Best Toothbrush Travel Case To Maintain Hygiene While Traveling

10 Best Toothbrush Travel Case – Maintain Hygiene While Traveling

Last Updated: May 15, 2022

The toothbrush travel case is a must if you love keeping your things organized and hygienic while traveling. 

But finding the best toothbrush travel case is one heck job for the toothbrush model you use and the purchase may end up in disappointment, as most of these cases are made of cheap plastic and do not last long.

To get the ideal case for your travel toothbrush you must know that there are endless options that make the selection a bit cumbersome. 

So, let the designs lure you but at the same time make sure the holder you are eyeing is a perfect fit for your expensive travel toothbrush. 

To help you make the right choice, we researched and tested a few toothbrush travel cases. 

Below you will find our list of the best toothbrush travel cases to include in your outdoor travel gear checklist. 

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10 Best Toothbrush Travel Case

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Nexcurio Travel Toothbrush Case (4 Pack) – Best Overall

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This all-purpose travel toothbrush case is all you need to keep your toothbrush clean and smell fresh.

Get this travel-friendly pack of 4 cases that are stylish, eco-friendly, and come in beautiful pastel colors.

The material of this outdoor travel gear is made from high-quality plastic and natural wheat straw which makes it eco-friendly.

What really caught our eye is the double ventilation in each of these cases to keep the toothbrush clean, dry, and nasty odor away.

Each case is spacious enough to hold one toothbrush (the regular toothbrush that you use at home) and the sleek design makes it portable for air travel, camping, gym, etc.

Ladies can even carry it in their handbags or small purses without occupying much space.

Coming to the open and close operation, it’s really smooth, that is, neither too loose nor too tight, even kids can operate it without hassle.

The case is dishwasher safe so if you are lazy like me, it’s a relief for you.

But don’t expect this toothbrush case to fit your electric toothbrush, for that you will have to buy the electric toothbrush travel case.

Vonpri Portable Toothbrush Case – Best Budget

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What can be more convenient than a spacious toothbrush travel case like this that you can carry anywhere.

Seal the deal to a more hygienic experience with these transparent tube cases.

Whether you are going for family outings, business trips, camping, or stepping out for other outdoor occasions this travel accessory can be your companion in taking care of your oral health.

Simply slide it into your travel bag, handbag, or purse, it doesn’t take much space.

This portable toothbrush travel case can hold two regular brushes or a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste.

The material is durable and the case has two small air holes at the top and two at the bottom so the air circulation inside is great for keeping your toothbrush dry and fresh.

The transparent body makes cleaning easy because you can easily view every corner of the toothbrush case while cleaning and the holes are big enough so water smoothly passes through the case.

This toothbrush case comes with a cleaning brush so you will not have to worry about purchasing it separately.

Hiyoo Toothbrush Travel Case – Best Compact

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Make travel more fuss-free with this sleek & stick style toothbrush holder case to secure your toothbrush from possible damage.

This is going to be your ultimate favorite in keeping your toothbrush protected from nasty bacteria and odor.

Its slim round head outlook makes it a great fit in any bag and container and is a perfect travel accessory for trips and outdoor events.

There are two small holes one at the top cap and another one at the bottom making it well ventilated to keep the toothbrush dry and clean.

If you want to use this toothbrush travel case for other purposes then it can easily hold a chopstick, straw, or anything slim.

The triangular shape of this toothbrush travel case makes it sturdy, that is it won’t roll when kept on the bathroom slab.

Some users have reported that the cap is a bit tight so be careful not to pull too hard when opening else your stuff will fall down.

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush Case With Travel 4 Toothbrush – Best Eco-Friendly

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Are you a fan of eco-friendly products?

Then this reusable toothbrush travel case is your ultimate pick to ensure optimal hygiene and protection for your toothbrush.

This is the best toothbrush travel case if you care about the environment.

The case is sturdy, and lightweight, and the air holes keep the toothbrush dry without any issue of condensation inside.

The portable design is well suited for both men and women to carry in the gym bag, handbag, or purse.

The best part is you get 4 charcoal bamboo toothbrushes along with the mint flavor dental floss in a small glass bottle which means complete oral care while traveling.

JAWENJOY Portable Toothbrush Travel Case (4 Pack) – Best For Family

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No matter if you are home or on a trip, this portable toothbrush holder is what you need to keep your toothbrush clean and protected from lurking germs and nasty smells.

The design is portable and travel-friendly to easily fit in any luggage, suitcase, and carry-on bag.

20% of the case is made of wheat straw which makes it durable and biodegradable.

The double ventilation system keeps the toothbrush free from moisture and odor.

If you are looking to carry more than a toothbrush then this case can easily hold chopsticks, straws, forks, pens, etc.

The design is made to hold one toothbrush at a time and does not leave space to accommodate anything else in one case.

This pack of 4 is available in striking hues with a polishing finish that looks decent for family use. 

Maggift Travel Toothbrush Case Holder (6 Piece) – Best For Small Toothbrush

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If you are a frequent traveler then this multi-colored travel toothbrush case holder will be a great outdoor gear you can carry in your bag, suitcase, and purse.

The material is made of safe food-grade plastic and the design is space-saving and portable to be carried for air travel, gym, camping, and so on.

The user-friendly design makes it easy to open and close. Each case can hold one toothbrush at a time.

The holders are well-ventilated with one hole at each end of the case for water and air to pass through, keeping your toothbrush dry and fresh.

It can easily accommodate chopsticks, toothpicks, and anything slim. If you are traveling with family this toothbrush case is your best bet as each case is of a different color for easy differentiation. 

GUM-152RF Antibacterial Toothbrush Cover for Travel – Best For Campers

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This toothbrush cover caught our eye because of its compact design, easy portability, and some childhood memories.

We used to have one of these (from a different brand) to cover our toothbrush heads.

Coming back to the review it’s one pack contains 4 pieces and each cover is designed with anti-bacterial coatings to keep your brush clean and germ-free on the go.

The cover protects the toothbrush bristles from damage and air-borne bacteria.

If you are still searching for the perfect toothbrush cover go with this one because it will easily cover small head toothbrushes (if you have kids) and large head toothbrushes (regular toothbrushes, of course).

Don’t buy it if you have an electric toothbrush because for that you will need an electric toothbrush case.

The best part is it snaps open and you can easily clean the interiors without any hassle.

And if you maintain it properly it will last for years. 

Yinke Travel Case For Electric Toothbrush – Best For Electric Toothbrush

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If you have an electric toothbrush of any of these models Oral-B Pro 1000, Pro 3000, Pro 500, Pro 6000, Pro 7500, and Pro 1500 then you can safely consider buying this travel toothbrush case.

The material of this case is shock-resistant and dustproof with an inner coating made from hard EVA tin foil. (EVA is an elastomeric polymer and has rubber-like softness. The EVA material is tough, crack-resistant, waterproof, and UV radiation resistant).

Coming to the exterior of this case it’s made of a hard PU shell which means that the material will not get ruined and is water-resistant and lightweight.

So in conclusion this toothbrush travel case will protect your expensive electric toothbrushes from all possible damages.

There is a mesh zipper pocket inside so that you can organize your stuff like an electric toothbrush charger and spacious enough to carry mini toothpaste, toothbrush head and body, and mini mouthwash.

The case also comes with a 2 years warranty which offers peace of mind.

Wilken Electric/Regular Toothbrush Travel Case – Best Storage Capacity

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The ultimate toothbrush travel case box with a universal design to fit all toothbrushes with or without the brush heads.

This case is compatible with OralB Pro, Philips, Sonicare, and electric toothbrushes of other brands.

The design of this gear is travel-friendly and space-saving for easy carrying, storing, and hanging.

The material used to design the case is EVA which means it’s tough, waterproof, and durable.

This roomy case has a stretchable zipper design to store accessories like floss, charger, toothpaste, razor, and so on.

You can easily clean the interior of the case with a washcloth dipped in warm water.

Overall the case is waterproof and durable to protect your toothbrush from damage during packing and travel.

Even if you do not have an electric toothbrush you can still buy it to carry your regular toothbrush.

This storage capacity of this case will certainly take care of your all oral care and make your travel convenient. 

eJiasu Battery Powered Toothbrush Holder Travel Case – Best Battery Powered With In-built UV Sanitizer

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And the last on our list is this battery-powered toothbrush case that is ideal for daily use and travel.

It is compatible with most regular toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads.

Whether you want to use it at home or gym, camping, etc. this super portable and stylish toothbrush case holder will take care of your oral health anywhere anytime.

It is TSA-safe which means fuss-free travel anywhere.

The in-built UV sanitizer automatically cleans your toothbrush with powerful blasts of lights and shuts itself after cleaning.

The case is easy to open and clean and you can carry it in your luggage, backpack, purse, handbag, etc.

Enjoy brushing with a completely clean toothbrush every time.

Frequently Asked Questions On Toothbrush Travel Case

How to clean a toothbrush travel case?

Cleaning the toothbrush travel case is a must if you don’t want to put bacteria lurking toothbrush inside your oral cavity.

So these are some easy-to-follow hacks to keep your toothbrush cases clean and smell nice.

1. Most toothbrush storage cases come with cleaning instructions that you must follow to keep the unit squeaky clean.

2. To keep it safe, clean the interior with warm water dipped in a soft washcloth twice a week or as needed.

3. Don’t forget rinsing dry the toothbrush each time before storing back to keep the case germ-free.

4. Clean each part including the toothbrush cover holder and the case by dipping it in water and vinegar mix till the residue come loose.

5. Another easy way is to use your mouthwash for its anti-bacterial properties by immersing the holder in a bowl filled with the required amount of mouthwash. This is simple and easy to apply even while vacationing.

How to sanitize travel toothbrush cases?

Your key to those pearly whites and super oral health not only depends on the toothpaste or brush but also on the case you use to store them.

So sanitizing is necessary for satisfying oral care every day.

1. The most common sterilizing method is hot water. But to sanitize the travel toothbrush case you need not put it directly in boiling water. A bowl of steaming warm water would suffice.

2. Next easy thing is to get a UV sanitizer case that automatically cleans up your toothbrush before use to make brushing safe for you.

3. If you are a frequent traveler, air dry the toothbrush before storing it to prevent mold and nasty smell inside. To dry the toothbrush faster hang it upside down with a string while you do the other packing.

4. To keep it neat carry pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes than worrying about sanitizing the brush cases.

Final Thoughts

Toothbrush travel cases are as important as other dental care products that most of us often fail to value. 

Have you ever realized keeping your toothbrush open in the bathroom can invite unwanted attention from home pests like cockroaches? 

Sounds gross right! 

This happens when your toothbrush is left without a case or holder.

But, the importance of toothbrush travel cases is not only limited to the home. 

These sturdy cases are a great relief during travel protecting your toothbrush from shocks and damages and safeguarding the bristles from dust and germ attacks.

Travel toothbrush cases are available in different sizes and functionalities but getting the ideal one for your toothbrushes is often a task. 

We hope our well-articulated information on everything about toothbrush travel cases featuring top picks has already turned you into an informed buyer.

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