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11 Best Portable Ice Maker For Kitchen Countertop

Last Updated: February 26, 2022

Yes, the market is brimming with portable ice maker machines for freezing ice faster.

It is a reliable device that makes ice in the shortest possible time anywhere and relieves you of the stress of worrying about the ice cubes. 

All you need is some water and the maker will do the work of generating ice cubes whether you need it for your home or outdoor activities. 

The latest models are smarter, energy-efficient, and economical. 

You can easily add the ice maker to your camping backpack or backyard parties for instant access to those chilled cubes elevating the taste of your favorite drinks and for other emergency purposes. 

Help yourself in selecting the best portable ice maker from the below review and buying guide.


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Our Top Pick

Are you in a hurry? Do not have time to read the full article?

In that case, we highly recommend you to go with Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Portable Ice Maker that makes 9 ice cubes in 7 to 9 minutes and is super easy to clean.

Here’s a quick detail about this ice maker:

Highly Recommended
Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Ice Maker

Get crystal clear ice cubes with this ice maker.

This affordable home product is perfect for both small and large kitchens.

The ice produced by this portable machine looks great floating on party drinks and cocktails.

A super-efficient portable unit by Frigidaires.

Now, never run out of ice with this ice maker around the corner.

Stay party-ready as it produces 9 cubes of fast ice every 7- 15 minutes.

Makes 26 lbs of ice per day, sufficient enough to feed in small parties.

Whisper-quiet operation emitting less than 38 decibels without impacting the party ambiance.

A complete hassle-free installation that requires just the water and power to start making fast ice.

Body crafted from stainless steel lending it a premium look and finish.

This kitchen appliance is a lightweight, stylish and compact unit that ensures a constant ice supply to keep the fun going.

Features a large transparent window on the lid, letting the user watch the process and status.

Attached with a drain plug for emptying the unused water and easy cleaning.

The package includes an ice shovel for hygienically removing the ice.

How to choose the best portable ice maker?

The best portable ice maker should be durable, quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to use. Also, check the size and capacity of the ice maker as per your requirement. Below we have discussed all the parameters in detail.

Durable & Quiet

Portable ice makers are meant to be lightweight to be easily carried anywhere, but always check out the durability to ensure lasting performance. 

The best portable ice makers have a solid stainless steel body and make ice faster with lesser or zero sound by its quiet processor for uninterrupted party fun.

Size & Capacity

Available in a compact size for a perfect fit in your kitchen or bar countertop. 

Their compactness makes them easy to port and the best one will never disappoint you performance-wise. 

Equipped with 1.8 or 3 liters of tank that is sufficient enough to produce maximum cubes for any party.

Easy to Install

Installing a portable ice-making machine is no rocket science. 

These compact units come with instant and effortless installation and for further help, one can also consider the instruction manual. 

Simply add water as required, plug into a power outlet and the cubes are ready in just a few minutes.

Easy to Clean

Go for the ice makers with convenient maintenance especially the one with an auto cleaning option. 

Machines with stainless steel construction are easier to clean inside out while the auto cleaning option offers complete peace of mind for the users. 

Some portable ice makers also have a draining outlet for emptying unused water.

Energy Efficient

Good quality ice makers consume a maximum of 150W to make sufficient ice.  

This makes them quite an energy-efficient unit to be used at home and backyard gatherings.

Look out for the energy star-certified ice-making machines that use a minimum of 120W of power without any major impact on your utility bills.

Ice Size Option

Popular ice maker brands offer various ice size options to let you select your favorite ice size for adding them into your favorite drinks and dishes. 

Some machines offer only one size while some ice makers offer to choose between different ice size options as in cube and bullet form.


While buying, make sure that your favorite ice-making unit comes with a commendable warranty period with an active customer support team. 

Investing in a good brand or buying from a certified dealer offers cost-free services like repair and replacement in case of any manufacturing defect and damage.

Display Panel

The display panel is an exclusive feature in most portable ice makers. 

With soothing lumen, the display panel has a few key indicators facilitating convenient operation that lightens up to alert when the bucket or tank is full. 

Users can also adjust certain functionalities using the panel buttons.

A Quick Comparison of Best Portable Ice Maker


LITBOOS Portable Ice Maker Machine CountertopValue for Money

  • 1.7 Liters Tank Capacity
  • 9 Ice Cubes in 7 to 9 Minutes
  • 26 lbs Ice in a Day
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Light Indicators
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Easy to Carry

Prime Home Electric CountertopGood Product

  • 2.2 Liters Tank Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Store Ice After Making
  • Ice Cubes in 8 Minutes
  • 26 lbs Ice In 24 Hours
  • Lightweight & Easy to Carry
  • Auto Shuts Once Ice Bucket is Full

Brightown Countertop Ice Maker Machine Decent Product

  • 2.2 Liter Tank Capacity
  • 9 Ice Cubes in 6 Minutes
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 26 lbs Ice in 24 Hours
  • Light Indicators
  • Auto Shuts Once Ice Bucket is Full
  • Removable Ice Bucket
  • Easy to Clean

NewAir Portable Ice Maker CountertopRecommended

  • Makes Ice in 6 Minutes
  • 28 lbs Ice Daily
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 3 Ice Cube Shape Options
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Removable Ice Bucket
  • Sleek & Stylish
  • 1 Year Warranty

Frigidaire EFIC108-B-BlackHighly Recommended

  • 26 lbs Ice Daily
  • 2 Ice Size Options
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 9 Ice Cubes in 7-15 Minutes
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • See-Through Window
  • Drainage Plug & Easy Cleaning

11 Best Portable Ice Maker

Value for Money
LITBOOS Portable Ice Maker Machine Countertop

LITBOOS Portable Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Whatever is the occasion, get this trusted companion from LITBOOS for instant ice when needed.

One of the best portable ice makers for camping in the market ideal for outdoor activities, parties, and trips.

This compact kitchen appliance makes an excellent fit for the tabletop and counter and is easier to carry.

Instant 9 bullet ice cubes within 7-9 minutes, making 26lbs ice per day ensuring constant supply.

Made from high-quality stainless steel lending an elegant outlook and lasting performance.

Comes in a dimension of 9.5*13*14.1” giving it a compact and stylish touch.

This ETL-certified portable machine has a BPA-free ice scoop and basket ensuring healthy consumption.

Effortless installation that starts its job after 24 hours once the coolant is all set.

A bright indicator that alerts the user once the basket is full or during insufficient water.

Loaded with a powerful compressor that consumes only 150W for producing faster ice.

An environment-friendly device that reuses the melted water for making new ice.

Excellent shipping and customer support assistance.

What we liked 🙂

  • Energy efficient
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Durable 
  • Stainless steel body

What we didn’t like 🙁

  • No auto-clean feature

Good Product
Prime Home Electric Countertop

Prime Home Electric Countertop

What else do you need if you own this portable ice maker machine to make the best of your family party time?

Designed with simplicity, this kitchen appliance is the best deal to seal the ultimate purpose while reducing power expenses.

Get 26 lbs of ice/day as the machine produces fresh bullet cubes every 8 minutes.

Features a user-friendly control panel with an intelligent indicator that illuminates when the basket is full or when water is needed.

Very easy to install, fill and clean through an outlet at the bottom to drain out unused water.

Make instant ice simply by adding water, selecting the desired size of the cube, plugin, and pressing the power button.

Loaded with a 2.2 liters water reservoir making adequate ice for small parties and outdoor gatherings.

It falls under the category of affordable portable products for the kitchen because it is quite an energy-saving investment as the powerful compressor inside consumes less power without compromising on the performance.

Produces less noise during ice making without interrupting the fun.

Comes in a compact size perfect to fit on a countertop.

What we liked 🙂

  • Easy cleaning
  • Store ice in the ice maker 
  • Reuses the melted water to make ice cubes
  • Removable ice bucket and ice scoop

What we didn’t like 🙁

  • Makes noise while making ice cubes

Decent Product
Brightown Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Brightown Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Whether it’s about beating the heat or instant relief from swollen pain and injuries get instant ice that tastes just like ice from this countertop ice maker that does what it claims.

Features a bright digital display with multiple functioning buttons to make easy ice as per taste and preference.

Can produces 9 chewable round bullet ice every 6 minutes which adds up to 26 pounds in 24 hours.

Has smart features that automatically shut off preventing overload of the basket or during water requirement.

Can produce both round bullet ice and square ice cubes perfect to add in drinks and other delicacies.

Features a see-through window on the top to let you have a watch on the processing.

This economical ice maker is also super quiet during the process producing only 45db.

Has an elegant stainless steel body with a BPA-free plastic ice scoop and removable basket.

A super convenient device with a bottom drain hole for easy cleaning.

What we liked 🙂

  • User-friendly display panel
  • See-through window
  • Economical
  • Auto shut off
  • Low noise
  • Super quiet processing

What we didn’t like 🙁

  • Poor life span

NewAir Portable Ice Maker Countertop

NewAir Portable Ice Maker Countertop

This is the second-best portable ice maker that you can use for camping or other outdoor activities.

Based on users’ ratings this kitchen appliance is a must-buy for your next house party and gatherings.

With simple features, it produces ice faster and in no time.

A stylish combination of black and stainless steel body elevates the aesthetics of your counter.

A convenient feature to select from 3 available ice size options.

A portable, compact and stylish unit to be easily carried anywhere.

Produces 28 pounds of ice per day and within 6 minutes.

Comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Designed with built-in safety features ensuring complete peace of mind.

Its compact outlook occupies limited space making it a perfect fit for bar and kitchen countertop.

Easy to clean and upkeep through a thoughtfully designed side-mounted drain for emptying.

Features 2 indicators that light up once the basket is full or when water is needed.

This portable ice maker is a perfect fit for RVs and apartments.

What we liked 🙂

  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart features
  • Ice size options
  • LED control panel
  • Stylish
  • A perfect gift

What we didn’t like 🙁

  • Not ideal for big parties

Highly Recommended
Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Ice Maker

Get crystal clear ice cubes with this ice maker.

This affordable home product is perfect for both small and large kitchens.

The ice produced by this portable machine looks great floating on party drinks and cocktails.

A super-efficient portable unit by Frigidaires.

Now, never run out of ice with this ice maker around the corner.

Stay party-ready as it produces 9 cubes of fast ice every 7- 15 minutes.

Makes 26 lbs of ice per day, sufficient enough to feed in small parties.

Whisper-quiet operation emitting less than 38 decibels without impacting the party ambiance.

A complete hassle-free installation that requires just the water and power to start making fast ice.

Body crafted from stainless steel lending it a premium look and finish.

This kitchen appliance is a lightweight, stylish and compact unit that ensures a constant ice supply to keep the fun going.

Features a large transparent window on the lid, letting the user watch the process and status.

Attached with a drain plug for emptying the unused water and easy cleaning.

The package includes an ice shovel for hygienically removing the ice.

What we liked 🙂

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • See-through window
  • 2 Ice size options
  • Lightweight and durable

What we didn’t like 🙁

  • Slow ice making process as it takes approx 15 minutes 
  • Ice starts to melt if kept for some time in the ice maker machine

Igloo ICEB26HNWHN Self Cleaning Ice Machine

61hIEBVefWL. AC SL1500

  • This Igloo portable ice maker is available in multiple color options and prices.
  • Compact and portable with a carry handle on top.
  • Transparent lid for easy viewing.
  • 26 pounds of excellent ice-making capacity in 24 hours.
  • Self-maintenance with 5 cycles of cleaning.
  • Large ice bucket with a storage capacity of 1.25 pounds at a time.
  • This portable machine makes 9 small or cylindrical-shaped ice in just 7 minutes.
  • Features a user-friendly LED panel with brilliant specifications.
  • Silent operation.

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

  • 27lbs of ice-making capacity in just 24 hours.
  • Magic Chef portable ice maker offers 2-way ice size selection options.
  • Get the instant ice size of your choice in just 7 minutes.
  • Made from premium quality durable plastic painted in striking red.
  • Compact, lightweight, and extremely portable.
  • Comes with a see-through window with an exterior outlet.
  • Effortless storage of 1.5lb of ice at a time.
  • Easy to use digital panel with auto control features.

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

71YziGGQOLL. SL1200

  • Comes with adjustable ice-making features.
  • Get 40 pounds of high-quality crystal cubes in 24 hours.
  • Self-cleanses within 5 seconds after the TIMER is pressed.
  • This portable kitchen appliance has smart auto features with a user-friendly illuminated LCD display.
  • Versatile unit for home, kitchen, office, and bars.
  • Reservoir with 2.2 liters of excellent water holding capacity.
  • Recycles unused or melted water for ice making.
  • Equipped with advanced refrigeration with efficient compressors.
  • Whisper quiet cooling.
  • Comes with an ice scoop ensuring hygiene.

hOmeLabs Chill Pill Countertop Ice Maker

81y YfuP81L. AC SL1500

  • Countertop unit producing 26 pounds of chewable ice every day.
  • 2.2 liters reservoir with 1.5 pounds of ice storing capacity at a time.
  • Powered by an energy-efficient cooling compressor.
  • Produces super-fast ice in just 6-8 minutes.
  • An intelligent reminder that illuminates when the ice bucket is full or the machine needs refilling.
  • Coupled with auto control features for complete peace of mind.
  • Reuses unused or spilled water for ice making.
  • Elegant design with silent functioning.
  • You can easily contact authorized sellers if you experience issues with the machine.

Igloo ICEB33BS Large-Capacity Ice Maker

71Xc5Z+f7WL. AC SL1500

  • This affordable portable product designed by Igloo is available in multiple variants and elegant color options.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Whopping 33 pounds of ice-making capacity within 24 hours.
  • Houses a 2.5 quart of water reservoir.
  • 2 pounds of ice storing basket for sufficient supply.
  • Convenient ice size choosing options.
  • Instantly freezes 9 small or cylindrical ice in 7 minutes.
  • This portable Igloo ice maker has a user-friendly control panel with intelligent features.
  • Transparent lid for a clear view of the ice-making.

NewAir Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine

615a yw6zPL. AC SL1200

  • Available in multiple capacities and striking colors.
  • Compact and portable design makes it an easy fit anywhere.
  • Produces 28 pounds of ice every single day.
  • Get 9 pieces of chewable ice ready in just 15 minutes.
  • 3 simple ice size selection options.
  • Features a drain plug for easy drainage.
  • Comes with a removable ice basket and a scoop for a hygienic way of ice transfer.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty with active customer assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave a portable ice maker on all the time?

Though it is designed to offer instant cubes whenever needed, many users leave it on all the time. 

But if you want to extend the life span of the unit with unmatched performance, give your portable ice maker machine a few hours of break. 

Meanwhile, you can clean the bucket and tank to drain out stagnant water that can slowly hamper the ice-making speed in the long run. 

Unplug the unit when you don’t need the constant supply of ice.

Do portable ice makers consume a lot of electricity?

The consumption of this home product mostly depends on its applications. 

The energy-certified portable ice makers do exactly as it claims. 

Without making much difference to your utility bills, the ice makers consume between 120 – 150W of power for making sufficient ice to meet your needs.

Hence it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these portable and powerful kitchen appliance consumes much less power as compared to your refrigerator or freezer. 

They make ice faster with the added advantage of easy transportation anywhere both indoors and outdoors.

How much electricity does a portable ice maker use?

The latest version of the portable ice maker machine is coupled with sensors and brilliant features that efficiently manage power consumption without affecting your utility bill. 

Thankfully, they use lesser energy compared to a refrigerator or a freezer for instant ice-making.

As mentioned earlier buying an energy star-rated ice maker is a sure shot way to reduce power wastage. 

The standard power usage by these portable ice makers generally ranges between 120V-220V which is quite relaxing news for the frequent party people. 

Can a portable ice maker keep ice frozen?

Unfortunately, portable ice makers are not designed to keep the cubes frozen. 

Even if you keep the cubes inside, they will melt to water if kept for a long duration. 

Some ice maker machines will reuse the water to make ice or will drain out the unused water. 

It is recommended to use all the ice cubes once the bucket is full. 

Though most ice-making units come with an insulated exterior to keep the ice frozen for a while, they do not keep it intact for an extended period.

How to clean a portable ice maker?

Ice makers with stainless steel bodies are simpler to clean. 

Either follow the instruction manual that comes with the device or is available online as the cleaning process may vary.

Due to extensive water use, the interior is prone to mold build-up that requires attention. 

To get crystal clear and odorless cubes, pour some vinegar with water inside to loosen up the residues and clean thoroughly till the interior is completely dry and ready to make the next batch of ice.

Proper cleaning seals the longevity and performance of your ice maker. 

As mentioned above, mold and bacteria formation is common in these portable kitchen appliances which need maintenance to prevent contamination.

You can either opt for the commercial ice maker cleaners or can apply these easy DIY steps to clean your ice maker:

1. Keep your vinegar solution ready to start with

2. Unplug and drain out every trace of water

3. Detach the components and leave them in the vinegar solution for a while

4. Wipe smoothly inside out using a rag or a cloth

5. After thorough cleaning and drying, plugin again to repeat the ice-making process a few times to get cleaner crystal cubes

How often should you clean a portable ice maker?

For the smooth performance of your newly bought portable ice maker, it must be cleaned thoroughly after every few months. 

Symptoms like tainted and smelly cubes are a warning call for a cleaning session, which if ignored can lead to food poisoning. 

Various cleaning methods may be applicable for each model and hence following the user’s manual is mostly recommended. 

If your ice maker is always active in meeting your daily ice requirement, it needs regular maintenance to stay germ-free. 

Follow the steps above to keep your ice maker clean.

How does a portable ice maker work?

The ice-making in a commercial freezer and a portable ice maker will slightly differ owing to their limited functionalities and applications. 

The portable units are designed to make a limited amount of ice for home and small gatherings which works efficiently to meet domestic needs. 

Here’s the step by step process of how a portable ice maker works:

1. Every ice maker is fitted with a tank or a reservoir inside that needs to be filled with the water manually preferably with a jug or a faucet.

2. To start with, add water into the built-in reservoir manually and leave the rest up to the maker.

3. The water inside will be then get filtered automatically through a hole to strain out any impurities or particles. Filtered water falls on a tray placed at the bottom of the reservoir for making crystal-like ice.

4. Right after filtration, the process of solidifying water begins with the cold metal prongs which contain refrigerants to make solid bullet ice in a few minutes. 

5. Every ice maker has 2 inches of special prongs over the ice tray that touch the water to freeze it into cubes through the process of heat exchange.

6. With refrigeration, water starts freezing into ice in just a few minutes.

7. The excess water in the tray will be automatically diverted into the reservoir.

8. Once the ice is ready, it will automatically start accumulating into the bucket and the indicator will light up when the bucket is full.

9. The unused water in the tray will be repeated in the same process to make the next batch of ice or will be drained out through the outlet valve depending upon the ice maker you are using.

10. The system shuts off automatically indicating the first batch of ready ice.

How to use a portable ice maker?

Here are steps to use a portable ice maker:

1. The first step is to connect your unit to a power outlet. 

2. Then pour water into the reservoir and fill it to a standard level. 

3. Now check on the display panel to select your preferred ice size and press the button to initiate the ice-making process. 

4. Some machines also have a transparent lid to let you watch the process and your ice will be ready in a few minutes. 

5. Once the bucket is full, the sensor will automatically shut off the process.

How to reset portable ice maker?

A faulty icemaker within a few months of its purchase is any buyer’s nightmare. 

By following some simple steps, you can reset your portable ice-making unit at home without any professional help.

Some possible reasons for your machine not making enough ice or producing smaller size is lack of enough water, unhygienic interior, or defective pumping. 

The first step is to fix any issues with the power outlet (if any), followed by gauging the water supply, possible leakages, and the ice level which may require expert assistance. 

This whole troubleshooting though is time-consuming but a savior in avoiding unwanted expenses.

Final Thoughts

Portable ice makers are now the most dependable medium to get instant ice cubes in a few minutes. 

These affordable kitchen appliances are a perfect replacement for bulky refrigerators and freezers. 

From house parties to camping and hiking, these compact ice-making machines make sure you never run out of sufficient supply. 

Simply fill the reservoir and wait for the magic to happen.

The latest ice makers are coupled with sensors, timers, and other brilliant features offering a quick way to make hassle-free ice. 

With such smart functionalities, these home living appliances have made their way in every kitchen, office, and bar. 

We hope that this review and buying guide will help you choose the best portable ice maker for your home parties, outdoor vacations like camping and hiking, or for any other purposes.  

Do let us know which one you are buying.

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