Winter Hammock Camping Gear Checklist

Winter Hammock Camping Gear Checklist

Last Updated: October 26, 2021

Nothing is more thrilling than comfortably chilling on a hammock in the wild when you know how to keep the game on. 

So we are going to spill some beans about winter hammock camping so that even the freezing waves can’t cut you off from the temptation of outdoor adventure.

Campers who love experimenting are giving the hammock a major try owing to the maximum bonding moment it offers between nature and them. 

One such camper is Meredith Stroldel who shares her experience on what one should pack for winter hammocking.


Meredith runs the outdoor website HammockLiving, dedicated to inspiring others – especially women – to get outside. She is an avid hiker, budding skier, begrudging backpacker, and happiest when camping and completely unplugged. She’s adventured countless national and state parks across the US and abroad.

With adventure perks, you are equally exposed to the dangers of winter hammocking if you miss out on packing these camping gears that we have compiled based on Meredith’s expert advice.

Check them out below.

10 Winter Hammock Camping Gear Checklist

Winter Hammock Camping Is Incomplete Without A Sleeping Bag

Not just any sleeping bag but the one that is specially designed for the chills are what we suggest for winter hammocking

But if you go camping once in a blue moon then you can skip investing in expensive sleeping bags and pick the 3 season choices from popular brands.

Before selecting a sleeping bag check out its lining meant to lend you that extra warmth for sleeping comfortably besides other factors like its construction material, heat ratings, weight, and so on.

Under Quilt Hammock For Winter Camping

As the name suggests under quilt hammock comes with a quilt beneath the hammock that can save your back from freezing. 

Don’t fall prey to the gimmick your hammock promises to protect you from extreme chills, better safeguard yourself by buying a hammock with an under quilt to trap the warmth and keep the shivering waves at a bay.

In case you do not have time or budget to buy a hammock with an under-quilt, as these can be pretty expensive, pack an extra under-quilt so that you can easily wrap it around the bottom of your hammock to keep the chill out throughout the night. 

This is one of the important travel essentials that you must not miss when planning for a hammock adventure in the chills.

Warm Clothes, Obviously

warm clothes while winter hammock camping

Camping in the extreme chill is worth celebrating if you have packed the best from your winter collection.

The only mantra to dare the freezing temperature is to trap the body heat as much as you can by wrapping yourself in insulated sweaters, hoodie jackets, winter hats, woolen socks, and pants, gloves, etc. from head to toe. 

Layering up brilliantly is what most experts suggest to prevent transforming into a popsicle. If you don’t know how to layer it upright, check out this video to master the game.

Fuel Camping Stove & Extra Fuel Is A Must For Winter Hammocking

If you are leaving for a long hammock outing in the winters, carry a camping stove and extra supply of liquid fuel than a canister stove. 

These important winter hammock camping gears will help in keeping you warm and energetic with a constant supply of hot beverages and some protein-packed simple meals when you need them the most. 

While winter camping you must go with the fuel that provides stable performance even in the freezing temperature and last longer.

Insulated Water Bottle To Keep Yourself Warm While Hammock Camping In Winter

Insulated Water Bottle To Keep Yourself Warm While Hammock Camping In Winter

An insulated bottle is what you need to stay hydrated during hammock camping in the chills.

Not only water but you can keep intact any hot liquid like coffee or tea in these bottles and avoid flaming up the stove. 

These bottles are BPA-free and hence are safe to store and drink water from. 

And guess what sipping hot water before going to sleep will not only keep your body temperature intact but will also ensure a good night sleep out there in the chill.

Bring Camping Lantern Along

Lighting up the camping spot amplifies the adventure at night and makes things safer and comfortable for you while staying out on a hammock.

Carry 2-3 camping lanterns in your backpack to hang down from the tree branches that you choose to set your camping swing. 

Illuminating the campsite will boost your confidence at night especially if you have chosen to ace it alone or even with friends. 

It is also a sure-shot way to keep off the predators. 

Never Forget To Pack Extra Under & Top Quilt While Going Winter Hammock Camping

One quilt is never enough when you have chosen the chill to satisfy your hammock thrill. 

So we suggest making some space for an extra under and top quilt in your backpack as you will definitely need them to stay protected from the cold waves beneath.

Hammock camping in winter can be the best memory if you know how to beat the chill. 

These travel essentials will be of great help when you are just resting in your hammock and admiring nature.

Insulated Sleeping Pad To Lock The Warmth

Most sleeping bags do not come with insulation and that’s when a sleeping pad will serve its purpose. 

Sleeping pads deserve a mention in the list that you must pack to pitch inside the hammock. 

This will add an extra impenetrable layer against the shivering chill between you and the hammock.

Buy sleeping pads that will wrap you around perfectly in keeping you protected from the chilling waves from every direction. 

You can get your first sleeping pad only after considering certain factors like the R-value to ensure a comfortable sleep and rinse and shine the next morning.

Waterproof Backpack To Protect Your Belongings While Hammock Camping In Winter

No matter you are going winter hammocking or camping in the other season, packing all your stuff in a waterproof backpack keeps all the stuff safe from water damage.

These spacious waterproof backpacks are the first choice of every camper and hikers owing to their sturdy built that can bear the wild abuses and nature’s wrath and still can be used for multiple purposes sometimes even as a pillow. 

These roomy backpacks store everything you need for winter hammocking.

Always Pack Food With High Calories While Going Winter Hammock Camping

Always Pack Food With High Calories While Going Winter Hammock Camping

What else do you need to survive the chill?

The simple answer is calorie and all thanks to the ‘just add water’ dry foods that are fast to prepare and loaded with all the nutrients to withstand winter. 

If you like to cook even during winters then there are a number of fruits and vegetables you can consider taking with you to keep your immune system strong. 

So, have a generous meal before heading off to the spot. 

Also keep feeding your cravings with snacks or the best is to munch on dry fruits like cashews, dates, almonds, and walnuts that are rich in calories and protein and are a healthy treat.

Final Thoughts

Our guide to winter hammock camping is aimed at simplifying your packing and reducing your stress to a cherishing experience.

Hammocking has come a long way and the adventure seekers aren’t hesitating to go some extra miles for camping throughout the year. 

But we want you to get back with the best experience sidelining the risks that can only be averted when you pack the right camping gear. 

So simplifying your route to a happy hammock camping in winter, we have tried decoding the experts’ opinion and the importance of some essential unmissable travel gears in this latest post.

Any other winter hammock camping gear we should include in this list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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