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Humidifier Benefits: For Healthy Living At Home

Last Updated: November 2, 2021

Humidifier benefits is the most widely searched term on the internet especially when winter approaches. 

When moisture in the air drops, it causes our skin to become dry, which leads to sore throat, cough, and many other health problems.

This article is dedicated to you because we know you do not want to compromise when it comes to you and your family’s health. 

By the end of this blog, you will know all the health benefits of a humidifier. 

But before we dive in let’s understand a few things about the humidifier. 

It will help you to make the right choice if you are planning to buy one.

Let’s get started!


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What is a Humidifier?

what is a humidifier

A humidifier can be considered as a therapy that adds moisture and humidity in the air to eliminate the dryness and the irritation caused by it.

Some humidifiers are also used to capture bacterial cells by the anti-microbial coating on the humidifier. 

This helps cure various seasonal illnesses like cold, flu, itchy throat, bloody nose, sinus congestion, etc. contributing to a healthy home atmosphere.

Certain latest humidifiers are equipped with aroma boxes to be used as an essential oil diffuser, this keeps the air inside your home fresh, clean, and healthy.

Make sure that you clean your humidifier regularly to prevent mold formation and keep your home atmosphere in check. 

Increased humidity can make the situation worse and result in more health problems. 

It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor if you have asthma or allergies before buying a humidifier.

Types of Humidifiers

There are five major types of humidifiers and we will see what makes each of them different from the other.

1. Central Humidifiers

These Humidifiers are the most expensive but their functionality is totally worth the money they entitle. 

It diffuses moisture and humidity evenly in the air and is ideal for a spacious house or mansion. 

It is built directly with the heating unit of the house.

2. Evaporators

Evaporators include moistened filters through which they blow moisture throughout the house. 

They have a single unit system and fans, which powers the unit and helps in even diffusion. 

They are less expensive but their range is limited only to one room.

3. Impeller Humidifiers

These Humidifiers include rotating disks which help in diffusing moisture at a high speed. 

Impeller humidifiers are less expensive and child-friendly. 

However, the range of these humidifiers is not very impressive.

4. Steam Humidifiers

These are electrically powered humidifiers. 

They work by heating water and then cooling it, the air is then expelled out. 

They are portable, inexpensive, and accessible humidifiers. 

However, they aren’t child-friendly as there is a risk of potential burn.

5. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to produce a cool mist. 

They can be used to produce both cool and warm mist and the prices depend upon the size of the humidifier. 

They are compact, portable, and child-friendly.

8 Benefits of Humidifier That Contribute To A Healthy Home Environment

1. Humidifier Benefits for Skin

Some people suffer from consistent dryness of skin, lips, and hair. 

This is usually caused due to the lack of moisture in the air during the winter seasons. 

However, some people face this issue irrespective of the season or dryness. 

Here is where the humidifier comes into action. 

It diffuses humidity and moisture inside your house or office and makes the air fresh and soothing. 

This helps in reducing the occurrence of dry and chapped skin and lips.

2. Benefits of Humidifier for Babies

humidifier benefits for babies

Babies who are born in cold weather and have trouble adjusting to the dryness.

Due to the crispiness in the air, your baby might suffer from respiratory problems and seasonal illnesses. 

You may not want to give medicines to your little one for the fear of reactions and side effects. 

But a humidifier is the safest bet as it helps to cure these illnesses and brings water back into the air.

However, it is extremely essential to choose humidifiers that are child-friendly and have no risks for burns. 

Another perk for installing a humidifier for your baby is that, unlike hot air heaters, it doesn’t force hot air into the room. 

It diffuses moisture into the air which eliminates dryness in an organic way giving your baby a healthy lifestyle they deserve.

It cures a cold, flu, sore throats, and stuffy nasal passages without medication.

3. Benefits of Humidifier for Cold

The primary motive of humidifiers is thought to be providing heat in chilled weather. 

Well, we can’t say the statement is anywhere wrong but there are tons of other features of a humidifier. 

It helps your home feel warmer by diffusing moisture and heat into the air. 

This makes the evaporation of sweat slower and makes your body feel warm and cozy all day. 

It also cuts off the extra expenditure of heating devices and lowers the thermostats to conserve energy and save money.

4. Humidifier Benefits for Asthma

Asthma can cause constriction of breathing muscles along with other severe disorders related to the breathing system. 

The issue is propelled even more if the individual suffers from thickened phlegm and inflamed airways. 

At times, the infusion of these issues can lead to a complete cut down on air. 

Humidifier benefits asthma patients by keeping a check on these symptoms.

 It eases the issue of dry throat, nose, and mouth. 

People with chronic breathing issues can visibly notice the change and ease in their breathing patterns as well as reduced chances of a flare-up.

5. Benefits of Humidifier for Sinus Problem

When the air is excessively dry, the mucus and sinus aren’t drained as well as they should.

This leads to congestion and sinus pain which is highly uncomfortable to bear. 

The best way to cure the sinus problem is to bring the moisture back into the air.

And the best way to that is to get a humidifier for your house. 

Humidified air is extremely good for sinusitis and the winter seasons.

6. Benefits for House Plants

humidifier benefits for house plants

Have you been wondering why your plants are wilting and losing their color drastically? 

It is because of the cold or dry weather causing excessive dryness in the air.

If you thought only humans can feel the chilled air biting our skin, it’s time you rethink. 

Humidifiers help conserve house plants by lowering the rate of evapotranspiration in plants and by kicking in moisture and adequate heat in the air. 

You can use humidifiers for house plants to keep them safe and healthy within home premises.

7. Benefits of Humidifier for Allergies

The most common causes of allergies are dust mites present inside the house and thriving within a specific humidity level. 

Triggers can also be caused by mold and mildew, it may sometimes also cause allergy-induced asthma. 

If you are looking for ways to eliminate any chances of triggers and allergic reactions, you can consider buying a humidifier as the product is designed to give you and your loved ones a healthy atmosphere.

They relieve discomfort, allergic rhinitis, and other issues including nasal congestion, irritation, inflammation of nasal mucosa. 

The humidifier filters eliminate irritants and allergens from the nasal cavity like dust mites and mold.

8. Humidifier Benefits while Sleeping

Untitled design 5

Chilled and dry air causes disruptions in sleep due to uneasy passage of air and trapped mucus in the nasal cavity. 

This leads to audible vibration or snoring while sleeping. 

To get a discreet sleep and rest, humidifiers can prove to be of great help. 

They induce moisture, eliminate bacterial cells, and even diffuse essential oil in the air to assure a good night’s sleep.

Humidifiers also cure snoring-induced illnesses like sleep apnea.


Now you know all the humidifier benefits and its types. 

A humidifier does more than just adding moisture into the air. 

It keeps your skin soft, deals with cough, cold, asthma, allergies, and gives you a sound sleep. 

Humidifiers are the best products for homes if you are looking for healthy living.

It not only protects you and your family from harmful dust and bacteria present in the air but also helps your house plants to thrive. 

Choose the humidifier as per your requirement and keep your home environment healthy and happy. 

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