Convection Microwave Oven: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Convection Microwave Oven: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Take your cooking to next level with a convection microwave oven and never miss a chance to enjoy your favorite cuisine from the comfort of your home. 

Seamless cooking is just a few buttons away.

Believe it or not, faster and smarter cooking with this smart kitchen appliance is making kitchen chores manageable while efficiently saving time, energy, and money.  

This convection microwave oven buying guide has been designed to help make a better choice. 

Let’s have a look at the types, features, and benefits of a convection microwave oven.

Difference Between Solo, Grill, & Convection Microwave Ovens

TypesFunctionsLimitationsBest For Cooking
Solo Microwave Oven– Ideal for heating, reheating, and defrosting purposes.
– Least expensive
Doesn’t support cooking,
grilling, and roasting.
Bake crunchiest pizza and fluffiest
cake and popcorn in a few minutes.
Grill Microwave Oven– Has a grill rack and plate.
– Installed with different power levels and pre-programmed recipes.
– Uneven cooking
– Not ideal for baking and
crisping up food as the
other side may remain soggy.
– Tandoor items and hamburger.
– Grill thin slices of fish, meat, and steak.
Convection Microwave Oven– With basic microwave oven features, enjoy baked, grilled, and roasted recipes.
– Allow metal utensils alongside the ovenproof ones.
– Latest features for multiple cooking needs.
– Expensive
– Baked items may lack the
required texture.
– Prone to easy oil and
residue build-ups.
Defrost food, grill, roast, make crispy,
crunchy, and oil-free food items, bake and cook a variety of dishes from pizzas to pies and cakes in minutes.

Features to Consider when Buying a Convection Microwave Oven

features convection microwave oven

With so many options available just a few clicks away, set your record straight for the ultimate pick from our well-analysed convection microwave oven buying guide. 

Energy Efficiency

All the latest models of convection microwave ovens are highly energy efficient.

As the power output in these kitchen appliances mostly ranges between 600 to 1200 watts that offer faster and uniform cooking while the conventional ones consume more time and energy and are unadaptable to sudden voltage flickering.

Auto Cook Option

Check if, the model you are eyeing, offers you the advantage of cooking multiple variants of dishes with its auto cooking option.

The auto cook option lets you relish your favorite cuisine from any part of the world with just a single press on the ‘start’ button.

Child Lock

Ensure that a particular model is embedded with smart child lock security features.

The child lock is designed to keep your little ones away from operating it which may lead to serious casualties.

This special feature blocks the control panel as per the user’s instruction and can be turned on accordingly.


Just like other smart kitchen appliances, microwaves are also available in different sizes and specifications.

Always consider the size of your family and kitchen space before buying one.

For a small family with limited cooking space, go for a compact size that is equipped almost with the same features as the bigger ones.

Rotisserie & Fermentation

Look out for the rotisserie feature as it is designed to simplify your culinary skills.

This is bliss for the non-vegetarians as one can prepare a variety of crispy roasted items from meat and fish.

Easily prepare dough and batter for other recipes with a convection oven one-touch fermentation button.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Make sure the convection oven you are buying comes with the latest auto clean technology as the inner cavity and the walls around are prone to oil and residue accumulation which can slow down its performance.

The cavity and the outer body should be made of easy to clean material. 


After analyzing the functionalities and specifications, the next big thing to consider is the design of the microwave oven which can brilliantly add up to your kitchen aesthetics and perfectly compliments your taste.

The newly launched models are crafted in ultra-sleek designs and are available in multiple color options. 

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How Does Convection Microwave Oven Work?

A convection microwave oven is designed to perform three modes which are traditional microwave cooking, convection, and combination cooking. 

In a convectional microwave, the oven evenly circulates hot air throughout the cavity assisted by a powerful fan and exhaust system. 

Its capability to evenly distribute the heat inside the cavity makes it an ideal appliance for multi-rack cooking. 

Most of the convection ovens come with a combination setting that enables cooking a variety of dishes in multiple racks at one go. 

The high temperature that generates from the oven comes in contact with the food with a low temperature in a ventilated way which can microwave a large quantity of food. 

Buying a convection microwave to simplify your kitchen chores needs a better understanding of how to use it more efficiently. 

For example, if you are cooking a single dish, make sure to place the tray in the center, but in case of multiple cooking in different racks, make sure to place the trays slightly apart from each other so that the air can circulate well.

For better cooking, you can reduce the temperature as mentioned in the microwave recipe cookbook that comes along with most of the ovens. 

Get your convection oven today to don the master chef hat. 

Benefits of Convection Microwave Oven

benefits of convection microwave oven

If you are still in a dilemma about whether to replace your old oven with a brand new convection microwave oven, then have a look at the benefits. By the time you are done reading, the clouds of confusion will vanish.

Fast Cooking & Time Saving

A convection microwave is a must have kitchen item because cooking in them helps you save considerable time and energy as it has multiple racks and auto cook options that let you cook and bake a variety of delectable cuisines at one go and that also with the desirable texture, flavor and taste when served on the plate.

Keeps Nutrition Intact

Busting the myth that cooking in a microwave oven has a hazardous impact on health, convection microwaves not only efficiently cooks what you put inside but also keep intact the nutritional value.

It uses high temperature to cook food faster while cooking at low temperature leads to overcooking resulting in unhealthy food.

Saves Kitchen Space

Even if your kitchen space is a compromising one, get a convection microwave oven because it offers three modes of cooking in a single appliance, you will not need separate ovens for different cooking needs.

Now, easily heat, reheat, defrost and cook anything that entices your mood and taste buds.

Cooks a Variety of Food

All the latest model of the convection microwave oven are pre-loaded with a variety of auto cook options that lets you cook any kind of appetizing dishes from any part of the world.

Get rid of regular dishes and surprise your family with exotic cuisines with just a one-touch button.

Evenly Cooks Defrost Food Items

If you are tired of unevenly cooked food blame it on your current oven.

Put your money on a convection oven that generates adequate hot air to perfectly cook your food from inside out and that even in much less time.

It also defrosts frozen food at a recommended temperature. 

Preheat & Reheat Food Within Seconds

Follow the instructions manual carefully to preheat and reheat in a convection microwave.

Set your oven to the required temperature for preheating and reheat purposes to avoid burning.

Also, set the timer to get alerts with a beep sound or an indicator after the preset duration is over.


With a convection microwave oven in your kitchen you have the superpower to cook literally anything without compromising the nutritious value of the food. 

Satiate the tastebuds of every family member with this smart kitchen appliance as it comes with a variety of auto cook menu options and keep your little ones safe with the child lock feature.

Make sure to refer to this convection microwave oven buying guide before you make your purchase so that you bring home your ideal microwave oven

Happy Cooking!

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