How To Summer Camp In A Hammock: 15 Camping Tips & Tricks

How To Summer Camp In A Hammock: 15 Camping Tips & Tricks

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

Would you dare to swap your camping tent with a hammock? 

Trust us, experimenting with camping can never go wrong if you have the right skills and equipment. 

Hammock summer camping is trending and everyone is trying this unconventional way of camping than being boxed in a tent.

No matter whether you are a solo camper or want to camp with your family and kids, it’s every camper’s dream to at least try this minimalist way of camping in a hammock swinging and enjoying the view around. 

It really sounds exciting yet there are a few doubts in your mind. 

You are skeptical about camping in the summer in a hammock, given the heat you will have to bear, bugs, rain, wind, and of course what equipments you should carry.

Don’t worry, today, we are going to unwrap every tidbit you need to know about hammock camping.

Let’s get started!

Do’s & Don’t During Summer Hammock Camping


  • Go hammock camping during the summer with the required essentials and beverages that you love to sip on.
  • It’s going to be your temporary comfy home in the wild, so get the best suspension system to tie your hammock tighter and a bit higher from the ground between two strong trees and hop in.
  • Be well informed about the local wildlife to stay prepared and safe.
  • Follow up with the campsite managers if a hammock is allowed on the land.
  • Keep some form of entertainment like a music player or have a tour around to keep boredom away.
  • Put a tarp or a rainfly above which will work as a shade and a bug net to keep off insects.
  • Make yourself comfortable on a soft resting pad in the hammock with foam cushioning.
  • Add an extra layer of the quilt below the hammock for insulation especially if are out there in the cold.
  • Use the ridgeline to sling the essentials for easy access without getting off the hammock.
  • Keeps a torch, flashlight, or a camping lantern with you for a better and safer hammocking at night.
  • Want a pro tip for the ultimate comfort in the hammock? Lie diagonally and thank us later.
  • Use an eco-friendly suspension strap to hang your hammock without harming the trees.
  • Chose a safe spot for hammock camping in the summer to keep off wildlife intervening in your peace.


  • Don’t leave trash or any non-degradable items behind.
  • Avoid using the conventional ropes for tying around the trees to prevent ugly marks.
  • Skip rocky or undulating surfaces for hammock camping to save yourself from rough falls and injuries.
  • If you are carrying pets, make a separate living space for them to prevent accidental tearing by their paws.
  • Get off to have food away from the campsite so that the predators don’t reach you sniffing.

15 Summer Hammock Camping Tips

Keep A Check On Weather Forecast

Keep A Check On Weather Forecast

No matter when or where you are camping always keep a tab on the weather report. 

If you are planning hammock camping, summer is the time to settle for this. 

Unfortunately, summer is when you can expect rain and storm so gather as much information as you can about the local weather so that you are not greeted with unexpected surprises and ruin your camping mood.

Start prepping a month before by monitoring the weather on your phone or news channel. 

Pack in an extra tarp, dry food if you are not in the mood to ditch your plan because of the unpredictable nature to keep your sunny side up. 

Bring Under Quilt Just In Case The Temperature Drops

There is nothing wrong if you are planning to go hammock camping in the summer if you have got the skill. 

When you hop into the hammock it tends to wrap around leaving the underside exposed. 

And trust me, when the temperature drops at night you might get what hammock campers call Frozen Butt Syndrome (FBS). 

You will feel the heat and humidity throughout the day while camping in summer, but it won’t hurt to carry an under quilt so that you don’t have to experience discomfort at night while hammocking.

Hear it from the expert who suggests how an under quilt below the hammock can make your chilly nights warm and comfy. 

The under quilt works as an insulated bed and an extra protection layer for your back.

Pack Bug Net & Traps To Avoid Rain Or Windy Night

Camping in the summer in a hammock means encountering bugs, mosquitoes, a sudden shower, and what not? 

But you can’t let these factors choking your camping spirit right? 

For the best hammock camping experience, protect yourself from harsh weather impact with a tarp above. 

For sturdy protection against gusty winds secure the tarp strings to the ground.

Pests are every camper’s nightmare and only a bug net offers complete protection from poisonous insect bites so that you can rise and shine after an uninterrupted sleep. 

So always eye for these camping essentials and bug mesh for the best camping experience.

Should You Bring Your Sleeping Bag While Summer Hammock Camping?

Do I need a sleeping bag for summer hammock camping? 

This is the most common question of every camper and if you have been pondering over it for some time now, here’s what we suggest. 

A sleeping bag is not necessary for hammocking in summers unless there is a sudden dip in the night temperature. 

Actually, you don’t need a sleeping bag in any season for hammocking. 

You only need a perfect insulation pad to stay warm and an under quilt is enough to get the job done.

You can carry a sleeping bag as an added protection against cold but then also you need knowledge to use it properly. 

If your budget permits, buy sleeping bags that are efficient, space-saving, and easily portable.

Practice Your Sleeping Angle Before Going Summer Hammock Camping

This is the most important factor to focus on if you are looking for comfortable sleep or quality time in the hammock. 

If you have applied your geometric skills while setting up the hammock you are a step ahead to practice the sleeping angle.

The tighter the grip around the trees the more cocooned you will be inside it. 

Keep it loose to fit in comfortably with more space. 

If you don’t want to feel like a Mummy avoids lying straight in the center, instead lie diagonally. 

You can practice this angle in your garden before the much-awaited summer hammock camping.

Check The Weight Of Your Hammock Before Packing It

While gearing up for a summer hammock camping, you need to consider various factors other than a lighter backpack. 

No, we are not asking you to tuck in just anything, but suggest you choose the right hammock that can offer comfort and safety when you lay in it.

When it’s about quality and comfort, weight shouldn’t be the prime concern. 

We recommend you to buy a double hammock which is heavier and may fill up your backpack but will make your camping night cozier than the one person type. 

So before off to break choose your camping swing wisely.

Choose Hammock According To Your Comfort & Size 

Choose Hammock According To Your Comfort & Size While Summer Camping

Replacing a tent with a hammock connects you instantly to nature but an unfit swing can ruin the experience. 

So listen up to the expert so that you don’t end up with the wrong one.

Hammock camping is in and hence companies are introducing various types and sizes of hammocks with interesting features. 

Now before you add one to your shopping cart, consider if you are going alone or with your partner, your height, breathability, waterproofing, and if it comes with a bug net. 

If everything fits your preference, click the buy button to get your first perfect hammock.

Test Your Hammock Before Going Camping

Now that you have your hammock delivered, it’s time to test its limit in the safe zone of the backyard before hanging in the wild.

If you are a beginner gain some knowledge from various tutorial videos floating online. 

And if this your second purchase then also you need to check the performance and functionality of the hammock, like how strong and comfortably it can withstand your weight and other environmental factors.  

The last pro tip is to carry a tent in case you are skipping your car to hit the camping spot and stay safe from a desperate situation.

Don’t Forget To Pack Extra Carabiners

Don't Forget To Pack Extra Carabiners

When it comes to securely hang the hammock, only the right carabiners can give you comfort and peace of mind. 

While many reputed brands offer extra pairs for free, you can buy them separately if your hammock doesn’t come with it.

But, no matter how strong your carabiner is there is always a chance of mishap and you don’t want to fall hard while resting or sleeping in your swing. 

So always carry an extra pair of carabiners, an essential camping tip for you so that you don’t have to leave camping mid-way and back home with a spoiled mood.

Keep Distance From Lake or Water Bodies

Keep Distance From Lake or Water Bodies While Summer Hammock Camping

Beware and strictly do not fall for the hammock camping clicks featuring the swing over a flowing stream.

Always remember not to compromise with your safety in the wild.

In case you are planning a riverside summer hammock camping, always keep a safe distance to avoid accidents especially if you have kids in your gang. 

We know you like being creative but will always recommend not to go extreme in meeting your camping quest. 

If you want to wake up with a view of a waterfall or a lake, hang your hammock at least 200m away and enjoy camping the safest way.

Setup Your Hammock The Right Way

Hammocking is the coziest way to bond with nature if you know how to set it right. 

Try implementing some of your geometric skills, to begin with, if it’s your first summer hammock camping.

For pitching the hammock perfectly and comfortably, you need to be precise about everything starting from the trees to the distance between them including the length of your hammock an important factor that often gets missed.

So, before leaving for the trip, go online to learn about the techniques and ideas on how to correctly set up a hammock to save yourself from uncertain situations in the wild.

Bring Travel Pillows For A Goodnight Sleep

We know that camping is all about enjoying peaceful moments with nature with lesser or no luxury at all. 

But for a perfect goodnight sleep, you can consider adding a pillow in your hammock backpacking.

These travel pillows aren’t heavy and one of the best travel accessories you can consider adding to your list of items to pack.

Besides a pillow, don’t forget the bug net and a tarp as these outdoor travel gears will keep you safe from the mosquitoes and rain. 

Get the ultimate warmth and comfort of your bed while sleeping in your hammock and wake up all fresh and charged up the next morning.

Learn All About Hammock Knots

Learn All About Hammock Knots While Camping In Summer

Another most important aspect to perfectly hangs a hammock is learning all about knot techniques.

Do not miss this lesson or get ready to experience the worst out there.

While knots securely snag your hammock it requires skill and experience to do it in the right way. 

The thumb rule of setting up a hammock comfortably is not to tie it up too tightly or you will end up sleeping like a banana.

Also keep a drooping string between the ridgeline and the hammock so if it’s raining, the rainwater rolls down the string before invading your comfort inside.

Choose The Right Tree & Location

Finding two trees with a front view is not always the perfect setting for hammock camping. 

Don’t put your safety at stake for the sake of a view. 

Always check the surroundings and have some insights about the local wildlife before finalizing your camping spot.

Weak trees with drooping branches are a strict no for hammock camping as you never know when one falls straight onto you. 

Select strong trees to snag around your hammock safely. 

We recommend you choose a location safe from predators like grizzlies and poisonous creatures to avoid a situation in the wild.

Don’t Hurt The Environment While Summer Hammock Camping

If you want to repeatedly get back to nature, be more responsible and adapt eco-friendly ways for summer hammock camping. 

Buy straps that don’t leave ugly patches on the tree barks than the conventional ropes that badly harm the trees.

Pack everything back you have carried including the trash in a separate bag. 

Here is one pro tip for you to stay safe is to have your food away from the campsite so that the predators won’t reach you by sniffing. 

Lastly, leave the spot as it was when you visited the first time showing your responsibility towards nature.

Final Thoughts

We know that after reading these in-depth summer hammock camping tips you are beaming with confidence to try this with your gang. 

The best part of hammock camping is you can also set this up in your garden or backyard to have some fun out of the monotonous life.

The hammock camping is getting more upvotes from campers for being super easy to set up in minutes plus the uber-cool outlook. 

Now that you already know all the hammock camping tips for summer, get ready to turn the heads of your peers with this super exciting camping idea.

And don’t forget to bring along all the essential camping gear and equipment to make the best out of your hammocking. 

Any other summer hammock camping tips you have in mind? Let us know in the comment box.

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