Mirzapur Season 2 (Review): A Must Watch Series on Amazon Prime

Mirzapur Season 2 (Review): Best TV Series on Amazon Prime

Long-awaited, Mirzapur Season 2 is finally here. 

This season is also a 10 Episode long real entertaining continuation of the amazing story from where we left the last season. 

Season 2 starts with the wounded Guddu who is on the run with Golu & his Sister. 

They keep surviving & healing. 

There are new characters in this season who are equally entertaining & retain the comic undertone of the story. 

The story evolves gradually and gets exciting. 

Below is the brief summary to look out for. 

I am happy to mention that the next season is also certain with the ending we have in this season.


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Main Characters in Mirzapur Season 2

Akhandanand Tripathi

Kaleen Bhaiya Mirzapur Season 2

Kaleen Bhaiya is trying to get a successor out of his unworthy son. 

He tries to get him to take up responsibility and think with his mind, take rational decisions for the business, and not get too emotional. 

There are good progress and twists in this character, from trying to take control of Jaunpur to becoming the commerce minister and eventually giving up the Mirzapur throne, to whom? 

You have to see for yourself as that’s one important bit of the story.

Guddu Pandit

Guddu survives and gradually manages to set up his lost power and glory with the help of Golu and an old business partner. 

His grit and melancholy of loss will gradually create a soft corner in your heart for him. 

He has set his eyes on Munna to get revenge for Bablu & Sweety. 

Will he be able to get revenge?

Munna Tripathi

Munna Tripathi Mirzapur Season 2

Munna is one of the best characters in this season who struggles to manage his father’s expectations and show exceptional performance, from taking Jaunpur to befriending Sharad, to falling in love (again?).

He continues his flair for sadistic comical lines, teaching the lessons for loyalty (which backfires with Maqbool), and then becoming the man he wanted to become eventually.

Gajgamini Gupta Aka Golu

She transformed herself into a powerful don, from being someone who can barely shoot, to a powerful don.

Golu keeps her feelings in check so as to not get distracted from her ultimate goal of revenge and uses her brain to maneuver situations to her benefit.

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Bade & Chote Tyagi’s with Dadda

Bade & Chote Tyagi Season 2

Tyagi’s family comes into the picture with Sharad’s involvement & then their story gets intertwined with Guddu & Golu’s business which makes the family lose their mind and fight with each other.

Interesting characters, these Tyagi’s. 

Most likely they will have important parts to play in the next season.

Lala & Shabnam

Lala suffered huge losses after the wedding massacre last season and survives with his daughter Shabnam. 

He finds an ally in Guddu & Golu who helps him get his business back on foot and in turn, they are offered a working base in his huge mansion. 

Although he is averse to the idea of Guddu & Shabnam getting together as fate may have it, Shabnam grows closer to Guddu & tries to help him move on from his past. 

My bet is she will also play an important role in next season. 

She survives this season comfortably and Guddu also finds solace in her company which has seeds of their future together.

Beena Tripathi

Beena Tripathi Mirzapur Season 2

The child is conceived & Beena uses her pregnancy to manipulate people around her & even manages to get Raja back.

She is eventually able to take revenge & damage the Tripathi’s without coming to light. 

Towards the end, she is able to keep her son alive as the heir for Mirzapur.

Dimpy & Robin

Dimpy is moved to Lucknow for studies. 

Guddu, Golu & Dimpy meet the street smart Robin in Lucknow, who is an investor & manages to keep everyone happy with his sweet tongue & helpful nature. 

He helps Guddu, Golu & Dimpy in more than what we can expect & turns out to be a colorful character as well. 

Robin will play an important part in the story further as he is full of surprises.

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IPS Maurya

IPS Maurya Season 2

After losing a big battle and many of his men, he barely survived in the last season.

Maurya decides to change his strategy this time & gets on the side of Kaleen Bhaiya. 

He is planning & gathering evidence to take down the entire clan & the goons of Mirzapur. 

Along the way, he finds some good help from Ramakant’s earlier efforts in accumulating the evidence.

J P Yadav & Madhuri Yadav

JP is always finding ways to fulfill his inner desires but is cut short by his elder brother most of the time. 

This does not stop him from keeping a mistress and getting his wishes. 

He plays an important role in moving the story ahead. 

Madhuri Yadav comes as a non-important character during the election campaign but grows to be one of the most important ones as the story progresses. 

She gets married to Munna Yadav and leads the Tripathi’s to their eventual fate.


Mirzapur Season 2 is very good progress from last season and it becomes very evident that Mirzapur is going to continue for more seasons as the TRPs sore, making Amazon compete better with Netflix on the content in the Hindi belt of Northern India. 

Amazon is already making headway in the southern language content and this will definitely help it retain its foothold in the Hindi heartland when there are so many OTT players churning out good content for streaming nowadays. 

The good direction, acting & story shows and amazes the viewers and leave them hungry for more. 

We would rate it as a must-watch TV series on Amazon Prime this festive season.

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