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The Amazing Connected X Smartwatch from Titan

Titan offers a Connected X Smartwatch, which is a watch first and a smartwatch second, not the other way round. Most of the cell phone companies have created smartwatches which are also traditional watches and provides the features of traditional watches in a smartwatch.
I personally believe that the watch you wear should meet the purpose of a watch first because frankly, wristwatches are classier & define the person. We don’t want another smart device on us, which keeps us engaged for more time on top of our busy schedules.

  • The smartwatch has analog hands that show the time by default, and adjust itself to clear the screen real estate for displaying all the smartwatch features when needed. You can personalize the watch by selecting a design from the well-crafted watch face options. 
  • The watch comes with the three-day battery backup for Smartwatch and 30-day battery backup for the Analog watch without the smartwatch features. Interestingly, the trackers and sensors remain active for these 30 days, which is smart!

  • The watch also comes with two straps which you can use depending on the mood and requirement. One is a metallic magnetic clasping band that looks very professional and the other band is a silicone strap for a sporty & casual look. The watch is in a metal casing available in three colors, all of them look aesthetically pleasing and classy.

Overall, the watch is very promising and you would want to wear it all the time and can’t get enough of it. I think Titan has done an excellent job of creating a watch which everybody would like to wear every day either to school, college, or work and even on holidays depending on the mood. With the price of just INR 11,999, this is a very affordable smartwatch which is a bang for your buck. Titan has delivered on its brand value with this Titan Connected X Smartwatch.

Titan has been a pioneer in creating wristwatches for many decades in India and has a huge brand value for watches and Jewelry. I can say this with high confidence that every household in India has at least a few Titan watches and has known the Titan brand all their lives.


Titan has also developed a decent value for its Eyewear and bags in the past decade. As a company, Titan has scaled up its operations at an astronomical pace and has become one of the biggest jewelry and watch retailer. Titan share price has also kept pace with this growth as shown in the stock price and wealth of Rakesh J of Rare enterprises.


In the past few months, because of COVID19, all the stocks of consumption companies have taken a hit in their prices, including Titan. Titan Stock is trading at a reasonable valuation.


As we see the increase in consumption as the economies reach pre COVID consumption levels, this watch will give good competition to the existing top players of the smartwatch market.


India’s Smartwatch Market is expected to grow at a very high rate of ~40% CAGR for the next five years and this product is most likely going to capture a decent part of that market. Titan Shares very well deserves a place in your investment portfolio.


Update : 02-Sep-2020


There is an excellent book called Titan which elaborates on the journey of creating one of the biggest consumer brands in India. Highly recommended.

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