddle Combo in 2022

Last Updated: August 1, 2022

Party on mind? It’s time to get the best indoor grill griddle combo to feed your guest with mouth-watering delicacies and BBQs. 

This kitchen appliance is bliss maintaining your healthy eating with flavorful items even at parties and gatherings.

From making sumptuous breakfasts like English muffins and toast to restaurant-style meals, this combo unit is a must-have kitchen item if you are fond of experimental cooking and exotic cuisines. 

Grill griddle combo is an excellent choice in showcasing your cooking craft without messing the party fun. 

With almost zero smoke and faster cooking, it saves your bonding time with your guests.

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9 Best Indoor Grill Griddle Combo

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Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Griddle And Grill – Best Overall

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Investing in this 3-in-1 versatile unit is the smartest choice for big families. 

Now, making a wide variety of delicious cuisines from the comfort of your home is as simple as it sounds without any mess.

This electric griddle grill combo is crafted from safe and sturdy aluminum making it a versatile kitchen appliance.

It consists of a reversible plate with grill and griddle surfaces on each side simplifying your cooking experience.

There are two independent cooking surfaces with a center grease channel in the middle and adjustable heat settings.

Its dual adjustable heat enables faster and perfect cooking inside out.

You can easily cook any kind of meat of any cuts on its spacious surface.

This grill and griddle combination comes with a 180 square inch cooking area offering up to 8 servings for a big family.

Complete grease-free cooking with a dripping tray underneath makes it a must-have accessory for your kitchen.

Its twin removable non-stick plates are easy to clean and assemble.

Mega Chef Indoor Grill And Griddle – Best Budget

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This lightweight indoor grill and griddle deserve a place among your kitchen accessories and items for its impressive features.

Cook anything from grilled meat to vegetables as you wish from the comfort of your home.

The design of this griddle grill combo is user-friendly with a large cooking surface for convenient cooking.

This unit from Mega Chef is crafted from food-grade aluminum with a grease-free coating on both sides.

What caught our eye is its removable glass lid.

If you are like me and love to watch your food being cooked slowly, turning from light brown to crispy and crunchy then this grill griddle combo is for you.

You can keep a dotting watch on your items getting cooked through the glass lid.

The lid is securely held with a closing latch to prevent any mishaps.

Its reversible cooking areas offer maximum convenience to make relishing delicacies in lesser time.

This budget-friendly kitchen appliance comes with a removable drip tray that collects all the excess fats and oils.

The whole appliance is sturdy yet lightweight so you can move it anywhere you want, from your kitchen counter to outdoors (camping, backyard, etc.) 

Cleaning and maintaining post-cooking is simple and easy, all you need is a moist towel to wipe the surface clean after you are done.

DeLonghi BGR50 – Best Electric Reversible Grill Griddle

No products found.

This electric griddle grill combo offers the simplest way to make several dishes in one go.

Ideal for BBQ parties, this kitchen appliance is the smartest addition to simplifying your culinary life.

The dual cooking zone is designed with a flat and textured surface for a perfect grill and griddle.

Its thoughtfully crafted surfaces help in retaining the original flavor of the dishes meeting different cooking needs.

The non-stick coating surface offers effortless flipping and evenly flamed pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, French toasts, and steaks.

Easily cook multiple flavorful delicacies with its adjustable temperature controls.

The grill and griddle plates are dishwasher safe which means easy cleaning with peace of mind. 

The removable drip tray collects excess oil and offers a healthy grease-free cooking experience.

If you are looking for a grill griddle combination for a large family or mid-size gathering, then this will certainly serve its purpose. 

Secura Electric 2-in-1 Grill Griddle Best For Small Kitchen (With Removeable Glass Lid)

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Next on our list is the Secura smokeless indoor grill with griddle combo designed to save your time with its unlimited cooking convenience for BBQ and grilling. 

This 2-in-1 grill and griddle have a sizeable non-stick cooking plate and spacious cooking surface to enable easy hand movements while cooking. 

Designed thoughtfully with a removable glass lid so you can watch your food getting cooked to ensure the exact desired texture. 

With this grill-griddle combo at home, you can enjoy two times more cooking convenience on its reversible cooking plate and adjustable thermostat control.

This space-saving appliance is a perfect fit for a smaller kitchen equipped with a heavy-duty tri-ply cooking plate in between the grill and griddle plate to ensure a hassle-free kitchen life. 

Tri-ply cookware consists of three layers of metals infused together to give durability and toughness to the cookware and cooks food evenly. The metals used in tri-ply cookware are generally stainless steel and copper/aluminum.

With its cool touch handles, adjustable removable temperature control, and heating light indicator, you will enjoy safer and faster cooking under the right temperature needed for different cuisines. 

Now enjoy healthy treats cooking in this kitchen gear as the grease channels drain out excess oil beneath the removable drip tray and offer efficient performance backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet – Best For A Family Of 4

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Your cooking will certainly become fun and easy with this indoor electric grill and griddle because of the convenience it offers.

Specially designed for Panini, this appliance helps prepare a delicious breakfast and a whole meal.

If you or any of your family members are a Panini lover then you can easily make the perfect Panini sandwiches on its Panini press with a hinged floating cover.

You can also make delicious hamburgers and juicy steaks on its contract grill surface and eggs, pancakes, and bacon by transforming it into a full griddle.

The non-stick removable plates are easy to clean and the knobs are easy-to-use. 

The knob selectors come with adjustable temperature settings so you will get perfectly cooked items.

The full grill style enables expanding the cooking surface with the grill pallets in the open.

Its half grill and half griddle option save maximum time with the utmost convenience of easy cooking.

This 5-in-1 multifunctional grill griddle is ideal for making pancakes, and panini sandwiches for an entire meal for a family of 4.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill Best For A Small Group Of 6 People

No products found.

The perfect indoor griddle grill combo is what you need to meet your food cravings.

Enjoy a wide variety of relishing items without hitting the restaurants and from your comfort zone.

Enjoy 3-in-1 cooking versatility with its indoor grill, griddle, and bacon cooker.

Features a 100 sq. in. large surface for convenient cooking of full-size turkey and large steaks.

The appliance is made from a durable and safe plastic material and is available in different styles at a budget-friendly price range.

Enjoy evenly cooked grilled and griddled items with adjustable heat settings up to 400 degrees perfectly engineered to serve up to 6 people.

Its non-stick cooking surface facilitates smooth flipping and grease-free cooking.

This kitchen gear is designed with removable non-stick plates and a drip tray which is very easy to clean.

Enjoy faster and more efficient cooking in less than 10 minutes.

Techwood Raclette Electric Grill And Griddle – Best For Large Group Of 8 – 10 People

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This electric indoor grill griddle combo is our top favorite for party folks, and house gatherings, and for offering versatile cooking options. 

This 2-in-1 kitchen appliance has a reversible grill griddle plate to save your time and inconvenience in pulling out separate appliances every time while cooking.

This one grill is enough to feed your family and friends in the backyard or at house parties.

Conveniently cook anything on its flat and spacious surface featuring grooved sides to allow you to grill in the desired shade and remove it easily.

The raclette table of this 1500 watts electric grill is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, offering an impressive heating range of up to 450 degrees F with visible indicator lights for effortlessly cooking meat and seafood in a few minutes.

With 8 individual non-stick grill pans for raclette cheese, cooking sides, and sauces, this indoor grill makes cooking healthier and better with very little or zero use of oil or butter. 

The dishwasher-safe grill plates are another reason to consider buying this Techwood indoor grill available in multiple shades with a 30-day hassle-free return policy & 18 months warranty.

Wolante Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill Griddle Best For Countertop (Smokeless Cooking)

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Disgusted with everyday cooking smoke and lingering food odor? 

The Wolante countertop grill and griddle come with a 2-way advanced smoke extraction to solve your cooking concern.

Its non-stick ceramic construction and digital temperature control let you confidently grill various dishes with the perfect texture and flavor.

This electric griddle grill combo is our hot favorite for its 15mm double U-heating tubes that can heat up to 450 degrees F like a charcoal grill but with precise temperature control.

Not only does it solve your everyday cooking needs faster and better but eliminates cooking odor and smoke with its built-in turbofan and a water pan that absorbs the remaining smoke and airborne molecules from the surroundings. 

Experience hassle-free daily cooking without worrying about sticking and scraping off the residue from the non-stick grill and griddle plates. 

You can conveniently cook a variety of food in one go in this spacious cooking gear. 

The drip tray below collects all the dripping fat and oil making your food healthier. 

The removable parts are dishwasher safe, made of food-grade materials, and have advanced auto-safety features to offer you safe and healthy cooking.

Tectake Electric 2-in-1 Grill And Griddle Best Compact

No products found.

Gracing the last slot is the indoor electric grill griddle combo by Tetcake made from premium quality sturdy aluminum featuring a nonstick ceramic grill, sizeable ceramic griddle plate, ceramic-coated dripping pan, and a burn-proof base.

This tabletop gear perfectly grills steaks, fish, and vegetables with the desired grill marks, while the griddle plate makes delicious fried eggs and pancakes. 

With 5 level temperature control that can heat the cooking surface to 430 degrees F, you can cook several varieties of food in this 2-in-1 kitchen appliance. 

This specifically engineered smokeless grill is bliss in keeping your kitchen and indoors free of lingering cooking odor and smoke. 

Prepare daily healthy meals on the non-stick ceramic surface, designed with leaking holes that slide off the excess oil while cooking. 

Its square grill surface is spacious enough to cook large steaks, bacon, fish, and vegetables all at the same time to offer you a hassle-free and time-saving cooking experience every time.

This indoor grill griddle comes with a promise to treat you with mouth-watering grilled items cooked at a constant temperature and with a recipe book to expose the hidden 5-star chef in you.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Grill Griddle Combo

Cooking Area & Size Of The Appliance

While buying an indoor grill griddle combo, the first thing to consider is the cooktop area based on your daily cooking needs. 

If you are single or have a small family, then a medium-sized grill surface is enough to feed your cravings.

However, if you organize frequent house parties or backyard BBQ, then you must lookout for a heavy-duty grill griddle combo with a spacious cooking surface to make multiple recipes and serve at once. 

The size of this kitchen appliance will also depend on your available kitchen space. 

So we would recommend making an informed purchase by understanding what suits your requirement the best before buying your grill and griddle.

Temperature Settings

Hope you know that cooking at a certain temperature is the key to different drool-worthy dishes. 

Although this is a must-have kitchen item but while buying it, check the features carefully to know if the model has adjustable thermostat control. 

This advanced feature lets you set and adjust the ideal temperature required to cook various time-taking items like meat, bacon, fish with the desired texture, and even cooking inside out.

With this adjustable temperature control, you can grill to perfection without burning or charring.

Easy to Use & Clean

Who wants to get waste scrubbing the greasy grill and plates after a hearty meal? 

So, make your selection smartly by getting yourself a grill griddle combo rather than separately using a griddle and the grill. 

Secondly, check the construction and if the plates or grill has a non-stick coating to enjoy grease-free cooking and easy cleaning post-use.

Using a grill griddle combo reduces your cooking time with its advanced features and you also don’t need to clean each appliance separately.

Dishwasher Friendly

Besides non-sticky construction, another factor to consider for hassle-free cleaning is if the grill griddle is dishwasher safe. 

This one feature reduces all your stress of piling up the plates in the sink and wasting your time scrubbing, washing, and drying.

Buying a dishwasher-safe grill griddle combo removes all your cleaning stress so that you can focus more on cooking and grilling whatever is on your wish list. 

Portable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Portability is another crucial factor to consider so that you can effortlessly move the appliance from indoor to outdoor and vice versa depending on its utility. 

So don’t rush after lucrative deals and get yourself a reasonably sized grill griddle unit that you can easily use indoor and move outside and even take with you while camping. 

If you love partying with your gang in the backyard, then avoid the heavy-duty bulky ones and go for the compact grill and griddle combo that is easy to use and move. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a griddle healthier than a grill?

Griddle and grilled delicacies might make you drool and seems healthy but, eminent researchers have come up with some alarming consequences of consuming grilled foods that can adversely impact your health.

The most common food items we grill are whole chicken, pork, and beef that need to be cooked at a constant temperature and not to miss those perfect grill marks. 

Everything seems to be perfectly fine for preparing grilled meat, but it is the overheating that is concerning.

Here is why? When you grill meat on an open flame or barbeque, the maximum temperature can rise to 450 degrees F or 232 degrees C making the meat dry by melting the fat and juices dripping down on the heated surface below. 

This process creates certain toxic compounds like HCAs (heterocyclic amines), and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) that rise up the surface and get absorbed in the meat, making it carcinogenic.

Wondering if the griddle is safe or not? Safe to an extent when you toss some veggies, make pancakes and eggs on a griddle, but avoid meats or cook it at the optimum temperature

This is because the melted fat cannot drain the flat griddle surface, and you end up cooking oily unhealthy meals.

How to clean the griddle grill after cooking?

Disassembling and cleaning these smart kitchen appliances is indeed one heck of a job, but following our easy simple tips, you can effortlessly complete this chore in much less time.

1. To begin with, keep pair of gloves, scraper, scrubbing pads, washcloths, and water bucket handy.

2. Let the sizzling grill griddle combo cool down before cleaning to avoid burn and injuries. 

3. Once the unit cools down, grab a scraper to gently scrape off the grease and residue.

4. Then grab a tissue or washcloth to wipe clean the remaining residue after scraping and pour warm water if needed to wash off the stubborn chunks and dirt.

5. Now gently start scrubbing the griddle plates and grill with vinegar solution. White vinegar solution is a great aid in cleaning between the grills.

6. Lastly, don’t forget to season the grill and griddle for future use and avoid harsh cleaning agents to avoid damaging the seasoning.

What to cook on grill griddle?

If you are wondering what to cook on your newly bought grill griddle, here’s a list of items you can start with.

Food to cook on a grill

Whoop! the options are endless and I am already drooling. So if you just got a grill and don’t know what to make, here are some recipes to try:

1. Sandwiches
2. Grilled vegetables
3. Shish kabobs
4. Cabbage steaks
5. Grilled shrimps and crabs

Start with these simple recipes to take forward your grilling obsession to the next level. 

Food to cook on a griddle

Griddles are the best to make fast and oil-free healthy meals. On its flat top spacious surface, you can make many dishes at once like

1. Pancakes for your entire group
2. Fluffy omelette and egg fries
3. Salmon and bacon
4. Sausage French toast and a lot more

Griddles are the efficient gear for tasty and healthy foods.

What is the difference between griddle and grill?

Though both the functionalities are now combined in a single unit for your convenience, here are the basic points to differentiate between a grill and a griddle.

1. A grill features raised edges, whereas griddles have flat cooking surfaces.

2. Most griddles have cast iron or steel construction whereas, grills are available in different metals like nickel, cast iron, and porcelain.

3. While griddles have extensive uses to make healthy breakfasts, grills have specific utilization during festivities to cook whole meat, veggies, and sausages.

4. Flat griddles are easy to clean, while grills with raised edges can be a bit difficult to clean and season, so it’s best to go with a dishwasher-friendly appliance.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best indoor grill griddle combo that meets your cooking needs, matches your kitchen aesthetics, and fits your budget is quite confusing with so many feature-packed models in the market.

But when you have us as your trusted buying guide, you can surely consider our featured list to get complete details of each cooking appliance to make an informed buying decision.

We have featured these must-have kitchen appliances only after strictly scrutinizing buyers’ ratings, reviews, and each of their functionalities in simplifying your daily kitchen chores. 

We hope this detailed guide will help you get the best one for your kitchen.

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