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Sports Accessories: 11 Best Tennis Racquets To Buy in 2021

Athletic equipment is being revolutionized with growing technology and the latest updates.

Tennis racquets vary in different kinds, sizes, and for varied target groups.

With tennis becoming more and more of a nationally recognized sport and not just a leisure activity, it is the need of the hour to bring about preferred and the best tennis racquets for adults. 

Below, we have fetched and elaborated some of the best tennis rackets for you to choose from.

But before we dive into our list of the 11 best tennis rackets for adults, it is important to consider some of the factors that will help you make the right decision.


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Factors to Consider when Buying a Tennis Racket

For beginners as well as professionals, buying an ideal tennis racket can be quite a hustle.

If you are a beginner, then you should think about which racket will urge you to practice and try new moves every day, and if you are a professional, then you should take into account which racket will give you access to perform all mastered moves in the best way possible.

When buying a tennis racket you must consider the following: 

1. Stability and control

While selecting your ideal tennis racket you should look at the weight of the racket.

Heavy rackets are generally shockproof and it gives you a sense of stability each time the ball collides with the racket string.

The rackets with more weight at the head give you a better velocity to swing the racket.

Lightweight rackets, on the other hand, give you more control but they might add a bit of stress to your hand as you would feel the shock from the ball every time you swing your racket.

2. Racket Size

The size of the head matters a lot.

The larger head size gives your racket more power and your chance of missing a shot decrease considerably.

For a beginner to the intermediate player head racket of size 100 to 135 square inches would work best.

Go for a smaller head size if you are a professional player.

3. String Pattern

There are two types of string patterns used in tennis rackets: Open String Pattern and Closed String Pattern.

The open string pattern of these sports equipment gives more leverage when you hit the ball as it feels soft on your hand and gives a great rebound velocity to the ball, which means less effort required from your end.

The wear and tear of an open string tennis racquet may vary based on the frequency of usage.

A close string pattern on the other hand does not give a great rebound to the ball and so it requires effort from your end.

A closed string pattern is preferred by most professionals because it gives more control to the player during the game.

A closed string tennis racket is more durable and robust than an open string.

4. Length

Most standard adult tennis racquets are 27 inches in length but the length can vary between 26 inches to 29 inches.

Length matter a lot and if you plan to buy the tennis racket of maximum length.

This is because little more effort is required from your end as the racket swing weight increases.

The advantage of length is that you can easily reach for the groundstrokes.

Tournament players use the standard racket, length size of 29 inches.  

5. Brand and Price

Brand and price play an important role while you are selecting the racket from the pool of rackets.

There are a number of brands available in the market but the best ones are Wilson, HEAD, and Babolat.

They not only offer tennis rackets at a reasonable price but their rackets are the most durable, especially Wilson rackets. Their rackets are loved by beginners, intermediate players as well as professionals. 

6. Technology Infused in the Tennis Racket

Just like other things, tennis racquets have also evolved in the past years.

From basalt, graphene to innegra companies have been experimenting with different fibers, rocks, and aerodynamic technology to add a better experience for tennis players.

Tennis rackets are now becoming smarter and lighter with each passing day and soon it will give a detailed analysis to the tennis players as to why they missed the shot or what went wrong, etc. 

7. Other Personal Preferences Like Color and Texture

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to picking the color or texture of the tennis racket.

That’s why most companies now have different color variations of the same racket to give you a lot of options to choose from.  

11 Best Tennis Racquet For Adults

Tennis racquets are the best sports equipment if you want to indulge in a sports activity to break the chain of your daily routine.

To help you select the best sports products we have reviewed the 11 best tennis rackets that have been picked after careful consideration keeping in mind both beginners and intermediate players.

Let’s dive in.

Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

1. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

These sports accessories come in four varieties which make their price vary.

It incurs short and compact swings which provide easy play.

Get your skill and power boosted by the oversized head.

The heavy balance gives the player a knack for stability and limit.

The momentum is propelled further and the game is topped up by competitiveness.

The racket is made with a unique open string pattern and is ideal for people who have established a firm grasp of the game.

2. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Bring this sports equipment home and indulge in the power of this exquisite racket that is constrained with a touch of aluminum and dusted with unwavering material.

Made for use with the rarest technology of the volcanic frame which provides stability and grip to the player.

It withstands high and powerful blows yet stands intact.

It incurs 3 points headlight along with stop shock pads.

This infusion is ideal to minimize vibration and offers control to the player.

3. Wilson Ultra Team Tennis Racket

Tailor-made to provide effortless power and stability and built with a maneuverable frame that lives through harsh shots and wind impacts.

The design and outlook are highly influenced by the in-vogue ultra-performance frames.

It constitutes an inner rim above 3 & 9.

Topped up with Wilson sensation, an intricate and closely knitted string pattern that offers firm grasp, control, and accessibility to enjoy all mastered tricks and moves.

The price range varies according to racket size.

4. Wilson Federer Pro Staff Precision

This all-rounder tennis kit is brought up on the field to win hearts and matches.

Equipped with the XL 110 pre-strung Gloss Red Tennis Racket, 3 handy tennis balls, and a racket bag.

It took influence from the man whose name is followed by his unparalleled skills on the field- Roger Federer.

This sports equipment incurs volcanic frame technology and is built with alloy construction which makes the racket highly lightweight and durable in the long haul.

The extra length assures coverage and a knock to your boxed abilities.

Play on and win on with the Pro racket.

Best Babolat Tennis Rackets

5. Babolat Drive Max

The Babolat Drive Max is one of the favorites of tennis players as it is constructed with excellent spin technology.

It is ideal to play long duration matches and withstand harsh blows and vibrations.

It comes at an affordable price and offers more than it’s worth.

Those looking for a comfortable yet competitive racket, here is the one for you.

Grab on it and relish the experience of tennis.

6. Babolat 2020 Pure Aero

This sports equipment can be easily entitled as the best racket for beginners to intermediates as its design and layout suit every player.

It’s an adaptive and encouraging junior Racket that propels the player to do better with each hit.

This sports product is equipped with a carbon fiber construction and active cortex material, it is one of the lightest rackets with a head of 100 sq inch and weighing 9.2 oz.

And if this isn’t pleasing enough, the rackets are also lightly padded along with a shoulder strap.

7. Babolat 2019 Boost D

Boost D is ideal for intermediate tennis players who aspire to be professionals.

The Babolat comfort is influenced by the Woofer grommet system and modern carbon fiber frame.

The strings are made to perfection by the Babolat SpiralTex synthetic gut.

It is moderately padded and provides adequate support and stability.

Best HEAD Tennis Rackets

8. HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

This tennis racket is marked by head performance and is proving ground-breaking in the fields of skiing and tennis.

This athletic equipment is future-ready with an updated moderation and is an ideal beginner to an intermediate tennis racket.

It is built with titanium finish and graphite fiber technology which makes it difficult to lose.

This durable and compact tennis racket is your key to excellence in the field of tennis. 

9. HEAD Geo Speed Pre-Strung

One of the lightest tennis rackets to be known to players of all kinds, the HEAD Geo Speed Pre-Strung continues to win over hearts and fields with the headlight advantage and optimal power.

It brings into action the Geo power technology which provides an ideal geometry for playing experience.

This sports equipment is usually opted by recreational players and those who aspire to be renowned names in this field.

With a frame weight of 10.4 oz and a length of 27.5in, it can be your ideal choice.

10. HEAD Tour Pro Pre-Strung

Like other HEAD rackets, this one too is the players’ favorite.

It is an ideal choice for players of all age groups and is highly considered due to the head light balance that reduces vibration and provides stability while hitting the ball.

Incurring the oversized 110-inch head, it offers propelled stability and control over the equipment.

It is constructed with Nano Titanium technology and is lightweight for the proper execution of all moves.

It is, without exaggeration, one of the best tennis rackets for adults. 

11. HEAD Ti.Conquest Tennis Racquet

It has modernized athletic sports equipment and is continuing to do so ever since the infusion of minimized vibration technology and aids instability.

It is still in-vogue for the headlight advantage and titanium technology which makes these rackets durable for the long haul.

This sports product constitutes a frame weight of 9.7 oz and head size of 108 in.

The length is 27 in and it is an ideal choice for beginners as well as professionals. 

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