Can Dogs Eat Papaya? (Expert’s Advice)

Can Dogs Eat Papaya? (Expert’s Advice)

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

The most common question that pops into the mind is can dogs eat papaya? 

Feeding papaya in the right quantity and form is always a concern for dog owners.

Every canine breed has a different diet pattern that aids in their healthy growth and wellbeing. 

To help you raise your dog with the right nutrition, Louis Davenport has shared his insights on this delicious fruit.

Louis Davenport

Louis Davenport is a dog behavior expert who has written extensively for multiple pet-related publications, including Breeding Business, the leading ethical dog breeding, and ownership platform.

We understand that you need a thorough doubt clearing session to know the benefits and side effects of feeding papaya to your dog.

Papaya is revered for its unmatched nutrition content and in curing ailments. 

Today we will be busting myth and talk facts about this popular fruit so that your dog can also get a chance to churn its benefits.

Let’s get started.

Can dogs eat papaya?

Can dogs eat papaya?

The simple answer is Yes, dogs can eat papaya as they are healthy for canine

If you have just bought a new pup and want to feed papaya, start with a small slice after few months and notice the tolerance.

You can feed both raw/green and ripe papaya to your dog but scrape the seeds out as it can upset their stomach. 

Another reason to feed papaya without seeds is it contains traces of cyanide that can lead to health issues as they are toxic for your dog.

If your dog has any medical condition, consult your vet before feeding papaya. 

Can dogs eat dried papaya?

can dogs eat dried papaya?

Dried papaya is a strict no for your pooch as it shrinks into a powerhouse of sugar. 

So do not feed your dog dehydrated papaya in any form as it may cause gastrointestinal problems.

Although papayas are a healthy treat for dogs, you must not feed them regularly along with their meal.

If your dog is already diagnosed with diabetes strictly keep out dehydrated papaya forever.

Can I give papaya juice to my dog?

Papaya is loaded with enzymes that prevent parasites in both dogs and humans. 

Choose green to yellow papaya than too raw or the ripe ones. 

Now talking about how beneficial is papaya juice for dogs, it depends if it’s freshly derived or canned.

Canned papaya juices are high in sugar and not healthy for dogs unless it’s a canned food made specifically for dogs. 

So, feed only freshly extracted papaya juice, which you can easily prepare at home. The only thing is pulp is left with all the fiber and nutrients.

Should I give papaya with or without seeds to my dog? Can dogs eat papaya seeds?

Louis recommends that you should always remove the papaya seeds before feeding your dog as it can cause intestinal blockage and other serious health problems.

Small bites of fresh papaya once or twice a week are beneficial for your dog unless you forget to peel off and scrape the seeds. 

The intestines of dogs are intolerant to papaya seeds as they contain cyanide which if accidentally ingested can lead to food poisoning.

Is it ok to give dried papaya peel to dogs? Can dogs eat papaya peels?

Is it ok to give dried papaya peel to dogs? Can dogs eat papaya peels?

Dried papaya peel is not at all recommended for dogs as they struggle to digest them due to less water and high sugar content.

Papaya peel is a protective layer against the pests’ infestation and hence is inedible.

Consuming papaya peel causes gastrointestinal blockage in dogs and is even more threatening for diabetic ones. 

No matter if dried or fresh, completely avoid giving papaya skin to your dog to keep them safe.

Is frozen papaya good for dogs?

If you want to feed papaya as a treat to your dog feed it fresh by slicing it in edible sizes and the right amount.

However, papaya in frozen form can also be given to dogs especially in summers. 

You can easily make and preserve frozen papaya treats for your dog but then again there is no match for the nutritional benefits of fresh papaya. 

Dehydrated or frozen papayas are highly concentrated and hence hard to digest.

Can dogs eat papaya enzyme?

Papaya is an immunity booster and the enzymes help in speeding up the digestion process which makes it a yes for dog owners like you to gladly accept the enzyme benefits.

So next time keep away any doubts if dogs can eat papaya enzyme as a proportionate amount helps in breaking down the nutrients faster and makes your dog happy and energetic. 

Make sure not to feed too much papaya enzyme as it will cause stomach upset.

Can dogs eat papaya pills?

If you have noticed your dog is intolerant to fresh papaya and you are looking for a safe alternative with similar benefits then papaya pills are the solution.

Papaya pills help improve the digestive health system of your dog with no reported side effects but don’t forget to consult your vet before starting this routine on your own. 

Always shop for healthy pet products from reputed brands or as recommended by your vet to avoid any mishap and keep your dog safe from health threats.

Can I give canned papaya to dogs?

As recommended by Louis, avoid giving canned or preserved food to dogs unless its a wet dog food.

Food that is preserved with long shelf life mostly contains artificial flavoring and preservatives which is not a safe food option for canines.

Always try to put freshly sliced papaya in your dog’s plate so that it can benefit them without any side effects. 

When papaya is unavailable find other fresh alternatives than canned papaya.

Can dogs eat papaya leaves?

Can dogs eat papaya leaves?

Although there is no solid research done on the nutritious value papaya leaves add to a dogs’ health, papaya leaves extract does help in the digestion process for dogs as it does for humans.

But due to the lack of solid evidence on how papaya leaves exactly benefit dogs, it is recommended that you avoid including it in your dogs’ diet plan or consult your vet before you do so.

Don’t give anything unusual to your dog that they are naturally unable to digest.

How much papaya should I feed my dog and how often?

If you want your dog to benefit from nutrients present in papaya, start small. 

You can occasionally give small slices to check how your dog is sniffing and if at all interested in eating this fruit but if your dog does not like it, don’t force it by mixing it in their food.

You should not make fruits part of your dog’s diet plan as too much fruit fiber and sugar content (even in natural form) can upset your dog’s stomach and may cause diarrhea.

If your dog is gladly accepting papaya without any reaction, start feeding with chewable papaya chunks once or twice a week and it must be a fresh green to ripe papaya.

What are some of the best ways to feed papaya to dogs?

What are some of the best ways to feed papaya to dogs?

Dogs are fond of crunchy and fleshy fruits so feeding papaya to them is not an issue unless you are giving it with the seeds and peel included.

Thankfully, you can give papaya in various forms to your dog as freshly cut slices, juice, and frozen papaya which you can easily make at home and store for months. 

These frozen papayas are a perfect alternative to feed your dog when fresh papaya is unavailable.

As mentioned earlier papayas should be considered as an occasional treat for dogs and not as a regular nutritious source.

You can feed chewable papaya chunks once or twice a week or mix them with their food.

But make sure not to feed more than 4 to 5 small cubes at a time and remove all the seeds and skin before feeding it to your pooch. 

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