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Woodwork Projects That will Turn your Free Time into Profits

Woodworkers all around the world exhibit craft and utility in the finest form but that doesn’t mean they don’t face problems in their profession. 

If you are a woodworker, you must have realized that it is very difficult to find handy manuals that explain custom and intricate projects in a simpler and oriented manner. 

And even if the manuals are easy to understand, you might not have all the tools available at your disposal to make easy woodwork projects at the comfort of your home. 

That’s why we bring to you Teds woodworking projects that are full of step-by-step woodwork plans suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level professionals so that you can make home decor items for your pets and yourself. 


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A Brief Introduction of Ted Mcgrath

Raised and handled by Ted Mcgrath, a qualified and well-versed woodworker, trainer, and consultant to others of the same profession. 

He has laid the first brick to a revolutionary change in the profession of woodworking by forming 16,000 plans covering all the major woodworking projects. 

The step-by-step and detailed manual intends to make woodworkers better at what they do in the easiest way possible. 

What Exactly are Ted’s Woodwork Projects?

Whether you are an experienced woodworker or a beginner, every woodworker is bothered by some projects which drag along complexity and subjective needs to be fulfilled. 

In situations like such, workers go through severe mind-picking to get the perfect solution, guide, or assistance to make the project a success. 

And after much research, they will find a random guide on the net but the contents of it will demoralize your spirits furthermore. 

It consists of vague information and unrelatable details like photos that don’t support the context or measurements which are inadequate. 

It’s more like a jigsaw puzzle with several pieces missing. 

These guides, sites, or manuals think that woodworkers who are reading them already have the experience so they miss out on essential details. 

But a manual is supposed to contain details that can be understood by beginners and professionals equally.

It must explain all factors, measurements, and images related to the text. 

After 25 long years of in-depth research and analysis of these problems, Ted Mcgrath has managed to find a solution to the issue which bothered him for all these years. 

He began by studying and working on woodworking plans and the issues which different workers face. 

After he came to terms with all of it, he included all the solutions on his website and covered about 16000 different projects. 

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Each solution is a blueprint or layout containing a step-by-step explanation, every doubt which clicks in the mind of the worker is included in the blueprint. 

This proves extremely useful for woodworkers to create complex projects with plenty of specifications. 

Who should use Ted’s Woodwork Projects?

TedsWoodworking is for every woodworker who is willing to expand, evolve, and create projects successfully without unrequited hustle and bustle. 

If you divert yourself from your dream projects and potential clients because of the fear of the difficulty or lack of complete knowledge, then now is the time you stop doing that. 

Because with the TedsWoodworking website, you will be handed with detailed plans of major complex projects which will give you an insight into simpler projects as well. 

For instance, cabinet furniture plans and children’s future plans.

People can be quite picky about there furniture.

So in order to come up with some great and out-of-the-box ideas, you must have a suitable manual. 

Gone is the time to fear the process because now it’s time to relish it in an easy and speedy manner. 

And you can do all this with a woodworking guide.

A Glimpse of the List of Plans You Will Find in Ted’s Woodwork Projects to Make Your Own Home Decor Items

Dog House PlanCat House PlanComputer Desk
DollhouseBench ProjectsBookcase Plans
Cabin PlansCoat RackFireplace
FramesFile CabinetMailbox
Table PlansStoolsSigns and Displays
Pet House PlansPool TableChildren Room
Wagon DesignPlayhouseOutdoor Plans
Music BoxMirrorsGarage Plans
Chair PlansTable PlansCD/DVD Holders
Horse BarnsGuitarsGreenhouses
and many more…

Why you can’t Afford to Miss this Opportunity?

As a woodworker, you all must know that clients vary from each other in terms of requirements and expectations. 

While some are easy to deal with and satisfied with what’s given to them, others give a tough time to workers with their subjective requirements and structure of the project. 

To handle such clients and complete their complex projects, you must acquire all the knowledge so that you can handle any challenge and do not lose your customers in the process. 

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Even if you hold a small enterprise and lack highly advanced tools and equipment, do not think that this manual isn’t the one for you. 

Because the main motive of this guide is to let woodworkers create and form projects in the simplest way and with simpler tools. 

It contains tons of beginner woodworking projects to help you go through your initial projects successfully and when you cross that level, more advanced furniture plans are also available.

Here’s what Ted’s Customer says:

Some more Features of Teds Woodworking Project

1. Step-by-step Instructions

The eBook explains all the projects in a simple language with easy to understand points and details. 

It explains the working with examples and illustrations keeping in mind that the reader is a layman and this approach has made the woodworking projects fun, extremely handy, and useful for all. 

From the beginning till the end, it will provide you assistance.

2. Additive Information Is Intact

The plans also contain materials and cutting lists to let woodworkers know what materials to use and how much of it to use.

Without this list, the details are vague and inadequate.

3. Provides a Clear-cut Picture of the Final Product

The plan will let you know how the final product will look like. 

This will help you to keep a fixed goal in mind, avoid last-minute changes and updates as there is a high risk in that case. 

By providing schematic diagrams and details, you will be able to form projects in an oriented manner.

4. Monthly Renewal of New Plans

The website will be updated with new and latest furniture plans and DIY woodworking projects every month.

So you will never run out of plans.

The Drawbacks of Ted’s Woodwork Projects 

1. Delay in Downloading Woodwork Project Plans 

As the website/eBook includes 16000+ plans, so the file size is quite big.

You will need a high-speed internet connection to download these plans.

This flaw can be quite frustrating at times but over future moderation on the website, it will surely be fixed. 

If you use the DVD version of this website, you won’t be bothered by this issue at all. 

However, you must have the patience for the DVD to be shipped and for all 16000+ plans to be installed on the DVD.

This might take some time but the forthcoming use is extremely hustle free and easy.

2. You might get Overwhelmed to Try Every Project

With so many options to choose from, you might get overwhelmed to try everything.

Make sure that before you start with the projects, you have a clear picture of what you are planning to achieve or which home decor item you are planning to build, else you will end up wasting a lot of time trying out everything. 

3. It is Daunting to Choose the Right Category

With over 16000 DIY woodwork projects, it becomes daunting to choose the right category to start working on.

You might get confused about which ones you should begin with.

My suggestion would be to start with the easy ones, pick small projects that take less time to make, and then work your way towards the advanced level projects. if you are new to Ted’s woodwork projects.

Why Choose Ted’s Woodwork Project?

Ted’s woodwork projects are available to be your handy manual only at a price of $67.

It is a limited period launch so you must hurry up and get this guide to make working easier and better.  

Put your ideas to life by choosing what’s right! 

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