Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM vs 46 MM (Review) - Which One Should You Buy?

Oppo Smartwatch 41MM vs 46MM (Review) – Which One Should You Buy?

After wooing global consumer with impressive smartphone series, Chinese giant Oppo is gearing up to be the undisputed leader in the line of wearables as well. 

Recently it has made its official venture with Oppo Smartwatches, available in 41MM and 46MM dial variants.

Quoted at a competitive price with balanced add-ons, these Oppo smartwatches have been launched with a promise to be the best, compared to other expensive wearables with the same features. 

Unveiled a few months back, this smartwatch edition is already a buzz among the gadget geeks for its cutting-edge design, brilliant specifications and a great value for money.   

These almost cloned wearables have certain contrasting features that I have compiled this blog to help you decide on your latest buy.

Let’s get started.

Oppo Smartwatch 41MM vs 46MM Comparison

Oppo Smartwatch Design and Display

Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM

When it comes to design and display, Oppo is always the unbeatable winner. 

Both of these newly launched wearables have an AMOLED 3D Hyperboloid display, one of which is a 41MM dial with 1.61-inch display size, while the 46MM dial boasts of a 1.91-inch display size. 

If you are a fan of compact and stylish gadget, then 41MM is your pick with an amazing display surrounded by big black bezels. 

The touchscreen-enabled display of 41MM and 46MM variants comes with a display resolution of 320*360 pixels and 402*476 pixels respectively with the same pixel density of 326ppi. 

The finely carved edges and rubber straps lend it a striking similarity to that of an Apple watch, making it a must-buy for the ones with a limited budget.

Hardware, OS, Wi-Fi, and GPS

Both of these unisex classy wearables are available in striking colors, which runs on ColorOS of Google and is compatible with Android phones. 

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 Apollo, the 41MM weighs at 29.7g sculpted from solid aluminium while the body of 46MM has a mix of durable aluminium of 40g and stainless steel of 45.5g.  

These smartwatches are highly water-resistant with rock-solid screen protection made from sapphire glass. 

The speaker and mic enable voice control access to the user. 

Both of these variants come with an impressive internal storage of 8 GB and 1 GB RAM and comes with a built-in GPS, Wi-Fi enabled features without eSIM support. 

The AI-enabled customizable watch face feature gives your phone a new makeover every time according to your dress. 

Activity Tracking & Sensors

Oppo Watch 41MM and 46MM are equipped with inbuilt sensors on its back like accelerometer, barometer, ambient light sensor, heart rate monitor and a variant of other fitness tracking features to monitor and track the user’s heart rate, sleeping pattern, calorie burn level and other physical activities. 

Both these watches have menstrual cycle monitoring sensor, aiding all the girls out there when their date is approaching near. 

With this fitness band on wrist, run, walk, ride and dare the world out there while getting instant alerts and notifications on your current physical status. 

For easier access to your health report, download the HeyTap Health App and sync it with any of this dial variants. 

You can also track all the data with the Google Fit map. 

Every day enjoy a new watch face on the display which looks cool and brilliant. 

However, some important fitness features like sleep apnea, blood pressure tracker, blood oxygen level detector and safety tracker are unavailable.

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Charging & Battery Backup

Oppo Smartwatch
Image Source: oppo.com

Both 41MM and 46MM watches come with a VOOC rapid charging technology for unbelievable faster charging and a non-removable LI-ion battery. 

The 41MM comes with a battery capacity of 300mAh for 14 days, while the 46MM has a 430mAh for 21days of battery life depending on its uses. 

Smart mode efficiently manages 14 days of battery life for the 41MM and power saver mode ensures the same for the 46MM variant. 

Enjoy faster and a hassle-free wireless charging with 46% charge in 15 minutes and 100% in 75 minutes for the 41MM and 15 minutes of charge ensures 16 hours of performance for the 46MM smartwatches. The box contains a charging base. 


The smaller 41MM has a 3 ATM rated water protection factor while the water-resistant factor for 46MM stands at 5 ATM. 

Such features have made both the watches an ideal swim gear. 

Stay assured against any accidental damage even in extreme weather.

Body Finish and Color

Oppo Smartwach 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM

The stylish wearables are a huge craze among all age groups owing to its ultra-sleek edgy finish, feature-rich attributes and stunning AMOLED hyperbolic dial. 

Available in some of the most striking color options like silver, black, gold, silver mist, glossy gold and pink gold. 

Both the variants are crafted from aluminium and stainless steel designed with a super matte finish, giving it a classy and elegant appeal. 

Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM Strip

Experience all-day comfort with moisture-resistant fluoro rubber straps which are easily manageable accordingly. 

Which One Should You Buy – Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM or 46 MM?

Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 41 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM
Oppo Smartwatch 46 MM

After sharing comprehensive insights in the OPPO Watch 41MM vs 46 MM segment, it appears that both the variants are brilliant in their own perspectives with some features that are almost the same while few add-ons make them a bit apart from each other.

If you are considering the price, then both these watches are an excellent value for money compared to the other expensive smartwatches on the run. 

The 46MM is just having a few millimeters bigger dimensions than the 41MM with the same brilliant AMOLED display. 

However, the compact size of 41MM makes it an ideal wearable for women or for those who are more into comfort and style.

With a bit bigger dial up-front, the 46MM has a commendable battery backup that lasts up to 16 hours on 15 minutes charging. 

Moreover, the water-resistant factor for the 46MM model is rated at 5 ATM which is quite impressive than its smaller variant. 

Apart from a few such factors, there is not much difference between the two.

So if you compare, your purchasing decision completely depends on your personal preference and taste. 

As Oppo always comes with the promise of innovation, gear up to get amazed donning these latest wearables. 

So which Oppo Smartwatch will you buy 41MM or 46MM?

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