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How to Learn to Play Piano Like A Pro From Day One

Do you imagine yourself playing the piano like a pro? running your fingers through the smooth piano keyboard to play jazz, pop, ballads, classical, or any other music that mesmerizes you, your family members, neighbors, or the crowd at the party.

You might have struggled to teach yourself piano but failed and finally gave up because you felt that it is one of the hardest instruments on earth.

But it’s not too late to learn to play the piano when you are learning from the right source. 

Musical instruments are stimulation for those who have a knack for music, symphony, and melody of all that exists.

Keyboard pianos are one of the oldest yet in-vogue musical instruments that are accepted by people from all walks of life.

If you are someone who has always wished to own and learn playing the piano, or already know the core of a piano but doesn’t have the access to one, then don’t wander off anywhere else because we have got you covered.


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Easiest Online Piano Lesson on Earth

Piano for all is the most amazing online piano course for beginners as well as for intermediate-level learners.

Whether you want to learn to play keyboards or read music it teaches you everything you should know from scratch. 

Their teaching method is very practical so there is no theory that you will need to memorize. 

The courses are designed in such a way that even a novice can become familiar with the musical instrument from day one.

You will find yourself working on the piano keyboard and producing some incredible music as soon as you being the course, without spending any time trying to understand the function of every key in the keyboard, it’s that easy.

Key Features that will make you Fall in Love with this Online Piano Course

  • Their step-by-step guide has all the tips, tricks, and formulas and comes in the form of ebooks, videos, and audios that work on any device, literally. 
  • Consider their course as a piano lesson software where you will be able to access both audio and video files on the same window you are on, which eliminates all the to and fros that you would have experienced with other online piano courses. 
  • Within a week you will be able to play pop, jazz, classical, or any other music like a pro.
  • Download the course instantly on your device or place an order from anywhere in the world for the delivery of DVD ROM.
  • Before buying the course you can even talk to people who have given their reviews on the website by requesting their email ids.

Course Reviews

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!

Joy! T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

Hi Robin, Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.

Mike Epstein, Ramat Raziel, Israel

I no longer think, “this is beyond me and only musical geniuses who have had hundreds of years of lessons are capable of playing”. In other words, this course is very liberating, simple to grasp, laid out in an easy to follow the format, and gets you playing in NO TIME! Why piano is not explained in the manner that PFA teaches is completely beyond me! Thanks so much. Sincerely

Bob Bowen, Conway, Arkansas

If you are still in a dilemma about whether to opt for this course or not, click on the button below to explore the course.

Choose your Best Keyboard Piano to Start your Musical Journey

Presenting the best keyboard pianos which can be opted for by both beginners and professionals. 

Dive in to come in terms with the best budget keyboard pianos which won’t dig a hole in your pocket and will urge you to grow on the journey of music and heartwarming tunes. 

Best Yamaha Keyboard Pianos for Beginners

Buying keyboard pianos can seem a laborious task for beginners. 

As they are treading towards an untrodden journey and range of products, confusion is a constant companion. 

Yamaha keyboard pianos are one of the best musical instruments for kids and adults.

They have been hitting the market with new and updated pianos which are ideal for beginners to learn from. 

The two of the most widely ranged Yamaha pianos for beginners are Yamaha PSR EW-300 and Yamaha E-263.

Yamaha PSR-E263

A parallel has been drawn between the aforementioned pianos for our readers to choose from.

Music accessories by Yamaha, Yamaha E-263 has a 61 dynamic key keyboard whereas PSR EW300 incurs 76 key touch-sensitive keyboards which provides a better experience of piano playing. 

In terms of instrument voices, the PSR EW300 aces the bar as well with 576 voices against the 400 voices present in E-263.

Yamaha PSR EW-300

The Yamaha EW300 has now been updated with finer technologies like ‘keys to success’ and ‘touch tutor lesson’. 

These modes are highly effective for beginners as the instant duo mode is powered on, the keyboard piano splits into two halves each for the student and teacher separately. 

The student can mimic the actions of the teacher’s hand in hand and get a firm grasp of keys quicker than expected.  To beat these radical features, Yamaha EW 300 has blown minds by the onboard phase recorder feature which records your tutoring sessions to recall later on.

Next up, raising the bar higher is the PSR 300 with new reverb effects and Master EQ function. These features are sure to excite you with the chorus effect and flexible sound levels. 

For prices, both Yamaha pianos are deal winners when it comes to keyboard pianos for beginners as they present features worth the money spent on it.

Best Casio Keyboard Pianos for Beginners

The keyboard piano that you choose to start your musical journey with can either lead you to flourish in it or hinder your growth if it’s not up to the mark. 

We understand the dilemma beginners go through and to soothe away a little of perplexion, we have described all there is to know about two of the best Casio keyboard pianos: Casio WK 245 76-key keyboards and the Casio CTK 6250 keyboard.

Casio WK-245

The Casio WK 245 has dynamic and touch-sensitive 71 keys to provide the next level’s experience of tunes and melodies. It has also got a large LCD display along with music notation to guide you during your early sessions. 

Coming to Casio CTK 6250, it comes with 61 original and ground-breaking tracks. The system track of this set is also worth drooling at.  

When looking for the best keyboard pianos for beginners, the features included in Casio CTK are ideal as they come with lesson mode and full tones.

Casio CTK 6250

With this musical instrument, you can record your teaching sessions and it also comes with the ability to edit your tones and rhythms.

The Casio WK 245 comes with AUX input which enables you to connect your keyboard piano with an MP3 player. The stereo system incurred in this set is the demand for future and moderated musicians.  

And not to forget, it also comes with 180 preset rhythms which are sure to increase your playing experience four-fold. 

Best Roland Keyboard Pianos for Beginners

Roland keyboard pianos are opted by those who relish the exquisite experience of all leisure activities.  

This Japanese company presents a variety of products and musical instruments in the market with the latest technologies and moderations. 

These future-ready keyboard pianos are hard to resist with their eye-catching features and sleek designs. 

The two of the best Roland keyboard pianos for beginners are: Roland FP-30 and Roland GO – 61 key

The Roland FP piano is a portable, compact, and easy to maintain musical instrument which offers Bluetooth connectivity and digital sheet music.

Roland FP-30

These features are still fought over by many competitive brands but Roland has been the prompt company to come up with these. 

The perk of this piano is that once at home, it seems so adaptive and homely that it becomes hard to believe that it is newly bought. 

Parallelly, the Roland GO piano offers touch-sensitive keys and Bluetooth connectivity as well. 

However, it lacks the power and capacity of the sound system as it is in the Roland FP piano. 

Roland GO

The music accessories in Roland GO piano has a loop mix feature that allows users to edit their tunes and rhythms and create something out of the box. 

The Roland GO piano is battery operated and contains in-built speakers which make the set all the more pleasing. 

This entry-level piano consists of 500 sounds from various Roland Synth models. 

These sounds will help you to create something new and interesting by keeping the core same and adding addictive melodies. 

The competitive set of Roland FP comes with the feature of advanced piano tones and sound clarity. 

It is an ideal set, to be played within the comfort of your house without any external sound system. 

 Both pianos are worth opting for in terms of features and benefits.

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