Road Trip With Toddlers What Should You Pack

Road Trip With Toddlers: What Should You Pack?

Last Updated: May 30, 2021

A weekly road trip with your toddler or just a day out with them is a both way learning experience to strengthen the bond of your little one to the outside world. 

But before scheduling a road trip with your munchkin, you must pack the essentials items for your kids like their favorite food, toys, and emergency medicines so that they stay happy and you without any worries.

But no matter how well prepared you come, children and their unpredictable mood swings will always find a way to make you feel helpless. 

To help you happily sail through and stay sane we are here with some handy road trip hacks and checklist that will give you peace of mind. 

Let’s get started.

21 Things To Pack While Going Road Trip With Toddlers

Car Seat With Base For Your Kid’s Comfort & Safety

Car Seat With Base For Your Kid's Comfort & Safety

Before packing for a road trip with toddlers, the first thing to include in your checklist is a car seat for the kids.

Buy the best infant car seat with base and ensure complete safety of your baby so that you can focus on driving.

These travel gear for kids are ergonomically designed for comfort whether you are on a long or short-distance journey. 

Car Vacuum Cleaner To Quickly Clean Up The Mess

Things always get messy inside the car especially when you are on a road trip with toddlers.

So if you are wondering what to bring along, include a car vacuum cleaner in your checklist.

Kids are anyways going to drop food and wipe their food-stained hands on the car seat, so why not prepare yourself to keep your car sparkling clean even when you are on a road trip.

Pack a portable car vacuum cleaner to instantly clear up the dirt and stain.

Snacks For Road Trip

You never know when your munchkin will suddenly start craving for their favorite snacks in the middle of nowhere.

So before heading off, you better pack some cookies, snacks, and other healthy and tasty alternatives (maybe boiled eggs, yogurt, salad, etc.) to keep them full and happy.

Pack Fruits & Smoothie While On A Road Trip With Toddlers

Pack Fruits & Smoothie While On A Road Trip With Toddlers

We know feeding kids something healthy is a struggle when you are on a road trip with them.

To relieve yourself from the stress you can pack some of their favorite fruits to make an instant nutritious smoothie in a portable blender or you can make a smoothie before leaving home and pack it in an air-tight sipper to feed your kids on the go.

Bring Enough Water While Going On A Road Trip With Toddlers

We may control our thirst if we run out of drinking water, but kids can’t.

When thirsty they will start throwing tantrums which will quickly become out of control.

Keeping these thoughts aside, we all know the importance of hydration and kids need it more, as they sweat more than us.

It is because they are always involved in physical activities.

This is a very important road trip tip that you should make a note of while traveling with toddlers.

Always pack sufficient water to keep yourself and your kids hydrated.

Bring Hand Sanitizer 

If you are wondering what else to bring on a road trip with toddlers, don’t skip a hand sanitizer, your handy solution to keep your kids’ hands germ-free.

While you are in the front seat, your kids are busy touching their shoes, feet, dropping and picking up toys on the car carpet, and whatnot.

Instead of wasting water for cleaning their hands, sanitize them before serving them food.

Swiss Knife To Cut Fruits & Scissors To Cut Seals

Another travel essential to add to your checklist is a Swiss pocket knife and scissors which can help you manage any adverse situation.

These knives are completely safe to carry with kids and to be used for slicing and dicing the fruits. 

Extra Empty Snack Boxes To Store Food

Extra Empty Snack Boxes To Store Food

Instead of feeding your kid with food wrapped in aluminum foil, store them safely in extra boxes locking its nutrition.

You can keep homemade snacks, salad, and yogurt in these boxes and also the leftover packaged food your kid declined mid-way.

Diapers & Wet Wipes Are Must When Traveling With Toddlers

No kid can stay happy with wasted diapers on for long which also gives them rashes.

So when packing for a road trip with toddlers, always carry extra diapers and wet wipes to keep them comfortable and happy all day long. 

Your Kid’s Favorite Toys

No matter whatever you try to keep your junior entertained, nothing works like a charm to keep them happy than their favorite toys.

If you don’t want them to throw tantrums the entire trip, do include their favorite play stuff in your checklist while packing. 

Bring Color Books & Games While Going On A Road Trip With Toddlers

Another viable way to make your trip with the toddler interesting is to carry some games and color books.

Kids love for color intensifies when they travel or visit the outdoor and like to paint their thoughts in different hues.

This will also bring forth their creative side.

Disposable Cups, Plates & Tissue

Disposable Cups, Plates & Tissue

These items come in handy when you stop to take a break and have some food before you start your road trip again, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere.

You can use these items to conveniently eat and drink with your family. 

A Couple Of Trash Bags

While prepping for the much-awaited trip with your children always carry extra trash bags for collecting the disposable cups, plates, tissues, candy wrappers, and food packages.

Being a responsible citizen you don’t want to litter the roads when driving with your kids as it will send them a wrong message.

So better to keep sufficient stock of trash bags and contribute positively towards the environment.

Pack Baby Kit When On A Road Trip With Toddlers

A baby kit is undoubtedly one of the most important things to pack when road tripping with your toddler to keep them perfectly groomed.

Don’t miss this life-saving kit to take care of your kid as you do at home.

Make sure to pack all the essential items baby powder, cream, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, bug repellent cream, nail clippers, etc. that you regularly use.

Recorded Lullabies In Your Own Voice & Other Cool Music To Listen To During The Trip

While you are busy making a checklist for your road trip with toddlers, don’t forget your love for music.

Select some cool soothing music to listen to that your kids also love.

Music not only lifts up your spirit but also keeps everyone happy.

You can also record some lullabies in your own voice that help your kids sleep and play them when you are all tired and don’t feel like singing it to your kid, especially when you want to make them fall asleep. 

Quick Dry Towel Is A Must Have Travel Accessories For A Road Trip With Toddlers

Leave the heavy towels at home and roll a couple of quick-dry towels in a portable size inside your travel bag.

These light towels take less space, dries faster, and hence you can use them to wipe any liquid spills in the car.

You can also use them to wipe your kid’s face, hands, and feet to keep them clean. 

Extra Pair Of Clothes For Your Kids

You cannot compromise with your kid’s comfort especially when you are on a road trip or get ready for the nonstop cries and whining.

So keep extra pair of dresses made from breathable and skin-friendly fabric that will keep your little one comfortable, happy, and relaxed.

Comfortable Flip-flops For Yourself

Comfortable Flip-flops For Yourself - road trip with toddlers

Amidst the stress of packing for a road trip with toddlers don’t forget to care for yourself.

It is important that the whole family has a relaxed outing.

So carry a pair of comfortable flip-flops to pamper your happy feet.

Thin Blankets In Case Temperature Drops At Night

Just like your kids, the temperature is also unpredictable so better not leave without the thin blankets to keep your little ones protected.

When out with the toddlers to an unknown location, you must stay well equipped with every baby essentials.

Baby Stroller For Convenient Traveling At The Destination

Baby Stroller For Convenient Traveling At The Destination - Road trip with toddlers

The baby stroller will come in handy once you reach the destination.

It will be convenient to carry your baby around so that they feel relaxed while watching the world around them, and you have peace of mind about their comfort and safety while you enjoy your vacation.

So don’t forget the baby stroller at home and if you don’t have one, buy this travel gear for kids online.

Medicines & First-Aid Kit

You never know the situation and kids when in their playful mode are prone to get injured.

So always carry a first-aid kit, keep it handy and within reach at all times.

Also, if you are taking any medication don’t forget to carry them with you.

If your body takes a day or two to adapt to new weather conditions, food and water consult your doctor before heading out on a road trip so that you have all the necessary medicines you need. 

Final Thoughts

You can easily make road trip with toddlers fun and memorable by using our tips and checklists mentioned above. 

Toddlers don’t like sudden change so it is important to make them feel comfortable by creating a home-like environment so that they do not miss their home and stay happy. 

Some of the important things to bring along on a road trip with toddlers are – their favorite toys, food, or snacks, recorded lullabies your kid loves (in your own voice) to keep them entertained, comfortable clothes, a baby kit, and most importantly first-aid kit and medicines. 

These road trip tips will help you successfully enjoy your vacation time and create some beautiful memories. 

Any other item you are planning to carry while going on a road trip with toddlers? Do share with us in the comment box, and we will include your recommendation on our list.

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