Pudelpointer Dog: Know All About Them Before Buying

Pudelpointer Dog: Cost, Temperament, Behavior, Lifespan

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

Bred by a German breeder Baron von Zedlitz in 1800, Pudelpointer dog was created crossing the English pointer with Poodle. 

So you can expect the unmatched brilliancy and friendliness of the Poodle seasoned with excellent retrieving skills of the Pointer in this versatile gun dog.

If you need a daring outdoor partner, Pudelpointer is the choice to do the honor. 

Besides their amazing hunting traits, they also make an ideal family dog and gel well with the kids.

Excited about discovering your pawsome match? 

We too, and hence we will try guiding you with every detail for a relaxing adoption.

How much does a Pudelpointer dog cost?

Obtaining a purebred Pudelpointer can be tricky if you lack a fair sense of their market price and breeders who can help you get away with your much-awaited wish.

Talking about their basic market value, Pudelpointer costs anywhere from $800- $2000 depending on the quality of the puppies and breeder’s ranking.

But if you want your pup to grow into a healthy energetic dog, don’t risk it by sealing a surprisingly affordable deal. 

To obtain a sound and healthy puppy, contact reputed Pudelpointer breeders, or buy from trusted online marketplaces like NAPS, AKC, or NAVHDA.

Some Pudelpointer Breeders

Sensing your rising curiosity about Pudelpointer dogs, we have listed some extra factors in detail that you must know before obtaining your first pup. 

And when it comes to getting a purebred, we always insist on buying from the best in the market to avoid any future complications.

Hence, to ensure a smooth obtaining process on your first buy, we have mentioned some trusted breeders you can contact like Harvesthills in Canada, Foothill Kennel for Pudelpointer admirers in the USA, and Ripsnorter Kennel in Ohio. 

Now that you know whom to reach, it’s time to seal the much-awaited deal.

When does a Pudelpointer dog get full size?

When does a Pudelpointer get full size?

With proper pet grooming at home, a vet-recommended diet, and regular exercise you can expect your Pudelpointer puppy to attain full size in its 18th month.

If you own a female Pudelpointer puppy, she can grow into a healthy adult standing anywhere around 20-26 inches, whereas for a male pup it’s always a few inches extra between 22-27.

These medium to large size hunting dogs irrespective of gender can weigh anywhere around 44-66 lbs with the females only a few pounds lighter. 

To help your puppy gaining this standard height and weight in a stipulated period you need to invest a lot during its growing years. 

If you planning to gift yourself a Pudelpointer, you need to be extra cautious on what to put on their plate as they thrive better on high-quality dog food along with some daily activities. 

So better consult a vet to support your pup’s health.

Refer to this detailed puppy growth chart by Innovet for more information.

How to care for your Pudelpointer puppy?

Caring for Pudelpointer dog when they are puppies

Once you select your pup, the responsibility starts right there from holding it properly placing one of your hands under its chest and the other supporting its back leg. 

This is the most recommended way to carry Pudelpointer puppies safely in your arms.

While sealing the deal with the breeder you must ask for its vaccination details. 

These gundogs in their puppy stage are voracious eaters and need high-quality dog food. 

Here’s the feeding pattern you can follow, as recommended by 101 DogBreeds.com, or consult your vet for a proper diet plan for your Pudelpointer puppy.

  • For an 8- 12 weeks puppy, it needs 4 bowls every 24 hours.
  • Puppies aging between 3-6 months need 3 meals every day.
  • Once your pup reaches its 6th month, give 2 bowls of wet food for 1 year.

Also, make sure to provide clean water and enough attention to raise a cheerful dog.

Caring for Pudelpointer dog when they grow up

Even after your pup enters adulthood, there is no relief for you as a caring parent. 

Pudelpointers love being outdoor, so start introducing them to nature when they are 6 months old.

There is no doubt that wild preys are best for the Pudelpointers in supporting their health but for a family dog, it’s better to replace the wild treats with wet dog food to avoid food poisoning.

Grown-up Pudelpointers may also show interest in ‘table foods’ which you can feed, only after consulting your vet. 

Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables your dog can and can not eat.

Besides a high-quality dog diet, they need a friendly atmosphere and people around, as isolation is a big NO for them.

Take your dog out on regular walks, swimming, and other outdoor activities to ensure a healthier lifespan.

How to groom a Pudelpointer?

How to groom a Pudelpointer?

Despite being a bearded dog with double coating, Pudelpointers are hypoallergenic, sheds less, and is best suited for people with pet allergies.

As a caring guardian, you must pay attention to your dog’s grooming by regularly combing its coat to shrug dirt off the hair which also helps in distributing the natural oils evenly. 

If you are wondering how often to wash a Pudelpointer, then it’s better to bath them only when needed as frequent washing will make them appear rough by stripping moisture from their coat.

Besides their coat, these gundogs need their nails to be clipped once in 3-4 weeks which must be done by a professional groomer. 

Pudelpointers are also prone to developing bad breath which can be controlled with regular brushing.

Do Pudelpointer dogs shed a lot?

The double-coated and beardy Pudelpointer surprisingly sheds none to minimal and hence you don’t need to worry about those fluffy balls of hair rolling everywhere and latching on your pillows and couch.

The outer layer coating of these non-shedding hunting dogs is wiry and water-resistant that keeps them dry while the denser undercoated is comparatively softer. 

This double-layered coating works as a protecting barrier that keeps them safe from injuries while they are busy chasing and hunting in the wild.

Pudelpointer sheds throughout the year which seems to be almost negligible except in some cases when they shed excessively twice a year. 

Are Pudelpointers hypoallergenic?

If you are a dog lover with symptoms of allergies, then Pudelpointers are your kind of family dog. 

Despite being a bearded gundog with double coated fur, they shed minimal which is a news of relief for people with pet allergies.

Though they shed less and you sense no fear of allergic reactions from them but it’s not their hair that can trigger your symptoms, it is the danders that are stuck in their coat. 

Danders is dead skin cells commonly found on pet’s skin, which you can get rid of by brushing their coat at least twice a week.

How much exercise does a Pudelpointer dog need?

Exercise and a lot of physical activities are what your Pudelpointer needs every day to grow as a healthy and energetic hunting dog. 

These gundogs are definitely not meant for apartment lives and confined areas. 

So if you lack enough space to let them run around freely, drop the idea of obtaining one now.

Coming back to what kind of activities they need daily, we have some exciting ideas to make your dog’s every day a happy day.

  • Being a proud parent you already know they are born swimmers so take them to a nearby pond or waterbodies and let them do what they love doing- retrieving waterfowls.
  • Set them wild in your spacious backyard to fetch toys and do not miss the regular walks.

Understanding Pudelpointer Temperament

Understanding Pudelpointer Temperament

Though they were initially bred to hunt, don’t let the tag fool you to assume that Pudelpointers temperament might be harsh or aggressive. 

These gundogs possess excellent retrieving skills on both lands and water. 

But despite having all the brilliant attributes of a skilled hunter, Pudelpointers are known to share a great bond with other family members including the kids. 

Hence no doubt why they are also known as the most versatile gundogs in the world. 

It is said that the smartest one is also the calmest. 

And the same is also applicable for the Pudelpointers who are intelligent, calmer, and jovial as long as you provide them enough space to wander and roam around.

But if you try raising one in a caged space with no contact with the outer world, then get ready to witness the most aggressive beast at the other end of the leash. 

Though they are not aggressive barkers but will alert you with subtle barking if they sense an unknown presence. 

Pudelpointers need a gentle owner, regular outdoor activities, and the company of a loving family to thrive well as a healthy hunting dog.

How intelligent are Pudelpointers?

These versatile gundogs are also the most intelligent breeds that you can have as your most beloved pet. 

It is their outstanding intelligence that makes them ideal family dogs for their superior adaptability.

Pudelpointers are obedient yet hold an independent attitude in the time of hunting. 

They are reportedly one of the smartest dog breeds to easily detect their prey and then approach with keen determination to do their job skillfully.

If you want to raise your pup into an intelligent gun dog, you need to consider and confirm certain things before processing for adoption. 

  • Pudelpointers are playful and need a spacious ambiance or a yard to roam around without any restriction.
  • These curious dogs take no time mingling up with other family members and dog breeds.
  • Pudelpointers become curious to socialize once they are acquainted with their surroundings. 
  • The key to raising a smart Pudelpointer is to never leave them alone and investing more of your time and attention.

So if you are confident enough to raise a Pudelpointer considering every factor that we have mentioned, you are already few steps ahead of becoming an ideal dog parent.

How easy is it to train a Pudelpointer?

How easy is it to train pudelpointer?

Pudelpointers are considered the most intelligent dogs and hence it becomes easy for both the owners and trainers to make them understand and obeying their commands.

When it comes to how to make a Pudelpointer behave, you don’t need to worry much about training a Pudelpointer. 

These curious dogs are always keen on learning new things and you don’t have to struggle much in teaching them commands and signs. 

These positive traits are the reason why Pudelpointers easily become family dogs and trusted hunting companions for their owners. 

But you cannot expect the same trainability and activeness in an apartment Pudelpointer, as apartment or caged life are not meant for them where they literally struggle to adapt. 

Such a restricted environment isn’t ideal for their mental health and overall wellbeing.

If you think your way of training is not helping much, don’t hesitate to hire an experienced trainer. 

Pudelpointers generally respond well during their training and learn faster only if you as their owner are present nearby and laud their effort with favorite treats. 

All you need is to be a bit more responsive while dealing with your dog.

What type of hunting is best for a Pudelpointer dog?

What type of hunting is best for Pudelpointer?

Pudelpointers are born retrievers and thrive well when exposed in the wild. 

But if you own a Pudelpointer who is also a family dog beside a hunting partner you must feed them high-quality wet dog food along with clean water at home.

But once you are out with them in the wild leave your Pudelpointer in a nearby swamp or waterbodies to see how skillfully they chase away and hunt down waterfowls and geese. 

Pudelpointers are excellent swimmers and their water-resistant double-layered coating aptly supports them in their act of retrieving tirelessly in the water.

Although these hunting dogs live in the wild and feed on their prized prey, for a family dog the situation is a bit different. 

Your Pudelpointer’s immunity system gets adapted to the clean home environment, so we would recommend not do not feed your gun dog their prized prey. This is because of the parasites in wild prey that can lead to serious health issues if consumed raw. 

Also, make sure to consult your vet immediately if you feel your Pudelpointer is behaving oddly after feeding its prey.

Pudelpointer Lifespan

Willing to welcome this versatile gun dog home?

But before obtaining your first ever Pudelpointer, you must know tidbits about their health and facts to ensure healthy living.

These intelligent and friendly low-shedding hunting dogs are a perfect combination of a skilled retriever and a loving family dog.

A healthy Pudelpointer can live 12- 14 years on high-quality dog food and clean water.

Make sure to raise this hunting dog preferably in an open yard or enough space than in enclosed areas or apartments.

To ensure your Pudelpointer survive its standard lifespan don’t hesitate to consult the breeder and vet.

Common Health Issues Associated With Pudelpointer

Pudelpointers generally survive a healthy life as mostly reported but can suffer from some common diseases at some point in their life like hip dysplasia.

Besides this, other complications include ear infections, epilepsy, vision problems, and Cryptorchidism, an ailment of a male dog’s private organ.

But the majority of these issues can be averted if you deal with an ethical breeder and obtain a complete health report of the puppy with vaccination details.

Also, don’t hesitate to spend deworming your pup besides some physical tests to ensure you are bringing home a healthy Pudelpointer with lesser or no chances of health complications.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining and raising a Pudelpointer dog is easy if you know how to tackle this excellent all-around hunting cum family companion.

These extremely intelligent and trainable dogs need your attention and dedicated time to grow as an obedient pet besides some grooming and regular activities. 

You will be surprised to know that this particular breed is still not recognized by the AKC as a deliberate attempt by the Pudelpointer admirers who don’t want this superior hunting dog to be a part of dog shows. 

So if you are confident to raise Pudelpointer dog responsibly get one today from a reputed breeder.

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