How To Properly Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

How To Properly Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Last Updated: December 7, 2021

Did you know that you can easily increase the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner by maintaining it properly?

According to a report published by Energy Star residential vacuum cleaners can have a lifespan of 4 – 10 years depending on the usage and maintenance.  

How to maintain a vacuum cleaner is the next big thing to consider if you want to ensure its improved level of lasting performance. 

A vacuum cleaner is perhaps the best invention that happened in 1901 when Engineer Hubert Cecil Booth applied his skills to create one of the best home living appliances to relieve you from the stress of house cleaning

Today vacuum cleaners are much more efficient and faster and get the job done in a couple of minutes without giving you a headache. 

No matter if you are staying alone or with family, your home requires daily cleaning and nothing helps better than a top-notch vacuum but that too requires occasional maintenance for a smooth performance. 

Cleaning up the mess with a messier vacuum will work reverse and will leave your entire space stinking with germs and dirt.

So to help you maintain a vacuum cleaner we have compiled a list of activities that you can do to increase its lifespan without denting your pocket. 

Let’s dive in!

5 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Keep Vacuum Cleaner From Smelling Bad

Keep Vacuum Cleaner From Smelling Bad

Just like every home cleaning appliance, a vacuum cleaner also tends to smell real bad if you ignore cleaning it from time to time. 

To keep a vacuum cleaner from smelling, you need to schedule a day to clean it step by step with some effort and basic home ingredients.

Here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Dismantle the vacuum carefully making sure that the dirt inside the bin doesn’t hover on your face.
  • If you are vacuuming often, then chances are higher of the dirtbag getting accumulated with the debris which requires thorough cleaning under running water.
  • Replace the canister as washing alone won’t help much if it is being randomly used.
  • Clean the rotating brush and the suction pipe to remove any blockage.
  • Use baking soda or vinegar to clean every part.
  • After cleaning install new perfume pads to release a soothing fresh smell.
  • Sun-dry the filter pad to disinfect as any trace of moisture in the components inside will trigger the awful smell and malfunctioning.

Empty Dust Collector Unit After Every Use

Empty Dust Collector Unit After Every Use

Though vacuum cleaners are designed to suck in the dirt from surfaces, sometimes the suction does not perform well when the dust collector unit is half or almost full. 

For your vacuum to work efficiently, we suggest you remove the dust canister before it’s full as the pressure inside may cause the lid to burst up scattering all the trash back to the indoor air. 

As a practice try to empty the dust canister every time you finish vacuuming, even if it’s 10% full.

The reason for this is

  • The dust or dirt in the dust collector carries small microorganisms and bacteria that may release a bad smell or odor next time you use your vacuum.
  • Your vacuum suction will perform at its full efficiency and deep clean your home.

Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with dust bags and others are simply bagless making way for the filter to do the job.

In such cases, you will need to replace the dust bag or clean the filters (always use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter)

If you or your family has allergy issues then the vacuum with a dust canister is the most recommended one for deep cleaning your home. 

No matter what type of vacuum cleaner you choose, maintain it to extend its utility period and don’t forget to empty the dust bag in time and preferably go for the ones with a transparent bin.

Keep The Bristles Of The Roller Clean

Keep The Bristles Of The Roller Clean

While rolling your vacuum over the dirtiest surfaces like carpets and mats have you noticed how smoothly the brush roll glides and wiggle around the trash? 

This is why it is so important to keep the bristles of the roller clean after every use to maintain its performance and longevity.

  • The roller bristles swipe over dust, pet hair, and allergens that get stick to it, and hence you must either clean the debris from the roller surface or best remove the entire roller for deep cleaning.
  • You can manually pull the dirt off using your fingers or can disassemble it to dip it into a cleaning solution.
  • To keep a vacuum cleaner smelling fresh you cannot ignore cleaning the roller bristles as the accumulated dirt on its surface over time will emit an awful smell when you reuse it.
  • But remember to assemble the unit properly after cleaning or it can be a sheer painful experience while vacuuming your home.

Check The Vacuum Suction

To confirm if your vacuum is working efficiently check its suction if it’s working normally or is emitting noise while showing poor sucking ability. 

If your vacuum suction is not as powerful as it used to be, it’s time to clean the vacuum filter and replace the dust bag.

More powerful suction means the filter is better at collecting minute dust particles and deep cleaning your home.

But if your home stinks immediately after you vacuum clean, it means the filters might have clogged and haven’t been cleaned for a long time.

The filters of the vacuum cleaner needed to be cleaned most often as it accumulates debris over time. 

If the vacuum you use has washable filters, get rid of the dirt under the running stream and dry it under the sun to remove germs and foul smells. 

Remember, putting back the dampened filter will worsen your home cleaning experience and will do more harm than good. 

It’s better to replace the filters than occasional cleaning to ensure the proper functioning of the suction.

Take Care Of Vacuum Motor And Fan

Every component inside a vacuum has a probable chance of getting affected by the dirt sucked inside which if not cleaned in time will lead to malfunctioning and reduces the lifespan.

The suction ability of a vacuum cleaner depends fully on the capability of the motor inside it including the fan which helps in sucking in the debris. 

Any blockage or clogging inside the unit will create extra pressure on the fan and will eventually damage its performance.

To understand how to maintain a vacuum cleaner you must often check the motor & fan speed and clean immediately if you notice any dust accumulation on them. 

In case you are facing issues while vacuum cleaning as the suction has reduced then the motor has possibly turned defective and requires immediate attention.

To do this you can either dial a professional helpline number or can periodically check by yourself to avoid the extra maintenance charges or investing in a new one.

Final Thoughts

When you have brimming the best home living appliances, save your time and money on the best vacuum cleaner for domestic use. 

But guess what your job starts right after the much-awaited purchase as you need to invest some maintenance time to ensure its proper functioning.

This dust and dirt-removing home appliance need equal upkeeping so that you can reuse it for daily cleaning without any worries and fear of maintenance expenses. 

To help people like you who can’t do without a vacuum cleaner, we have tried to list the best possible steps in maintaining this trusted home appliance.

We hope that after reading this article you now know how to maintain your vacuum cleaner and keep it from smelling bad.

Any other tips and tricks you know to increase the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner and keep it smelling fresh? Share with us in the comment box. 

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  1. You got my attention when you said that for a vacuum cleaner to work efficiently, the dust canister must be removed before becoming full as the pressure inside may cause the lid to burst up. This is something that I will consider because I am interested in finding a dealer and shop for a vacuum cleaner. My son and I are prone to allergies, so it is crucial for me to have cleansing equipment that could get rid of dust and dirt away. Thanks for sharing this.

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