Golden Retriever: Know All About Them Before Buying

Golden Retriever: Know All About Them Before Buying

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Owning a golden retriever dog equals retrieving happiness and fun in life. 

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world known for their calm nature and amazing healing traits. 

Besides occasional veterinary check-ups and low maintenance, this loving breed of canine makes an excellent human companion both personally and professionally.

Retriever pups are blessed with a soft and shiny furry coating with a button like nose and caring brown eyes. 

Whether you are looking to buy a golden retriever for domestic or professional purposes, this gorgeous breed of dogs is a dependable pet because they are friendly in nature and are compatible with everyone from kids to elders. 

Let’s go into details to understand all about the golden retriever. 

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost?

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost

You can either adopt or buy a baby golden retriever from an authorized breeder to avert any price issues and for complete health information about the retriever puppies. 

Depending on the breed quality, color, and health, the price is variable.

Golden retriever price in India may range between INR 15,000 – INR 40,000, which can also vary depending on the locations – urban, suburban, and local. In fact, buying from a reputed breeder will cost more than adopting from a shelter.

Whereas, in the USA the golden retriever price ranges from $500 – $3,000 based on the same applicable factors.

Pros and Cons of Having Golden Retriever as a Pet

Pros and Cons of having golden retriever as a pet

It’s scientifically proven that having a golden retriever as a pet has more pros and fewer cons.

This means that if you are making up your mind to buy a golden retriever, then you are good to go.

Check out the list of pros and cons of having a golden retriever dog as a pet

Pros of Having a Golden

  • This gorgeous furry friend will make you smile at the first glance or from mere petting.
  • Known for their gentle nature and compatibility, spending a few moments with them can promote the stimulation of oxytocin, improving mental health.
  • You can easily own multiple pets along with a golden retriever for their adaptable friendly nature.
  • Golden retriever temperament is zero which means it’s very easy to train and groom these pets at home.
  • These intelligent canines gel well with babies, older people, and guests as well.
  • Golden retrievers make an excellent therapy dog for lone seniors and for anyone suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Just a walk along with them on the street will attract many smiles and greetings making you sociable.

Cons of Having a Golden

  • They shed excessively, which can trigger an allergic reaction. You will need to buy a pet vacuum to keep your couch, carpets, bed, or car clean of its fur.  
  • Retrievers will fail you as a guard dog for being super friendly without any discrimination but will notify you with barks if encounter a stranger.
  • If you belong to hot and humid locations, be ready for the high maintenance of your golden retriever as they thrive well in the cool climate.
  • Golden retrievers are vulnerable to cancer.

What’s the Difference Between a Labrador and a Golden? Which is a Better Breed? Which One Should I buy?

Labrador vs Golden

Both Labrador and Golden Retriever are excellent breeds to buy because they have similar traits and many times it becomes confusing to choose between the two.

Although there is very little difference between the two, if you would ask me, I personally like golden retrievers because they are intelligent, friendly, and gorgeously cute. Plus I really like their shiny coat.

But in order to help you choose between the two, I have compared them basis different parameters which will help you to make a better decision.

Difference Between Labrador and Golden Retriever


The golden retriever scores high on maintenance costs than the Labrador due to their long furry coating all over the body that needs constant attention and periodic grooming to avert possible health issues.


Price varies based on different factors. It will cost more if you are buying it from a reputed dealer than a shelter. The average cost of both golden puppies and Labrador pups starts from $500.


Both breeds are known for being friendly and extremely affectionate. However, the goldens are high on patience level and ideal for the children. While the Labradors are high on energy and are quite active.

Hair & Coat

Labradors and golden dogs have striking similarities in terms of appearance but the latter one has only a long golden furry coating whereas Labradors are available in soft hair coating with multiple color options.


A golden retriever is more prone to developing cancer. Due to their double-coated fur, retrievers have a fair chance of getting an infection if not properly groomed. However, they both are prone to obesity.

Life Span

The lifespan of a healthy Labrador dog is more impressive than a golden retriever. A Labrador can survive up to 14 years whereas a retriever’s average lifespan ranges between 11 – 12 years.


Retrievers always score higher in this department due to their long, shiny, and majestic golden coating that makes them gorgeous. Whereas, Labradors have a similar loving cute appearance with average shiny coating in different colors.

Exercise and Food Cost

As both Golden Retrievers and Labradors are prone to obesity, they require regular exercise like fetching balls that will keep them active and fit. They need superior grade dog food which makes their monthly maintenance expenditure between $70 – $80.

Height & Weight

Male golden retrievers have an average height of 32 inches and weigh between 29 – 34 Kgs, whereas female golden retrievers have a height of 22 inches and weigh between 25 – 29 Kgs.

A female Labrador can grow up to a height of 23 inches and weighs up to 24 kgs whereas the male Labrador may weigh 29 kgs with an average height of 24.5 inches.

How Much Exercise Does a Retriever Need?

retriever exercise

Vet experts recommend some exercise and routine activities to ensure the longevity of your loved golden retriever. 

As retrievers are prone to obesity, hence involving them in some kind of recreational activities will keep them fit and healthy.

Adequate exercise helps in relieving the stress level of your furry buddy and will also control their destructive behavior. 

Take your golden retriever for a walk or run as their medium stature is fit for such activities. 

From disc and ball fetching to swimming, your retriever will love these activities that are quite effective in maintaining and restoring their health. 

As retrievers have double-coated furs, swimming in the summer will alleviate excess heat from their body and keep them cool. 

Don’t suddenly go harsh on your gentle retriever by taking them on extreme hiking as it can badly hurt their paws. 

Slow and steady practice is recommended.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of Golden Retriever?

The average lifespan of a golden retriever is up to 12 years depending on its diet, routine activities, and health concern. 

Unfortunately, this particular breed of canine is more prone to developing maximum cases of cancer than the other dogs.

Another ailment that is a real threat for your cute golden retriever is hypothyroidism that prevents the natural secretion of digestive hormones in your dog. Such conditions can lead to lethargy, sudden weight gain, poor hair growth, and hair loss. 

Besides cancer, retrievers are also the most affected breed with retinal damage cases. 

At What Age Golden Retriever Stops Growing?

Retriever Age

A golden retriever puppy will stop growing in its 18 months as it reaches its average stature with proper care and diet.

You will get to witness different stages of transforming from a super energetic pup to a mature adult within 2 years. 

However, occasional veterinary check-ups and routine monitoring are recommended by the experts to ensure the golden retriever’s healthy growing years.

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