What Should You Wear While Hiking In Summer (Outfit For Ladies)

What Should You Wear While Hiking In Summer (Outfit For Ladies)

Last Updated: August 1, 2021

The confusion of what clothes to wear while hiking in summer is a real deal for women who love exploring the wild without compromising their personal style. 

Hiking needs months of preparation before venturing out on the ultimate experience. 

But in the rush of packing the surviving gears and basic supplies, we often ignore or miss out on the importance of proper clothing that not helps you stay comfortable but makes you look uber stylish in all your trail pics.

Hence to transform adventure dressing as stylish and functional, we have included some essential hiking apparel that every woman must include in their backpack.

Let’s check them out.


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Outfit For Ladies While Hiking In Summer

Type of shoes to wear while hiking in summer

Type of shoes to wear while hiking in summer

Summer hiking is all about enjoying your heart out when you effortlessly tread through the rough terrains like a queen.

While you eagerly wait for summer to plan such adventure trips it is also the time you are prone to infection over minor injuries which can worsen in the wild. 

So it’s important you secure your feet with the right women hiking shoes and walk confidently through any challenges that come your way.

You can buy hiking shoes that are specifically made for every season or all-season shoes based on your preference. 

One of the main drawbacks of summer is excess sweating that can ruin your hiking spirit with nasty-smelling slippery toes.

Hence, when it comes to what shoes to wear while hiking in the summer, we can’t suggest anything except a breathable and sturdy pair of outdoor sneakers for women who dare to hike amidst the inconvenience of heat and humidity.

Type of socks to wear when hiking in summer

Type of socks to wear when hiking in summer

Needless to mention but to ensure you can trek comfortably without getting blisters, and foot fatigue we insist on investing in the right pair of women hiking socks so that you can focus on the fun than sobbing in pain.

To hike like a pro without soring foot, you can’t rely on your regular pair as the trip involves hours of walking over challenging terrain creating traction which the normal socks can’t resist.

Long hours of hiking indeed take a toll on your foot and can give you a sleepless painful night after a tiring day. 

This happens when you don’t pay heed to safeguard your foot with the right hiking gear that offers unmatched protection and comfort against challenging impact. 

So before out on your much-awaited trip, gift your foot the warmth and invincible protection of high-performing athletic socks that are specially designed for passionate women hikers like you.

These socks go perfectly with hiking boots to give you a comforting experience in summer.

Cargo Pants To Cover Your Leg From Sunburn

Cargo Pants To Cover Your Leg From Sunburn

A good pair of cargo pants is a non-negotiable hiking gear that you can’t do without. 

They are not only high performing but are stylish enough to make you look a million bucks even on a hot sweaty day.

So if you are in doubt about what pants to wear while hiking in summer, we will give durable cargo pants a thumbs up over anything for lending utmost comfortability the entire trip. 

These adjustable pants are every woman hiker’s most dependable go-to wear for lending day-long freshness and protection against harmful UV rays, ideal for all-season hiking, camping, and other extreme outdoor adventures.

Long Sleeve Shirts/T-Shirts Is A Must While Hiking In Summer

Long Sleeve Shirts Is A Must While Hiking In Summer

We don’t need preaching about how wearing long sleeve shirts can save you from sunburns and unexpected woes on your outdoor stays.

But you may think otherwise especially if you are planning to hike on a humid summer day. 

Busting your negative impression on long sleeve shirt for summer hiking we can assure, it all depends on the fabric, breathability, and certain factors to decide if it’s worth the investment.

We won’t suggest buying just any full sleeve shirt unless they are breathable enough to keep you cool and are stylish while protecting you from insect bites and UV rays.

Carry a Waterproof Rain Jacket In Case It Rains

Carry a Waterproof Rain Jacket In Case It Rains

Wondering what else to wear while hiking in hot weather?

We oddly suggest a rain jacket here which is not so absurd if you consider the unpredictable summer at a higher altitude.

Even if you are out trekking on a bright sunny day in the summer, don’t forget to slide in an all-season rain jacket in your backpack, as extreme humidity often addresses lighter to medium showers enough to ruin your spirit. 

You can never go wrong by investing in a waterproof rain jacket for women, no matter which time of the year you are planning your most awaited hiking trip.

Wear Sunglasses When Hiking in Hot Weather

Wear Sunglasses When Hiking in Hot Weather

Well, sunglasses are something we are sure you can’t afford to miss on your long-due summer hiking trip.

For the best experience, we vouch for polarized sunglasses that offer impenetrable protection against the harmful UV rays and foreign particles from entering your eyes to ensure satisfying sightseeing.

Make sure your shades are lightweight with the required eye protection factor so that you look your best in every photo with stellar views of the trails. 

Wish to get a brand new one for the upcoming trip? 

Check them out online and get the coolest shade with decent coverage for your summer getaway.

Wear Wide Brim Hat While Hiking In Summer 

Wear Hat While Hiking In Summer

Another essential outdoor gear for every woman is a wide brim hat. 

Summer unveils nature at its best with the sun at its peak that can be severely be damaging for your skin at a higher altitude.

So before gearing up for summer hiking get a wide brim hat as a priority to save your day while trekking under the scorching sun. 

These summer special hiking caps are bliss for women who are more into lighter backpacking and always looking for simple solutions addressing multiple issues. 

If you are looking for a multi-season hat, then these are the ones for you.

Final Thoughts

What women should wear while hiking in summer is the most searched query on the internet which implies that women are more into hiking with comfort and style. 

For a woman hiking in summer is not only about surviving on minimal but ensuring she is doing it comfortably in summer-friendly apparel and accessories. 

We know packing for summer hiking is hell confusing and hence we have tried our best to compile this informative hiking guide for women who loves challenging themselves.

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