Comprehensive Camping Tent Buying Guide For Campers

Comprehensive Camping Tent Buying Guide For Campers

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

Choosing an ideal camping tent from a myriad of options can be really frustrating, hence we got you covered in this comprehensive tent buying guide. 

Wanderlust is hard to escape that requires some must-haves in your backpacking kit, before setting out on a rewinding break with nature.

Among all the camping and trekking essentials, a super grade tent simply doubles up your adventure fun as a portable shelter in distant locations. 

Being a second home it should be competent enough to offer a comfortable stay in extreme areas with unpredictable weather conditions. 

Whether you are a solo traveler or planning a ninja camping with your gang, pitching a tent in the open is always exciting. 

The market is clustered with various categories of tents available in the latest designs and features to cater to the specific needs of the buyers.

Let’s have a look at 6 different tent categories and the pros and cons of each.

Types of Camping Tents – Best Outdoor Travel Gear

Ridge/A-Frame Tent

Ridge/A-Frame Camping Tent

These travel gear are an ideal choice for both men and women and are quite common for scouting and family camping.

Once pitched, the tent resembles that of capital A or like a triangle from the front view paired with two vertical poles at either end and tied by guylines from both sides.

Most ridge tents are perfectly equipped with mosquito nets and weatherproof features to keep you safe and dry even in swampy areas due to its sloppy design. 

The tent efficiently stands against unfavorable weather conditions but not suitable for a group stay. 

Its interior space is ideal to accommodate two people at a time. 

However, its A-frame shape in the center offers a decent space for a few to stand and move inside.

Ridge/A-Frame tents may not give you a luxurious stay but are quite easy to pitch anywhere.


  • Easy to pitch
  • Ideal for a solo camping
  • Weatherproof


  • Limited interior space
  • Sloppy design leads to limited headroom

Dome Camping Tent

Dome Camping Tent

Dome tent is one of the best outdoor travel gear if you are up for a group hike or camping.

The crisscross poles layered with durable fabric make it quite spacious inside for more people to relax and move around.

The arch-style poles over the body of the tent ensure its stability even in the gusty wind. 

These tents are the most popular among passionate hikers for their convenience and durability in challenging conditions.

The number of flexible poles in the middle determines its shape according to the headcounts. 

Dome tents are generally freestanding and do not require any guylines for anchoring. 

Many dome tents in the market offer a porch section to keep shoes and other essential gear away from the resting area. 

The major disadvantage of this kind is its unstable factor with increasing size.


  • Ideal for two and expandable accordingly
  • Easy for backpack
  • Spacious interior


  • Durability decreases with increasing size

Tunnel Camping Tent

Tunnel Camping Tent

With different types of tents in the market, a tunnel tent is a solution for extra space. 

These long tube-shaped tents are popular for their commendable spacious interior, suitable for family camping during longer stays. 

Though a safe choice for a family outing, this outdoor travel gear mostly lacks credibility on its set-up duration along with few other factors.

These tents are always advised to be pitched facing the wind or else have a fair chance of getting collapsed if struck sidewise. 

It requires some helping hand for setting up the tent with guylines firmly tied to the rigid poles on the ground. 

Due to such inconvenience, tunnel tents are the biggest disappointment as backpacking for adventure lovers.


  • A perfect fit for family camping
  • Offers superior convenience for longer stays
  • Rigidly tied poles ensure optimal protection against the strong wind
  • Quite spacious with adequate headroom


  • Time-consuming set up
  • Not much weather friendly
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Geodesic Camping Tent

Geodesic Camping Tent

Quite similar to that of a dome tent considering its structure, Geodesic tents are versatile and customizable. 

These two features make Geodesic tent a popular choice for adventure lovers as well as for the corporate purposes and exclusive events.

The striking triangles all over the tent surface are due to the inflatable air tubes. 

It elevates the aesthetic quotient of the tent while making it durable enough to bear strong winds and heavy rain. 

Generally, a geodesic tent is free-standing with at least 5 pole crossing points. 

It’s another form is the semi geodesic tent which is ideal for backpacking and easy to pitch for busy hikers.

These tents offer a considerable spacious interior for a comfortable cozy stay to the limited number of occupants.


  • Resist gusty wind of up to 60 -100 mph.
  • Versatile multipurpose tent
  • Customizable according to uses
  • Comparatively spacious than a dome tent


  • Heavy to backpack

Cabin Camping Tent

Cabin Camping Tent

In this tent guide for beginners and experienced, we suggest a cabin tent as the perfect home away from home, designed to offer comfortable family camping.

It is an ideal travel gear for both men and women.

These tents when pitched resembles that of a cabin in the woods with high ceilings and vertical surfaces for maximum comfort.

Most of the cabin tents have large windows and high elevated walls for optimal interior space which makes them ideal for long camping. 

The sturdy steel poles lend immense durability to the structure to withstand unfavorable conditions. 

Cabin tents effortlessly fit your plan for a luxurious outdoor stay owing to their customizable room and privacy features. 

You can either relish the refreshing natural view outside through its large windows or can also secure your privacy by using the side panels when needed.


  • Ideal for long time camping
  • Durable against tough weather
  • Luxurious extra space for added comfort
  • Customizable according to privacy


  • Difficult to assemble

Pyramid Camping Tent

Pyramid Camping Tent

Supported only by a durable pole in the center, these types of tents resemble a tepee due to their structural design.

These tents are not at all free-standing and require guylines for lending strength to their stability.

These kinds of tents are perfect camping and trekking gear for minimal outdoor stays as most of them lack comfortable flooring which could worsen during heavy rain or in bug-infested areas. 

The peak of this tent is sealed with a rainfly at the juncture of the single vertical pole in the middle to prevent any leakage.

Pyramid tents tend to lose their durability with increasing size making them the least popular among frequent hikers.

A lot of components are needed to pitch this particular tent, hence it is quite a time and energy-consuming with less interior comfort.


  • Ideal for minimalist
  • Available in lightweight designs


  • Not weatherproof
  • Time-consuming set up
  • Not spacious enough


By now you know which camping tent will be ideal for you.

Our recommendation would be that you go for Cabin tents because they give more comfort and will surely make you feel at home if you are planning for a long stay away from home.

They will be an ideal fit if you are travelling with family members or a group of friends.

Although they are a bit difficult to assemble but once done you will enjoy your stay and cherish the moments for life.

Happy Camping!

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