German Wirehaired Pointer: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

German Wirehaired Pointer: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

A skilled pointer and retriever, the German Wirehaired Pointer is a versatile hunting dog on both land and water. 

These medium-sized hunters were first bred in 1800 in Germany through crossbreeding of German Shorthair Pointer, Griffon, Pudelpointer, and Polish waterdog.

This agile sporty breed can be your dearest hunting companion for its excellent retrieving skills on both land and water. 

Because of its weather-resistant coat and webbed feet, the bred is equally confident hunting in harsh terrain and swamps. 

So, if you are looking for a loyal, fun-loving, and intelligent family dog and an adventurous partner, gift yourself a German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP).

Let’s learn more about this dog breed.

How much does a German Wirehaired Pointer cost?

German Wirehaired Pointer puppies’ cost generally ranges between $600 – $945 minus their maintenance costs. 

Though this breed is comparatively low maintenance than other pricey breeds, their yearly upkeeping charges can exceed over $3,980. 

So, we would suggest you decide on your budget before adopting a GWP.

Whether you are planning to buy a German Wirehaired Pointer pup or considering adoption, never compromise your ethics over an affordable deal from a non-reputed breeder. 

When it’s about obtaining a quality pedigree, always consider connecting with a network of ethical and reputed breeders from the AKC marketplace, or German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America.

How to select German Wirehaired Pointer breeders?

Finding this low-maintenance dog breed is easy but you might end up obtaining a poor-quality pup due to a lack of awareness. 

So before approaching the breeder, keep these points in mind so that you can bring home a purebred.

  • Do comprehensive research about the breeder and go with the reputed breeders only.
  • Make sure the breeder is recognized by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club (UK/ America), AKC, or other such reputed clubs of your nation.
  • Visit the breeding facility to assess the health of the pup’s parents, and understand their feeding pattern, behavior, and temperament as these will give you an idea about your pup.
  • Confidently ask for the puppy’s health and vaccination report to confirm problem-free parenting ahead.

When does a German Wirehaired Pointer get full size?

When does a German Wirehaired Pointer get full size?

If you are an impatient pet parent who can’t wait to see their fur baby grow faster, then a German Wirehaired Pointer is your ideal choice. 

On recommended nutrition, proper pet grooming at home, and a healthy growing environment, your GWP pup will grow very fast in its first 44 weeks and get the full size in 57 weeks (13 months).

Being an agile hunting dog, a GWP slows down growing after the 44th week to ensure healthy and steady muscle building. 

So, there is nothing to worry about or lose your mind about if your Pointer shows this sudden growth shift as it’s their normal growth pattern.

On reaching its full size, a male German Wirehaired Pointer can weigh between 60 – 71 pounds. The female GWP also exhibits almost the same body mass as the males. 

When it comes to height, the males can reach between 24 – 26 inches, while the females stand between 22 – 25 inches.

How to care for your German Wirehaired Pointer puppy?

Caring for German Wirehaired Pointer when they are puppies

Once you bring home a German Wirehaired Pointer puppy from an ethical breeder, it’s time to invest in some quality moments with your energetic pup from the very early stage to ensure happy and healthy growing years.

These smart pups need your consistent company since puppyhood and early socialization training to be cordial around strangers and guests. 

Besides regular maintenance of your pup’s double-layered coat, cautious grooming of its webbed feet, and daily outdoor activities, you must also feed your pup high-quality dog food with the right balance of protein, fat, and calorie levels.

This dog breed can show signs of hypoglycemia where the body loses lots of glucose due to vigorous exercise. 

So consult a pet nutritionist to know the right frequency of feeding, and never feed your pup table food as that can lead to obesity.

Caring for German Wirehaired Pointer when they grow up

Caring for a full-grown German Wirehaired Pointer is a fuss-free matter as they do relatively well with regular walking, exercising outdoors, and swimming. 

Remember, they are hunting dogs and hence highly intelligent to get easily bored with the same daily routine. 

So always try to incorporate something new into their routine activities to keep them curious and happy.

As they are skilled land and water retrievers, it’s natural for them to get back home with matted coats and tangles all over. 

So, dry wiping and regularly brushing their double-layered coat will not only remove dirt and detangle the strands but also helps eliminate sweating and dog odor.

Cautious clipping and grooming of their webbed feet is another important aspect of caring for an adult GWP.

How to groom a German Wirehaired Pointer?

A German Wirehaired Pointer grooming is basically low-maintenance but still requires your time and effort to help your pet live a complaint-free healthy life.

As we already mentioned that their distinct double-layered wiry coat requires special attention like regular brushing once your dog is back home after an active day out. 

Besides regular brushing, you must also use your hands to detangle the knots if needed as that would make the grooming session hassle-free for both you and your dog. 

It also helps in distributing the natural oils all over to maintain the coat’s health.

You must also brush your dog’s teeth daily, and check their ears and paws for any build-ups as unhygienic living can lead to painful infections. 

If you are confident enough to groom your GWP’s webbed paw, you can either clip them at home (mind the bloodline) or get them done professionally to avoid painful bleeding.

How much exercise does a German Wirehaired Pointer need?

How much exercise does a German Wirehaired Pointer need?

Being a powerful hunting dog, a German Wirehaired Pointer thrives on plenty of regular exercise like playing in the park, jogging, hiking, and swimming. 

So if you are confident enough to give your dog enough time for such regular extensive outdoor activities, then only you can consider adopting or obtaining a German Wirehaired Pointer.

Besides a lot of outdoor physical activities, you must also include some agility and brainstorming games like puzzle toys to promote their intelligence which will also help in keeping this intelligent dog hooked to routine activities. 

GWPs have a high preying drive, so always keep them on a leash whenever you are out with your dog in the park to prevent it from chasing smaller animals and pets.

The best exercise for your GWP is hunting and retrieving in the swamps and on wild terrain which keeps them happy and healthy than exercising and training in confined areas.

Does German Wirehaired Pointer shed a lot?

As a tough retriever, the German Wirehaired Pointer is blessed with a double-layered wiry, and dense coat that sheds moderately throughout the year which you can easily manage with regular grooming and brushing once your dog is back home after an active day out.

So, if you are worried if parenting this retriever would turn your home into a furry mess, then leave aside your fear and live your dream of happy parenting a GWP. 

However, if you notice your dog shedding heavily or unusually, don’t delay consulting a vet for a diagnosis.

Are German Wirehaired Pointer hypoallergenic?

If you are looking for a dog breed that is truly hypoallergenic then sorry to disappoint you as there are none. 

Even though the German Wirehaired Pointer is a moderate shedder, still not fully hypoallergenic as it is not always the hair strands that trigger your allergy but the trapped dirt particles and dander that can worsen your flares.

But you can keep your pet allergy sensitivity in check by grooming your dog’s coat daily to remove dirt, dander, and fleas which are the main factors behind those triggers. 

So, keep your GWP clean and groomed to control your pet allergy sensitivity.

Understanding German Wirehaired Pointer Temperament

Understanding German Wirehaired Pointer Temperament

This versatile retriever is very friendly and attached to its owner and family but can be aloof around strangers until it feels comfortable.

We would suggest not to judge the German Wirehaired temperament based on their hunting instinct as a strong-willed breed. 

These outgoing robust hunting dogs can show their independent side at times, but not when you make them feel comfortable around you with your compassionate attitude without being too strict and commanding to them.

With the right training on time and early socialization, your GWP can be the ultimate family dog and a trusted hunting companion that you have wished for. 

However, you need to give some amount of time and space to this intelligent and confident breed, till they accept you as their friend, only to make you feel proud about your choice of selecting the best furry companion.

Though they are generally friendly, loving, and loyal family dogs but they can be aggressive at times to defend their territory and human family if challenged. 

These dogs can also be a threat to smaller pets because of their high preying drive.

How intelligent are German Wirehaired Pointer?

The goofy-looking mustached German Wirehaired Pointer is a highly intelligent dog which makes them very adaptable and attached to their owner and human family. 

Like most hunting dogs and retriever breeds, the GWP makes an ideal choice if you are looking for an intelligent breed that is easy to train and bond with.

Because of their high IQ and easy trainability, the canine experts have rated them 4 out of 5 on intelligence ranking, which is undoubtedly a great score. 

This is why these dogs are easy to train, and gel well with every family member and kids. 

However, being a smart breed, they might get irresponsive to regular boring activities. 

So you must learn unique dog training tips and tricks to keep them interested and hooked.

Though they are intelligent, they will need your company during regular outdoor activities to stay happy and avoid boredom. 

Also, including some brainstorming games besides routine workouts will help your GWP learn new commands faster and better. 

Besides regular activities and a friendly home ambiance, feed your GWP a balanced meal daily to support their brain development.

How easy is it to train a German Wirehaired Pointer?

As a highly intelligent breed, the German Wirehaired Pointer is easy to train and always eager to please you by learning new commands faster and following your instructions. 

Though they are quite a go-getter, can be ignorant to strangers if not trained to socialize early. 

So, once you bring a GWP home, start early socialization to make this independent dog comfortable around strangers.

However, if you are a first-time owner, be careful while training this powerful and intelligent retriever, as it might ignore your presence and command if you are unnecessarily strict with your pet. 

In that case, you might feel getting dominated, which can spoil the dog owner equation.

It’s better to avoid this breed if you are not a confident parent and lack enough space for this retriever to roam and have its ‘me time’ assessing the surroundings and neighborhood.

With your compassionate raising and caring, the GWP can get extremely devoted to you and seek your companionship. 

So don’t aloof them for too long as it can turn them into a destructive and howling pet to grab your attention.

What type of hunting is best for the German Wirehaired Pointer?

What type of hunting is best for the German Wirehaired Pointer?

A German Wirehaired Pointer hunting primarily involves pointing and retrieving waterfowls, birds, squirrels, and other games both on land and water. 

So, before you obtain a GWP, make sure you can provide it with such natural ambiances to point and retrieve in the wild than limiting it to your apartment life.

These dogs have a high preying drive and are easily drawn to anything moving in your home and on the lawn like rabbits, squirrels, mice, and birds. 

So don’t forget to put a leash on your GWP while strolling outside. 

These outgoing and adventure-loving dogs do well when raised in a spacious place like a countryside home than living a caged life in the cities.

If you often go hunting, fishing, or trekking in the wild, you can consider getting a German Wirehaired Pointer to double your adventure fun, as they are going to be your perfect hunting companion.

German Wirehaired Pointer Lifespan

These gun dogs have an average lifespan of 12 – 14 years. 

This means, to ensure a healthy living for your precious hunting companion, you must take them on daily walks, rigorous outdoor activities, and retrieving in the wild. 

A German Wirehaired Pointer needs some daily activities to hon its hunting skills and support health. 

Remember, keeping them confined in a particular place can cut short some healthy years from their average lifespan turning them aggressive. 

So, set them free in the backyard or wild to confirm a healthy life.

Common Health Issues Associated With German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointers are no way different than other dogs in developing some health issues some of which are mostly genetic. 

But you can easily ensure a disease-free life for your pup by obtaining or adopting them from a reputed breeder and getting complete health information and immunization report. 

With an effective vaccination plan, you can at least confirm a healthy life for your German Wirehaired Pointer puppy at your end.

Even after vaccination, this particular breed is vulnerable to hip and elbow dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, a kind of incurable blood disorder, and hypothyroidism again an untreatable medical condition.

Final Thoughts

Buying a German Wirehaired Pointer can add a whole new level of pet-parenting experience as they are easy to groom, train, and be your perfect loving family dog beside a skilled hunting partner. 

They are highly energetic with sharp retrieving instincts, so make sure to put them on a leash when taking them out for a walk, as they love chasing small animals.

GWPs are adaptable and do well with active owners who can dedicate time to raising and gifting them a stress-free healthy life.

So if you are confident that you can match the energy level of this breed go ahead, they will be the best hunting companion you can have. 

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