How To Heat A Room Without Electricity In Winters

How To Heat A Room Without Electricity In Winters?

Last Updated: October 18, 2021

Our power-backed smart living has made our lives comfortable and easy but power outages can happen anywhere at any time. 

If you have had this experience especially during winters and it is at that time you wonder how to heat a room without electricity we have some great tips for you. 

It’s better to be prepared than feel sorry for yourself when winter sends shivers down your spine. 

This is also the time to be vocal about a sustainable lifestyle to conserve natural resources and save on your utility bills.

Even when you are not dealing with a major power outage it’s best to make optimum use of the heating units, considering other alternative ways that are capable of warming up your comfort zone without denting your pocket. 

Curious to know about them? Read on as we are going to unveil some foolproof ways of blocking the cold waves during winters.


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18 Ways To Heat A Room Without Electricity

Gather In a Small Room To Heat It Up Without Electricity

If you stay alone then this tip is certainly not for you. 

But if you are with family, we have something economical to warm up your room besides strengthening the family bond.

Instead of scattered living in your spacious home, assemble everyone in a small room with essential supplies like hot beverages and rubber hot water bags to induce the required warmth. 

Indulge in some fun games while the body heat of every family member heats up the room. 

The more you stay together, the less you will shiver because of the body heat of others in the room.

Warm-up Your Clothes Before Wearing

This isn’t particularly about how to provide heat in a room without electricity but a simple way to warm up your clothes before putting them on. 

Have you ever noticed that winter wear tends to turn cold when you put them off and leave them unattended for a while? 

But now by following our easiest hack, you can always wear warm clothes even when there is no electricity. 

All you need is a hot water bag to wrap your winter wear around it for 5 to 7 minutes.

This will trap the required amount of heat in every layer of your winter clothes. Now wear your warm clothes to feel instant warmth. 

Use Hot Charcoal To Instantly Heat The Room Without Electricity

Use Hot Charcoal To Instantly Heat The Room Without Electricity

Getting together near a fireplace is definitely a great idea to save on your electricity expenses but have you ever thought of how to heat in a room without electricity safely using the charcoal from the fireplace?

Yes, this is another economical way of adding warmth to other spaces of your home.

Pick burning charcoal from the fireplace and put it in the charcoal container. Place the charcoal container in the room you want to heat up. 

Be extremely cautious while dealing with burning charcoal especially if you have toddlers at home. 

Keep the charcoal container away from the reach of kids to avoid any accidental burns/mishaps. 

Also, make sure your room is ventilated so that fresh air can pass through, else the fumes from the charcoal will suffocate your room.

Keep Your Feet Warm

We know you leave no stone unturned in layering up properly to stay warm and cozy. 

But if you are merely ignorant of covering up your feet then nothing can help you beat the shivers. 

No matter how properly you wrap yourself in warm clothing, your feet always tend to stay cold which makes you feel even colder. 

Hence, you must care for your happy feet by dipping them in warm water quite often. 

For more relaxation, we recommend giving your feet a vapor rub at night before bedtime and wear socks to trap the heat for a peaceful sleep. 

Use Non-electric Heater To Safely Heat Your Room Without Electricity

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When we are talking about feasible ways to heat a room, a non-electric heater is next on our list to serve the purpose.

This room heating unit is not only energy saving but is equally efficient like a regular heater.

Interested in buying one? We are happy to help with your first purchase with the best in the market from the brand Mr.Heater. What can you expect from this propane unit? 

  • Its 45-degree heating angle offers stable warmth for rooms of 95 sq. ft and also suitable for tents and fishing shanties.
  • Designed with automated features like low-oxygen auto-off for complete peace of mind.

In order to instantly heat up your room, make sure to close all the doors and windows.

Have Portable Generators Handy

Have Portable Generators Handy

This tip is not exactly that matches your purpose but a quick fix to survive the extreme chill during a power outage. 

Get one portable generator before the winter strikes as backup support in keeping the room heating appliances operational.

This unit is worth an investment during an emergency shutdown when you don’t know when the situation will get back to normal. 

With a portable generator handy you can confidently survive the winter by running the minimal energy-consuming appliances till the power is restored. 

Also, make sure to keep the indoor well ventilated to abort any greenhouse gas accumulation.

Use Body & Hand Super Warmers

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Though we have mentioned earlier some effective tips in keeping your hands and feet warm, for extra protection from the chilling cold weather you can use body and hand super warmers.

HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers will give you instant relief from the extreme cold weather.

These disposable winter essentials are easy to use and are made of natural ingredients. In just 15 – 30 minutes these warmers will provide the required warmth.

You can also use them outdoors when you are fishing, camping, hiking, jogging or simply taking a walk to enjoy cold weather. 

Leverage Sunlight To Heat Your Room Without Electricity or Gas

Leverage Natural Heat To Heat Your Room Without Electricity or Gas

Never miss a chance to warm up your home on a sunny day by opening the windows to let the natural sunlight in. 

Remember to keep the doors closed to prevent cross ventilation and when you feel the room is warm enough shut the windows to lock the heat inside but don’t draw the curtain yet.

A closed room with direct sunlight will act as a greenhouse to keep your room warm for a longer duration. 

Also, try basking in the sun to charge yourself safely that no heating appliances can offer.

Cover The Floor With Carpet or Rug To Trap Heat

Cover The Floor With Carpet or Rug To Trap Heat

Carpets not only amplifies home decor but also acts as a shield against the emerging cold beneath.

And if your home has marble flooring then the trouble doubles when you accidentally step on it barefoot. 

To protect your feet from this unbearable chilling sensation we recommend covering up the floor with beautiful carpet especially where you walk through the most. 

Though this is applicable for marble flooring the same cannot be said for wooden floors especially if snowfall and rain are frequent in your area. 

So you need to put extra effort quite often into keeping the carpets dry and clean.

Use Oil Lamps To Heat A Room Without Electricity

Use Oil Lamps To Heat A Room

Though outdated, still can meet your need of how to heat a room without electricity during emergencies. 

Oil lamps are still the most reliable resort to use when the situation is extreme and you need warmth to survive and stay protected from the freezing temperature.

We recommend oil lamps as the last choice to beat the extreme chill during prolonged power outages. 

These oil lanterns can offer a little relief by lending some warmth to the surroundings but can also increase the risk of fire hazards and suffocation due to the toxic fumes and fine particles like carbon monoxide and sulfur when burned. 

Prolonged use of oil lamps can lead to asthma and cancer. So if you are using these lanterns make sure the room is properly ventilated and go for this option only as a last resort. 

Drink Hot Beverages For Instant Warmth

Drink Hot Beverages For Instant Warmth

You will hardly find anyone declining a steaming cup of beverage during winter.

Though this one is not our recommended tip to heat a small room without electricity but can surely help you stay cozy and comfortable from within.

Sipping on a cup of hot coffee or tea is not a luxury but is the most inexpensive and feasible way to dare the winter chills. 

If you are not a fan of coffee or tea as drinking too much can adversely affect your health, switch to hot milk with chocolate for instant warmth or make a bowl of soup.

Although soup isn’t considered a beverage but is a healthy way to keep yourself warm and energetic. 

Layer Yourself With Warm Clothes and Blankets

Before you lookup for tips on how to heat a room without electricity or gas, you must gear up sufficiently with proper winter attire to protect yourself from the harsh weather. 

Needless to say, we are emphasizing the right way of layering so that you can effortlessly regulate the body temperature by adding or shedding an extra layer. 

Properly shield your hands with insulated gloves or hand warmers to stay active and prevent any numbness due to extreme cold waves. 

So, assemble your thick jackets, coats, socks, and blankets to adequately layer yourself so that nothing can stop you from staying warm during winters.

Light Candles Around The Room

Light Candles Around The Room

Lighting up candles inside your room can lend some warmth but isn’t that effective in warding off the chills. 

If you want to add sufficient warmth with candles you will require a few packs on a daily basis to get the desired impact. 

But this is way more expensive than using electronic heating appliances.

To try this, light one big candle in each room to illuminate the space besides releasing some warmth. 

If you have a large room don’t waste your candle as it will not make much difference.

Make sure your room is ventilated so that fresh air can come in and the toxic fumes from candles do not suffocate you.

You can consider this technique during prolonged power outages or in areas deprived of electricity. 

Keep Your Doors, Windows and Vents Closed

Another efficient way to ensure and retain the ideal temperature is to check for any cracks on the window panes and doors and mend them properly before the winter approaches. 

Do you know ignoring these minute faults can result in an imbalance to your home’s thermic insulation? 

This becomes serious during extreme winter when your home loses warmth faster through these vents.

Hence we suggest you properly close the doors, windows and block other openings while facilitating ideal ventilation indoors. 

For additional protection, replace thin window curtains with thick ones and draw the curtain during the evening to prevent cold waves from entering and invading your comfort.

Keep Rubber Hot Water Bag Handy

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Does the winter worsen your muscle sore and stiff joints? You might gulp down some pill for instant relief but nothing is more relaxing than a warm compression with a hot water bag.

This is again not a solution about how to heat a room without electricity but a practical way for you to stay warm and active even if you don’t suffer from body aches. 

All you need is to slide this bag of warmth under your blanket to have a cozy goodnight’s sleep. 

We suggest you keep this bag handy for instant access to the much-needed warmth.

Light Up Your Fireplace

Light Up Your Fireplace

Is your home’s fireplace all messed up with a layer of dirt all over? 

Clean it up if you are determined to save on your electricity bill in the winter.

What could be more effective than lighting up the fireplace to lend sufficient warmth to your home than plugging into the power socket every time? 

Try this traditional method during the freezing months to see how effectively it serves both the purpose of warming up your home and saving on your monthly electricity bills. 

Take Advantage of Flashlight or LED Lanterns

When it’s about adding some heat to your home or ways to keep yourself warm in the winter, don’t underestimate the credibility of LED lanterns and flashlights.

Wondering how these units can safely heat a room without electricity?

Well, they won’t warm up your space but can make your freezing palms active by releasing some warmth when you held them over your hand. 

As a matter of fact objects or things that produce light also release heat. 

So, when you light up the LED lanterns or flashlights for too long it provides you that extra warmth when touched.

Engage in Physical Exercise

Engage in Physical Exercise

During the freezing months, we tend to become lethargic and choose to stay indoors under our cozy blanket, delaying our daily chores.

But if your area is experiencing power outages and you are struggling to keep yourself warm, be a little braver to dare the chill and warm yourself up a bit. 

Needless to say, the more you engage in some kind of physical activities the more it will trigger the metabolism in keeping you warm and active.

A daily dose of some kind of activity will help you in staying warm and in shape than wrapping around and shivering.

Final Thoughts

A power outage can happen anywhere and at any time. Knowing the tips and tricks to heat a room without electricity comes in handy during these times when you want to beat the chill.

To meet this serious concern of yours, we have tried to put forth some of the best and sustainable ways for lessening your dependency on electricity in warming up your home. 

Our recommended tips are not only easy to follow but also offer the same level of warmth as your electronic heating units.

Are there any other economical ways you think we have missed? Let us know by commenting below.

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