Standard Poodle: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

Standard Poodle: Temperament, Grooming, Lifespan, Price

Last Updated: October 4, 2023

The gigantic Standard Poodle has its root back in the 15th century and has since been ruling the global doggo popularity meter. 

Also known as the ancient water retriever, Standard Poodle has every trait to please you as an ideal family and hunting companion.

This intelligent, friendly, and athletic breed is believed to have originated in Germany while the French claim them as their national dog. 

Due to their charismatic personality and appearance, Standard Poodles are common in dog shows besides being a family dog. 

Curious to get one? 

Read on for a more interesting scoop about this majestic breed.

How much does a Standard Poodle cost?

How much does a Standard Poodle cost?

Obtaining a Standard Poodle pup is not a big deal but getting a healthy one is. 

With their increasing demand, fraudulent breeders are adopting unethical practices leading to the birth of an unhealthy litter.

That’s why we suggest sealing the deal with recognized breeders registered with eminent kennel clubs like the AKC, The Poodle Club of America, The Kennel Club.

Curious how much they cost? Well, that depends on location and demand but on average is priced between $1500- $3000.

How to select Standard Poodle breeders?

Looking forward to parent the majestic Standard Poodle? 

Well, that isn’t a tough deal to crack if you have access to the right breeders and details about the litter’s ancestry and health report.

We know searching for an ethical breeder can be quite time and patience-testing to obtain your dream pup. 

But worry no more, just remember a couple of points mentioned below which will be of great help to your happy Standard Poodle puppy hunting.

  • Buy from breeders recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club), FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), KC (British Kennel Club), ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council), or relevant breeders recognized by your country’s kennel club. 
  • Before paying the breeder, ask for the puppy’s as well as its parent’s health certificate so that you understand beforehand what you can expect when your Poodle grows up.
  • Do not rush into buying your pup, instead spend some time with the pup as well as its parents to understand the behavior, temperament, etc. It will give you an idea of what your pup will grow up to be. 
  • Look around to understand in what condition the breeder is keeping the dogs, the food they are feeding to the dogs, and how they are taking care of the dogs and pups.
  • And lastly, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the breeder if you have any doubt.

When does a Standard Poodle get full size?

With recommended nutrition and pet grooming at home, your Standard poodle pup will attain its full size between 12 and 24 months of age. 

Standard Poodles are athletic and require enough space and an affectionate active owner to grow as a healthy dog.

If you own a male Standard Poodle expect it to grow as a healthy giant with a towering height of 18″- 24″ (46 – 61cm) and weight ranging between 45 – 70 lb (20.4 kg – 30 kg). 

The females too are nothing less than their male counterpoint and stand tall at 18″- 24″ ( 46 – 61 cm) and weigh an astounding 45 – 60 lb (20.4 kg – 27.2 kg).

Remember this majestic breed thrives on adequate daily activities and high-quality daily nutrition to attain the above-mentioned standard height and weight chart. 

However, in case your Standard Poodle is not growing as per the recommended chart, consult a vet to diagnose if an internal condition might be hampering its healthy development.

How to care for your Standard Poodle puppy?

Caring for Standard Poodle when they are puppies

A Standard Poodle temperament is always active and playful so before welcoming one, be ready to keep up with their electrifying energy meter.

Once you finalize your dog with an ethical breeder, the first step is to immunize your pup to ensure a disease-free life for them.

The next priority is top-quality nutrition which you can start by feeding a balanced meal thrice or as directed by your vet as overfeeding can lead to bloating and obesity. 

Though they are athletic, avoid taking your few weeks older puppy on long joggings. 

Better unleash them inside your spacious home or in the yard to scale their comfort level.

Poodle puppies have long hairs which you can either maintain at home or visit a professional groomer for this time taking procedure.

Caring for Standard Poodle when they grow up

Once your pup enters adulthood start including more protein and calcium in their diet, and consult a vet to know what healthy twist you can add to make it more interesting for them.

The high-spirited Standard Poodles need your love and attention to stay mentally fit and physically healthy

So don’t forget to spend daily quality time with your pet to offer them a stress-free life.

One of the major parts of Standard Poodle grooming is their hair care. 

Brush their coat regularly to stop matting and consider professional trimming every 6 to 8 weeks. 

They are also vulnerable to dental disorders, so regular oral care is a must.

Also, involve your dog in regular extensive activities to keep them lifelong active and healthy.

How to groom a Standard Poodle?

How to groom a Standard Poodle?

To care for a grown Standard Poodle you can either opt for pet grooming at home or consult a trusted professional.

Standard Poodles has come a long way from being a water retriever to ruling the dog shows. 

Since they are athletic and spend most of their time running and rolling in the yard and park, their coat gets affected the most. 

Hence the most important task to keep them well-groomed is to brush their coat regularly and give them a bath every four to eight weeks with a good dog shampoo. 

You can also clip their coat at home with easy snap-on blades to avoid any injuries and, remember this process can test your patience to an extent.

Grooming their nail is a tussle that you can get away with using a noiseless nail grinder. The ears and teeth of Standard Poodles require special grooming to ensure a complaint-free life.

How much exercise does a Standard Poodle need?

How much exercise does a Standard Poodle need?

The strong and athletic Standard Poodles need an extensive exercise routine for at least 20 – 25 minutes every day. 

Rigorous field activities and long walks are a must to ensure a healthy life for your precious pet.

Standard Poodles were bred as water retrievers and hence weekly swimming routines are the best to support their endurance and agility. 

The breed is blessed with strong stamina and responds actively when it’s time for a walk or jog. 

Their daily routine involves a lot of activities scheduled for the entire day in smaller durations.

However, avoid over-exercising your dog as it can trigger musculoskeletal disorders which are common in giant dog breeds like the Standard Poodles. 

If you have a senior dog, consult your vet to plan for a comforting exercise routine to prevent your dog from collapsing. 

For pups, daily 5-minute activity in the yard is enough for slow and steady progress.

Does Standard Poodle shed a lot?

If you are frustrated cleaning dog’s fur everywhere, then obtaining or adopting a Standard Poodle is your best solution in keeping your home squeaky clean.

According to the American Kennel Club, these athletic and low shedding canines are available in 10 standard coat colors besides the classic black, white and are single coated that require only regular brushing to prevent matting and keep off dander.

However, before finalizing your purchase make sure you are buying a Standard Poodle puppy from a reputed breeder over pet exhibitions and dog shows as they can grow different shades than what you might expect along with several other health conditions.

Are Standard Poodle hypoallergenic?

Are Standard Poodle hypoallergenic?

Love dogs but fear pet allergies?

Then welcome home a Standard Poodle and safely live your pet dream as they shed less and are single coated. 

They don’t specifically have fur but curly hairs that must be brushed regularly to shrug off the danders. 

Honestly, there is no dog breed proven to be 100% hypoallergenic and neither are the Standard Poodles. 

It is the latched allergens and dead cells between the hair strands of dogs that trigger pet allergy symptoms in humans than the hair itself. 

However, most Poodle owners have approved them safe for people with severe allergen sensitivity.

Understanding Standard Poodle Temperament

Understanding Standard Poodle Temperament

A Standard Poodle temperament is always jovial, alert, and extremely intelligent. 

These active canines are blessed with every trait you look for in your ideal family dog.

From alerting you on intrusion, playing with children, and becoming your trusted hunting companion in the swamps, a standard poodle can do it all without getting bored.

As a smart breed, they are easy to train and can socialize on early training when your pup is almost a few weeks old. 

It is for their lively and playful nature that the Standard Poodles are a staple in dog shows and exhibitions to light up the ambiance.

However, this hyperactive pooch can turn destructive and ruin your peace with incessant barking if mostly left alone.

These athletic dogs are born retrievers and are equally show stealers with their sophisticated clownish acts. 

Remember, both excess pampering and prolonged ignorance can bring the worst in them that can make parenting for you a hard nut to crack. 

So before adopting this intelligent breed, make sure you have a peaceful family and enough time to give them a comforting growing ambiance. 

How intelligent is Standard Poodle?

An interesting report reveals that memory and word retention in Poodles is impressively higher than in other breeds. Impressive isn’t it?

A breed that was bred to retrieve waterfowl is naturally born with unmatched intelligence and quick learning ability. 

With some easy dog training tips and tricks at home, you can smoothly teach your Standard Poodle commands to behave and that too without testing your patience.

Because of their quick learning ability and urge to please, Standard Poodles were earlier engaged as circus performers and are now dominating the dog shows and exhibitions. 

The ultimate factor is they are born intelligent and need only a compassionate and overpowering owner who can invest enough for their training and spend quality bonding moments to help them lead a stress-free life. 

If you think you are confident enough to train these giants, you may try hands or, the best is to enroll them in an extensive training routine to help them grow well-behaved. 

If trained consistently, a Standard Poodle can become your ultimate companion for whom you may even start avoiding humans. 

How easy is it to train Standard Poodle?

How easy is it to train Standard Poodle?

The highly intelligent Standard Poodles are undoubtedly easy to train. 

You can teach basic commands at home when they are nearly 16 weeks older. 

Training highly energetic pups can be quite challenging at times so, wait for a few weeks till they calm down a bit before starting the training session.

To begin training a Standard Poodle puppy, you can do it yourself with a consistent daily routine. 

A Poodle pup raised under a strict routine can be potty trained within a few weeks which is the main concern for most dog owners.

Impressed already? 

Standard Poodle puppies need early socialization training to gel well with strangers and other pets and, trust us, most trainers have happily approved the breed as easily trainable for their high intelligence and emotional quotient.

Based on their unmatched brilliance, Standard Poodles are ranked second, right next to the Border Collie, making them an ideal choice as an obedient and well-behaved family dog. 

To get the best out of your Standard Poodle, involve them in routine field activities, and most importantly, spend enough quality time for their holistic wellbeing.

What type of hunting is best for Standard Poodle?

Standard Poodle dog breeds were specifically bred as water retrievers that enjoy exploring in the swamps and large water bodies. 

These highly athletic and energetic giants have a born instinct in chasing waterfowls, ducks, and geese.

They are best suited for country life with open spaces or nearby marshlands and lakes to keep high their hunting spirit. 

Besides a daily rigorous routine, take them out in the wild especially in the swamps to let them swim, chase, and enjoy as much as they want. 

You can also feed them their prey as a special treat only after consulting a vet, as feeding on raw flesh can sometimes be threatening for the pet dogs. 

These hyperactive water retrievers love spending time in the water doing what they love the most. 

Also, taking them out on occasional retrieving in the water is great for their mental health and agility in other activities.

Standard Poodle Lifespan

Standard Poodle Lifespan

When talking about the majestic Poodle, Standard Poodle stands tall and stronger as a loyal family dog and working companion. 

These intelligent breeds generally live for up to 12 years under proper pet grooming at home and a vet-recommended commercial or homemade diet.

Standard Poodle needs plenty of exercise daily to thrive as a healthy dog through its entire lifespan. 

To ensure your pup never suffer depression, start socialization training since it’s puppy weeks to help it grow as a happy adult dog. 

Remember, the more you engage them in regular outdoor acts, the greater the chances to survive a healthy life.

Common Health Issues Associated With Standard Poodle

As a pedigree, Standard Poodles are prone to some serious genetic disorders which can be avoided if you buy them from an authorized breeder.

To stay on the safe side, you must check with the breeder for any record of illness with the lineage. 

The one health issue that most Standard Poodles face is obesity when kept confined without any exercise, which directly impacts their leg strength and metabolism. 

Other common ailments are epilepsy, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and bloating.

To avoid these complications, make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and proportionate nutrition without a miss.

Final Thoughts

The Standard Poodle dog breed is vibrant and intelligent with an impressive life span of 12-15 years. 

Owning this dog is itself a matter of pride but before you decide to bring home one, you need to consider a lot of factors to confirm if you can offer them a healthy life.

They are high-maintenance dogs and need your maximum attention and time to survive stress and anxiety-free life. 

But we are sure, you now have more information than what you were looking for about this majestic breed and we are even happier to have guided you for your much-awaited adoption.

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